Norway sponsoring MDMA studies

By dutch-marshal · Dec 30, 2008 · ·
  1. dutch-marshal
    For the first time, a government is sponsoring a study on the positive effects of MDMA. The Norwegian scientists Pål-Ørjan Johansen and Teri Kebs have received half a million dollars (3.5 million NOK) to study the use of MDMA in psychotherapy.
    The money comes directly from Norges Forskningsråd, a part of the Norwegian government that shares research founds between interesting studies.

    There has been no lack of interest, but until now they have only supported research on harmful effects of larger doses. That is like looking at just the bad effects from headache tablets, said Johansen.
    The scientists believe MDMA in combination with talk therapy can play a key role in treating various anxiety disorders.

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  1. NotImportant
    Wooo! Go Norway!
  2. Waffa
    This is really good news, but Pinocchio is sore it pisses off many War on Drugs people :)
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