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  1. old hippie 56
    SAN ANTONIO — The car was a-rockin', so the law went a-knockin'.

    Bexar County sheriff's deputies drawn by the actions of an amorous couple in a parked car allegedly found more than l'amour.

    Deputy Ino Badillo tells the San Antonio Express-news that they also found enough equipment and chemicals in the car to start a methamphetamine lab.

    Badillo says deputies checked out the 1991 blue Oldsmobile 88 after neighbors reported it parked in an unusual spot near a house near Randolph Air Force Base, just northeast of San Antonio.

    He says 26-year-old Timothy Overly and 25-year-old Candace Prewitt have been charged with public lewdness and manufacture of a controlled substance. Badillo says both were being booked into the Bexar County Jail with bonds set at almost $31,000 each.

    Houston Chronicle


  1. missparkles
    It's always a good time to have sex.;)
  2. xSarahJ
    If I was a cop, I wouldn't bother people if they were banging in a parking lot... or wherever. Especially if no one was around.

    Just leave them alone and let them have their fun haha.
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