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NSW Police Force blitz on street-level drug dealing

By buseman, May 14, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
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    Police have arrested 15 people during a major crackdown on drug dealers operating within the Liverpool C.B.D. in Sydneys south-west.

    Acting on concerns expressed by local business and community leaders, police from the Liverpool Local Area Command established Operation Farnborough 2 to put a stop to street-level dealing in and around the Liverpool Mall.

    Liverpool Local Area Commander, Gary Worboys, congratulated his officers on a job well done, but warned drug dealers the crackdown is far from over.

    "We're not going to tolerate drug dealers peddling their poison on the streets of Liverpool, " Superintendent Worboys said. "So far, around 80 charges have been laid as part of this operation and there'll be more to come.

    "The community asked us to rid the Liverpool C.B.D. of this scourge and weve answered the call," he said, "If dealers think they can operate with impunity in Liverpool, they're sadly mistaken."

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