'NRG-1 is a 25p a hit and will kill many more than meow'

By Sippin40oz · Jul 17, 2010 · Updated Jul 24, 2010 · ·
  1. Sippin40oz

    A BRIT chemist who helped flood the UK with meow meow has warned of an even DEADLIER legal high about to hit us.

    Worried Dave' told The Sun that the new drug NRG-1 will be "Britain's worst nightmare" leading to mass brain damage and death.
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    NRG-1 ... 'juices the brain and causes cerebral burn out'

    The horror drug COSTS just 25p a hit compared to £10 for a rock of crack cocaine, yet it is 13 times STRONGER than coke and even more ADDICTIVE than heroin.

    But authorities are powerless to prevent it flooding our streets because it is completely LEGAL.

    Dave, a drug manufacturer and legal stimulant seller based in Belgium, said yesterday: "It is the worst drug ever to hit the shores of Britain. It makes meow meow look like baby powder.

    "It will wreck hundreds of lives and kill many times more than meow meow - and far more horrifically. It will make users want to tear out their own eyes.
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    "It makes people feel like God Himself - but really it is the Devil's Powder."
    Scots-born Dave admits sending meow meow to Britain but has stopped after it was implicated in 26 deaths. He agreed to speak to The Sun amid moves to make the substance, officially known as mephedrone, illegal in Britain.

    He turned whistleblower to us in a bid to prevent NRG-1 - which also has the street names Energy 1 or Rave - reaching the UK's markets too.
    He said the new drug, otherwise known as naphyrone, would kill and mentally destroy so many people it would quickly "fill an Olympic stadium".
    Speaking to us in the port city of Antwerp, he warned: "Naphyrone comes from Chinese factories and what it does to users is truly frightening.

    "It will make them feel like God for about 12 hours. But when it wears off they will feel worse than they ever have in their lives. They won't sleep for three days.

    "It juices the brain, causing cerebral burn-out of a degree not seen before. It causes paranoia and suicidal tendencies and permanently alters brain chemistry with horrifying consequences."

    And he went on: "The worst thing is that it is completely legal. It is being marketed as a mephedrone replacement and will be bought by children.
    "It can be made by anyone with a GCSE in chemistry for around 10p a gram. That would give one person around 80 hours of the ultimate legal high, then destroy them.

    "Such a tiny amount is needed that it will turn up in playgrounds for 25p a hit. I think it will become Europe's crystal meth."

    Dave said each hit of naphyrone was 13 times more potent than cocaine. And just a few granules of the off-white powder have the chemical effect of a "mega speedball" - like taking crystal meth, cocaine and ecstasy combined.

    Dave added: "I won't sell meow meow again because of what has happened in Britain, with people selling the drug and then not telling them it can become lethal when mixed with alcohol.
    "Marketing it as plant food is the most idiotic thing that could ever happened. That decision cost lives.

    "But naphyrone is the one that sends shivers down my spine. I won't touch it and want to warn people how terrifying this drug is."

    Dave, who left the UK to run ***** selling "ethical" stimulants on the Continent, showed us dozens of websites already flogging naphyrone to Brits.

    And drugs forums are crammed with questions from excited youngsters about the "brand new" meow meow - at the same time as seasoned users warned against it.

    One posted: "It is flying to Heaven - and waking up in Hell."
    The chemical make-up of both mephedrone and naphyrone are only slightly different - and BOTH are terrifyingly similar to ecstasy.

    Dave explained that mephedrone gives users a high by overdosing the body's pleasure receptors.

    But naphyrone works by over-stimulating not only those receptors, but also ones which flood the body with adrenaline. The combination causes brain "fry-out".

    Dave has written to Home Secretary Alan Johnson and the Drugs Advisory Council about his fears.

    He insisted: "No drug is safe and I am definitely not advertising meow meow now. If I ever thought there was a one per cent chance someone would die from a drug I would not sell it at all.

    "I understand the chemistry and I want to do the right thing. There needs to be serious action taken, driven by facts and not hysteria.
    "There needs to be an open discussion and it needs to hear from law enforcement officers, politicians, youth workers, scientists - and also drug users."

    UK drug websites were buzzing with talk about the new substance last night. One user who had tried it warned: "Can't sleep, very bad comedown. Sweating all night."

    Dave said: "I am stopping the sale of mephedrone in the UK due to the new legal position.

    "I find it terrible that, under the Medicines Act, people have to sell it as plant food - which makes it illegal to tell people that it can be lethal if mixed with alcohol and in fact should not be mixed with any other substance.

    "Criminalising people for giving out safety information on what everyone knows is a drug is the most idiotic thing that could ever have happened."
    He also explained that there are three different strengths of NRG1 (naphyrone.)

    And he added: "Naphyrone is NOT the same as mephedrone in its effects. It is not a replacement. It is a killer."

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  1. EscapeDummy
    Oh god, I want to vomit. This is criminally negligent reporting.
  2. Sippin40oz
    Updated post hope that is now ok? Negative rep seems a bit harsh for an easily edited mistake....
  3. dnova
    a little overreacting :)

    though he must not recommend naphyrone.
    In that case he is right, but it's to dramatic, I admit :)
  4. NeveroddoreveN
    I just found out that this has been banned in the uk. Announced on 12th July and takes effect today, 23rd July. I was quite suprised not to find out about this sooner, must of been fast-tracked or something.
  5. kailey_elise
    After all the scaremongering in this article by 'Dave', I found this quote particularly ironic:

    "I understand the chemistry and I want to do the right thing. There needs to be serious action taken, driven by facts and not hysteria.

    "There needs to be an open discussion and it needs to hear from law enforcement officers, politicians, youth workers, scientists - and also drug users."

    *ROFLMAO* Driven by facts & not hysteria, huh? It's gonna be on playground for 25p, though?


  6. gammabetalactone
    How many people died via naphyrone again??
  7. malsat
    .....it's almost like an ad for naphyrone.
  8. Alfa
    That's exactly what it is. This is pure promotion and free advertising. The Sun has been abused for a fraud; promoting an illegal product.*

    This dude likely called up the Sun, as this happened at the exact time that Mephedrone was out the door in the UK. This article was intended to put NRG-1 in the media as the next thing. And it worked. 'There's no such thing as bad publicity' he must have thought. The guy is lying through his teeth and giving the media whatever sensationalistic bullshit they need to get this free publicity in the papers.

    When the article first ran, we did not want to place it, because the article holds no truth and is only intended to render sales and publicity. The above version of the article does not name the vendor/scammer.

    * NRG-1 rarely contains naphyrone. That's another lie. It's MDPV, Flephedrone, lidocaine or whatever they have at hand. Our analysis and the analysis of a scientific study show that.

    Please keep this thread free from sources discussion. Sources discussion will result in infractions.
  9. Zentaurus41
    What does that even mean ?

    Thats not very scientific and sounds nothing more than scare tactics.
    Id want to know what receptors it binds to and what neurotransmitter it effects.
    What real scientific evidence is there for a casue of harm ?
    Just saying it makes your brain all mushy is retared.
    But I guess there using words thats easy for the stupid to understand.
    Not forgetting the newspaper dosent know whats its onabout.

    But I wouldnt touch NRG-1 for the simple reason it could cause cancer later on in life.
    A drug pronethalol, shares the same kind of ring system as naphthylpyrovalerone, this was going to be used as a beta blocker until they found it actually caused cancer because of the epoxy naphthalene metabolite. So id stay away from it.
    Well thats they where selling that product and not mislabaling it.

    Although just looking at the title of the news story I instantly though that it came from the sun newspaper. So Instead of basing a story on fact they fabricate hogwash leaving the kids not knowing what to beleive.

    If you where 18 would you beleive the sun newspapaer ?
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