Nutty bitch

By Orchid_Suspiria · Sep 7, 2008 · ·
  1. Orchid_Suspiria
    Doesn't it feel refreshing when you get rid of people that were poisoning your life?We should be compassionate towards others and understanding true,but when evil and negative people take advantage of you as a good and caring person you have to see it as wrong and know it is time to throw them out of your life.

    I almost felt sorry for this person.Living life with an imaginary boyfriend she created in her delusional mind and using him to threaten and harrass others.But this person had to go and my life is a better place for it to be sure.I'm still not doing well,I just lost the love of my life yesterday.But atleast today I took out the trash and am all the better for it.

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  1. meaculpa
    sounds just like my nutty stepfather who has 3 imaginary millionaire daughters (who noone but him has ever met!) plus an imaginary terminal illness which he uses to manipulate me and my mom, doesn`t work with me, i think he`s an effing dickhead, my poor old mom however believes all of his bullshit, unfortunately i can`t get rid of him as such, i have to be there for my mom :-(
  2. EarlGrayUK
    When someone just makes your life more complicated and worse, it takes some time to realise that and then to act. But to get rid of them, telling them you don't want them in your life anymore, that is a fantastic feeling. It's not like revenge or a feeling of power, it's the feeling of being in control of your own life. A feeling that is rare - but it should be there every day. I just cut off all contact to my sister, the last close relative I have. But there was too much trouble and anger and arguments and I finally decided to cut off all contact. And doing that I felt that I was in charge, I was free to do what I feel is right.
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