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By jessilee · Jan 16, 2014 · ·
  1. jessilee
    My research on last posted subject not going well. Although I'm learning a lot about the effects of meth, which honestly I should have checked out long ago, there is not really any quick fix. :( in a world of immediate gratification I will admit I'm displeased. I really was hoping for a pain free recovery. With an "it never happened" effect.
    My main thing was not wanting to go in anti-depressants. I'm terrible at taking pills and I have a pre existing thought of them. I want a natural route. I've found the usual, omega3, proteins?, thyusim (?? not surs how spelled) but as far as dopamine healing. Guess its just time. However I found surprising the effects exercise seems to have. Very helpful. But the lack of energy, and motivation to do these things seems to be the thing that will keep me stagnant. I don't understand the need to sleep day after day. Maybe the first cpl. But than does it become a habit? Or is it depression? Withdrawal?. Hoping to someday have enough research to provide forum moderators with to maybe help others with the same thouhts. Evertime you type a specific question into google, you get the anti sites, or anti pages. With effects and pictures that extremely disturbing. Gets sickening to sort thru.

    All in all time for bed. Even drugs can't get a person thru 16 days of straight work.

    I need a vacation :)

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  1. ZenobiaSky
    Hi Jessilee, have you checked out this thread: Tools for recovering from (meth)amphetamine addiction

    This has a lot of great information and helpful tips and tricks in it! Unfortunately there is no quick fix, but this will offer up advice to make it easier. It takes time to recover from the effects this drug has on your brain and body. Everyone experiences withdraws differently, but the need to sleep day after day will surpass, and then the insomnia kicks in.

    The best advice I can give is have a plan in place for when you start getting cravings, those are always the worst for me around week 2 or 3. A plan on how you will deal with emotionally and physically I find chocolate helps. The depression usually goes away if you didn't have a problem previously.

    Also here are three wiki articles I think you will also find useful:
    PAWS so your aware of post acute withdraw symptoms

    Relapse Prevention which I wrote and feel it has good information to think about along with a relapse prevention workbook

    and last
    Sleep Management which I thing you will find helpful in getting back on a regular schedule

    I know how tiring trying to find all this information on your own is, nauseating at times, so I hope this helps you out in what you are searching for. If there is something else more specific that isn't covered in any of the above, please feel free to DM me and I will find you answers.

    Good luck, be strong, and take it one minute, one hour, and one day at a time. :vibes:
  2. jessilee
    WOW!!! You are a source of knowledge!! Thank You so very much! I will check them out tonight! I appreciate your feedback on both blog posts. Its a relief to find others who understand my current addiction as well as my past non-drug addiction. Its been a lonely road here. Relapse andthen trying to pick up again. Several DF members have givrn me so much great support. I'm truely thankful! ♡
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