Nova Scotians - Be there for Emery Sept10

By MrJim · Aug 25, 2005 · ·
  1. MrJim
    Pot activist may speak at weed protest in Halifax
    By ANTHONY COOPER Pot activist Marc Emery may soon be back in Nova Scotia, where he was arrested a month ago at the request of U.S. authorities for allegedly running a marijuana-seed delivery empire.

    Canada's Prince of Pot, now free on bail, is an unconfirmed guest speaker at a "massive" protest planned for high noon Sept. 10 at Halifax's Grand Parade.

    Everyone who can should come out for this.... Halifax always has poor numbers for public pot activism. This includes you New Brunswickers and the rest of the maritimes.

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  1. Alfa

    Pot Activist Says Donations Not Enough

    VANCOUVER -- Marijuana advocate Marc Emery says Canadians have donated money to him in drips and drabs of $5 and $10, but his legal fees to fight extradition to the United States are mounting quickly.

    Mr. Emery spoke outside court yesterday, where he and his co-accused, Gregory Williams, 50, and Michelle Rainey-Fenkarek, 34, made an appearance to set their next court date.

    In past appearances, supporters jammed the courtrooms and waved signs outside. But there were notably fewer people in attendance yesterday.

    Mr. Emery said he needs more money to pay for legal fees to fight charges of conspiracy to distribute marijuana seeds, conspiracy to distribute marijuana and conspiracy to engage in money laundering.

    U.S. officials want Mr. Emery extradited from Canada to stand trial in Seattle, where conviction on either of the marijuana charges carries a minimum prison term of 10 years.

    Mr. Emery, who calls himself the world's most recognizable leader of cannabis culture, said he will either disappear or be killed if he faces the U.S. justice system.

    He also claims that despite giving away $4-million over the past 10 years, he kept no money for himself. The politicians and others he once donated to have not given back, he said.

    "The wealthy, famous and the well-off don't help. They don't understand what it's like to be in this position," Mr. Emery said.

    "The people who often will do something are the people who can least afford to help you. They understand suffering. They understand what having your back against the wall is."

    The three accused were arrested after an 18-month investigation by the U.S.

    Drug Enforcement Agency. Vancouver police searched Mr. Emery's Vancouver apartment and RCMP made the arrest in Halifax.

    Mr. Emery, 47, said he has been taking in donations of $5 to $10 with a vast majority of help coming from Canadians.

    Americans have been afraid to donate to his cause, Mr. Emery said, because they fear any show of support, either in a phone call or e-mail, will result in surveillance from the DEA.

    More than 75 per cent of the customers who purchased marijuana seeds from his mail-order business are from the United States.

    In court, lawyer John Conroy, who is representing all three co-accused, said the defendants are facing financial hardship.

    Employees who worked for Mr. Emery's marijuana enterprises, including a store, a magazine and his television show, have either quit because they feared arrest themselves or have been laid off. Volunteers are continuing to help run the operations.

    Mr. Emery is set to return to court on Sept. 16.
  2. MrJim
    Here is the Organizers website. Emery is still unconfirmed, but there are many other great speakers confirmed.

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  3. MrJim
    Tommorrow - Not just in Hali either. Across Canada tommorow - Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Winnepeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Timmins, Kincardine, Dunnville, Montreal, St. Johns.

    Smoke out - Around the world tomorrow - From New York to Maui, London, Paris, Mardrid, Warsaw, Olso, Aukland, Darwin, Aus, and many many more places.

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  4. Motorhead
    How did that turn out MrJim? I forgot to check the news about it. Ha, ya im a Maritimer and recent events with Emery make me want to get more involved with the cause. I think legalization is a doable thing here in Canada, as long as we can get a govt that will not back down to American pressure.

    I lived in Hali for a while and remember a couple of smoke-outs at the commons. cheers
  5. MrJim
    About 80-100 people turned out.... 1500 was the hoped for number. Man, 5 Universities around Hali and that's the best we got?
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