NRG-1 is 25p a hit and will kill many more than meow

By r2kam · Mar 31, 2010 · Updated Mar 31, 2010 · ·
  1. r2kam
    A BRIT chemist who helped flood the UK with meow meow has warned of an even DEADLIER legal high about to hit us.

    Worried Dave Llewellyn told The Sun that the new drug NRG-1 will be "Britain's worst nightmare" leading to mass brain damage and death.

    NRG-1 ... 'juices the brain and causes cerebral burn out'
    The horror drug COSTS just 25p a hit compared to £10 for a rock of crack cocaine, yet it is 13 times STRONGER than coke and even more ADDICTIVE than heroin.

    But authorities are powerless to prevent it flooding our streets because it is completely LEGAL.

    Dave, a drug manufacturer and legal stimulant seller based in Belgium, said yesterday: "It is the worst drug ever to hit the shores of Britain. It makes meow meow look like baby powder.

    "It will wreck hundreds of lives and kill many times more than meow meow - and far more horrifically. It will make users want to tear out their own eyes.

    "It makes people feel like God Himself - but really it is the Devil's Powder."

    Scots-born Dave admits sending meow meow to Britain but has stopped after it was implicated in 26 deaths. He agreed to speak to The Sun amid moves to make the substance, officially known as mephedrone, illegal in Britain.

    He turned whistleblower to us in a bid to prevent NRG-1 - which also has the street names Energy 1 or Rave - reaching the UK's markets too.

    He said the new drug, otherwise known as naphyrone, would kill and mentally destroy so many people it would quickly "fill an Olympic stadium".

    Speaking to us in the port city of Antwerp, he warned: "Naphyrone comes from Chinese factories and what it does to users is truly frightening.

    "It will make them feel like God for about 12 hours. But when it wears off they will feel worse than they ever have in their lives. They won't sleep for three days.

    "It juices the brain, causing cerebral burn-out of a degree not seen before. It causes paranoia and suicidal tendencies and permanently alters brain chemistry with horrifying consequences."

    And he went on: "The worst thing is that it is completely legal. It is being marketed as a mephedrone replacement and will be bought by children.

    "It can be made by anyone with a GCSE in chemistry for around 10p a gram. That would give one person around 80 hours of the ultimate legal high, then destroy them.

    "Such a tiny amount is needed that it will turn up in playgrounds for 25p a hit. I think it will become Europe's crystal meth."

    Dave said each hit of naphyrone was 13 times more potent than cocaine. And just a few granules of the off-white powder have the chemical effect of a "mega speedball" - like taking crystal meth, cocaine and ecstasy combined.

    Dave added: "I won't sell meow meow again because of what has happened in Britain, with people selling the drug and then not telling them it can become lethal when mixed with alcohol.

    "Marketing it as plant food is the most idiotic thing that could ever happened. That decision cost lives.

    "But naphyrone is the one that sends shivers down my spine. I won't touch it and want to warn people how terrifying this drug is."

    Dave, who left the UK to run Alchemy Labz selling "ethical" stimulants on the Continent, showed us dozens of websites already flogging naphyrone to Brits.

    And drugs forums are crammed with questions from excited youngsters about the "brand new" meow meow - at the same time as seasoned users warned against it.

    Warning ... the molecular make-up of ecstasy, mephedrone and NRG-1 are terrifyingly similar

    One posted: "It is flying to Heaven - and waking up in Hell."

    The chemical make-up of both mephedrone and naphyrone are only slightly different - and BOTH are terrifyingly similar to ecstasy.

    Dave explained that mephedrone gives users a high by overdosing the body's pleasure receptors.

    But naphyrone works by over-stimulating not only those receptors, but also ones which flood the body with adrenaline. The combination causes brain "fry-out".

    Dave has written to Home Secretary Alan Johnson and the Drugs Advisory Council about his fears.

    He insisted: "No drug is safe and I am definitely not advertising meow meow now. If I ever thought there was a one per cent chance someone would die from a drug I would not sell it at all.

    "I understand the chemistry and I want to do the right thing. There needs to be serious action taken, driven by facts and not hysteria.

    "There needs to be an open discussion and it needs to hear from law enforcement officers, politicians, youth workers, scientists - and also drug users."

    UK drug websites were buzzing with talk about the new substance last night. One user who had tried it warned: "Can't sleep, very bad comedown. Sweating all night."

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  1. lewk
    And with that, there goes all the brothers and sisters of pyrovalerone
  2. r2kam
    I get the feeling that the sun have been told porkies to help them scare the crap out of the nation.
  3. Nnizzle
    I tried to make it through the article but I mean... come on.
  4. r2kam
    I know the feeling...I was almost crying at it all :laugh:

    In all seriousness though, it could just be information given to The Sun to give them another week to moan about something else and terrify readers. I *really* want to talk to this Dave and find out why :)
  5. Joe-(5-HTP)
    what the ***

    This pretty much sums up my attitude to such articles:

    “While McMurphy laughs. Rocking farther and farther backward against the cabin top, spreading his laugh out across the water—laughing at the girl, the guys, at George, at me sucking my bleeding thumb, at the captain back at the pier and the bicycle rider and the service-station guys and the five thousand houses and the Big Nurse and all of it. Because he knows you have to laugh at the things that hurt you just to keep yourself in balance, just to keep the world from running you plumb crazy” (One flew over the cuckoo's nest)
  6. clairdelune
    Sounds like massive load of bull to me.
  7. corvardus
    SWIM has read the article and whilst can't derive any significant scientific data from it, it may be possible to derive other things from it.

    In other words you've banned mephedrone and not 2 days after the announcement another legal drug is about to hit the shores. Thanks to the media and those that have tried mephedrone a new market is gagging for a replacement.

    The Tabloid press appears to be the worst drug pushers of all time and any subsequent deaths due to people wanting to experiment with new substances introduced to them via the Taboids through their mephedrone blood-frenzy will be on their hands.

    To support exactly what David Nutt has been saying all along. Ban it and something even more dangerous will come along to replace it.

    We've heard stories like this before. I seem to recall a thread on these very forums about a father wanting to eat a child's eyes. This is just to scare people.

    AKA the myopic banning of Mephedrone has lead to the nation turning to this new drug. There is some merit in the saying "Better the devil you know..."

    Buuullllshit. He stopped because it can no longer get through customs, period.

    No he hasn't. He turned whistleblower to the Sun in order for the Sun to give free advertisement to his new legal high. NRG-1. Millions of drug takers introduced to mephedrone will not heed the "dangers" but instead focusing on feeling like God, millions of people tried mephedrone despite people supposedly ripping their balls off or dying, and it was escalating out of control.

    This is an advertisement pure and simple and the Sun (and any other taboid that chooses to take this story) is implicit in any deaths that come from this new drug.

    Giving the drug some cachet with the younger generation who already feel that they are invincible. Now they will feel like God to boot. Where do I get some of this substance?!

    Guaranteed to get the Tabloids interested. Another media storm on the way, I think. In the meantime the free advertising, like Mephedrone, will offset it's likely short half-life on the market and will attract even more people into the world of drugs. Thanks to the tabloid press.

    So even better than Mephedrone then?

    He knew full well that legal highs can't be sold for human consumption yet he sold it anyway, since "plant food" is a strategy to get around the Medicines Act. This simply means that Britain is no longer a viable market for mephedrone and he wanted to put a favourable spin on things.

    Hahaha. I saw lots of tweets from this guy on Twitter during Myopic Monday conveniently a number of his more "questionable" tweets have magically disappeared but it is obvious that he is still interested in peddling stuff in the UK.

    #alchemylabz proud to link up with new UK distributor for our XI and XT range of recreational 4 days til samples

    It looks like we are having law on the hoof without parliament approval #mephedrone #alchemylabz New chems with 20 year research history avail Easter. Legal world wide. Follow here or website for details #alchemylabz

    Hai2u Alchemylabz, are you here, on these forums?

    The mere fact that stupid people will do stupid things and die from your products regardless never cross your mind, eh? Don't talk bullshit. Your number is well and truly acquired.

    I think it is obvious that this story is to exploit the tabloid press into giving the legal highs business some free advertisement with replacement drugs already here if Alchemylabz wants to do business he has to compete with the Chinese selling NRG-1 so he is either trying to peddle it, or encourage people to go to his website directly and buy drugs from this "ethical" legal-highs company.

    I am now going to do what any teenager will do.
    Search "Alchemy Labz"

    Result #1: Twitter / Alchemy Labz: ...
    Result #2: MY Sun |
    Result #3:

    And if anyone is really dumb, Result Number 3 in nice big green letters advertises their website.

    I want to say that I really don't believe the Sun could be so gullable, stupid but it is one of the worst tabloid press with "Journalistic" integrity being one of the lowest that I can think of, akin to Fox News. I doubt that they care one way or the other how many teenagers will die from either trying out NRG-1 or the drugs this guy is peddling. It just sells newspapers.

    So thanks to The Sun advertising this guy we will have a new substance taking the country by storm making this guy very rich indeed. One has to admire him for his cheek in doing this.
  8. missparkles
    Is that massive brain damage, or mass brain damage, as in mass hysteria?

    Ok, now I really am laughing, "juices" the brain?

    I wasn't aware that mephedrone had killed anyone, I thought the jury was still out? "Tear their eyes out?" I have never, ever seen anyone do this on ecstasy, or any other drug. And if any drug were found to have the "supposed" powers of this one, it would be used by the governments as a bio weapon...surely?

    Am I making the right connection here...cos it's made in Chinese factories it's lethal? Maybe if they start making it in Japan, it would be safe?

    I think Dave liked this word "juices" so much...he decided to tell us twice?:s

    How can anyone predict who will buy something?

    From what I know of the level of education today, most kids are struggling to get a GCSE, so no worries there Dave.

    Hang on Dave, you did market it, suddenly developed a conscience have we? I wonder if you'd be shouting this from the rooftops if you hadn't already made your fortune selling mephedrone?

    Wow, now this is perceptive, it's like ecstasy...well I googled this substance, and even I (dumb as I am) found this out.

    "Fry out"...hang on, didn't Dave just say it "juiced" your brain? OK Dave, which is it, cos juicing and frying are too very different outcomes?

    I totally agree with this, people need to be educated, not scared. But I find it hard to see Dave as "the voice of reason" after he's finished telling anyone who will listen that this substance "juices"...or is that "fries", the brain? Like all substances, if treated with respect by people who are knowledgeable about them, few would die, or suffer any serious consequences from using them. But I feel really angry at stories such as this, cos it's just an attempt (a very poor one) to scare people away from drug use. Give people facts, treat then as adults, and let them decide.


    Oh, I forgot..."Dave ya a fuckwit mate.";)
  9. Bonobo

    This is actually my first post here, fittingly in this thread as it's the reason I joined the site!

    Reading this Sun this morning I was curious of this new wonder drug that 'took you to heaven', leaving you to 'wake up in hell'..

    Although I must say my suspicions were arroused after reading in the first paragraph:

    And their source for this information..?

    Gotta love the Sun!

    Anyway having read the experiences section of the NRG-1 thread (apparently containing naphyrone), as I feared it's the Sun talking rubbish :(
  10. Joviella
    Now I know that Virginia Wheeler, the author of this article, has been very busy over the past week, covering topics such as rumours surrounding Peaches Geldof and a family reunion for Madonna's Malawian daughter, but it doesn't take much to check the reliability of your source.

    A few clicks through to the 'Products' page of Dave's Alchemy Labz website shows, in big flashing letters:

    "Mephedrone now cheapest in Europe.... 10g for only 60 euros"

    and "1kg of Mephedrone now 2500 Euro delivered by courier to any country where still legal"

    For a guy who no longer is selling mephedrone, Dave is doing a pretty good job of advertising otherwise.
  11. Snouter Fancier

    1. Even from the other side of the Atlantic, I figured out this was from The Sun within a couple of hundred words. Inimitable journalistic style!

    2. This article makes the rhinograde really want to try naphyrone. :rolleyes:

    Note the acutely felt sense of social responsibility. Other businessmen, such as bakers, florists and haberdashers surely also feel bad if they accidentally kill 1 percent of their customers. "Oh, that jacket isn't too tight for you sir, it fits you perfec... Sir? Sir! Oh, dear, another one turned blue. We really should let out the seams a bit. George! Call for the medics!"

    missparkles: Am I making the right connection here...cos it's made in Chinese factories it's lethal?

    I feel certain that these are the "dark satanic mills" that Blake warned us about.
  12. Terrapinzflyer
    odd- they manage to make it seem like a much better drug then the reports we have gotten in on this substance, which have made it seem do not be a very worthwhile substance.

    the threads on the "legal high" product and the chemical itself:
    NRG-1 Naphthylpyrovalerone Naphyrone Trip report.

    Energy-1 new "legal high" - unknown chemical(s)

    Energy-1/NRG-1 chemical revealed Naphyrone

    on the supposed substance itself:
    Naphthylpyrovalerone/Naphyrone experiences

    Naphthylpyrovalerone Drug Info

    I must say the UK has done a bang up job on the harm reduction front. :confused:

    Blanket bans of the relatively harmless Tryptamines and phenethylamines, and now taking down the safer cathinones methylone and butylone in a blanket ban aimed at mephedrone... the doors they leave open will push things more and more into rc stimulants and depressants.

    maybe its time to re-evaluate if some of these substances are so bad afterall, especially in light of what replaces them.

    While users must learn that their actions have consequences- so too must the governments.
  13. PsychedelicPoet
    You can tell iit's written by the sun due to the hysteria they are trying to create and the over sensationalism of the piece.
  14. Alfa
  15. Docta
    It is the nature of the beast when it comes to propaganda. If you tell a lie long and loud enough, people will eventually start to believe it.

  16. Alfa
    The jest of the recent news article is something alike 'I am always one step ahead of the law, the law will never catch me as I keep selling almost illegal dangerous drugs'.
    Surely the Belgian politicians will take the bait. Belgian media is.
  17. talltom
    According to the Wikipedia article on naphyrone/NRG-1, (which references the Drugs-Forum), the substance has been banned in the UK since July 2010: "On 12 July 2010 the Home Office announced that naphyrone has been banned and made a Class B drug, following a report from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs."
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