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NY Officials Arrest 84 in "Largest Gang [Drug] Bust in Bronx History"

  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    Authorities in the Bronx announce charges against what they call a violent drug operation. NY1's Criminal Justice Reporter Dean Meminger has the details.

    A lot of us have heard about the so-called Iron Pipeline, when people travel down South and then come back to New York City with guns. This case is somewhat the opposite: a lot of guns were coming from New England — New Hampshire, to be exact — to the Bronx.

    Thursday, the new Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, and the Drug Enforcement Administration announced what they called the biggest gang takedown in Bronx history. Eighty-four gang members were hit with gun and drug charges, as well as violence. According to officials, they were responsible for about 22 shootings in the borough over the last few years. Eighty-four of these members come from the gangs Eden Boys, Miami Ave., UGZ, and RGZ.

    Officials said they would take cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl from the West Bronx up to New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and sell them there for big profits. In return they got money, ammunition, and guns, using the guns against other gangs they had problems with, causing a lot of violence in the Bronx.

    "[They] carved a path of destruction from the West Bronx to New England, selling drugs up North for quadruple their street price here, and returning to the Bronx with firearms purchased up there," Clark said at a press conference. The carnage wreaked havoc on the neighborhoods of Tremont, Fordham, and Highbridge up here in the Bronx," Bratton said.

    "Beyond their indifference for the residents of the Bronx, they also went to great lengths, as the DA referenced, to push their narcotics poison outside of New York, preying on countless addicted users," Bratton continued.

    Authorities said they recovered at least 15 guns and kilos of drugs. They said the investigation is continuing.
    The 84 gang members were indicted.

    By Dean Merringer - NY 1 /March 10, 2016
    Newshawk Crew

    Author Bio

    BT2H is a retired news editor and writer from the NYC area who, for health reasons, retired to a southern US state early, and where BT2H continues to write and to post drug-related news to DF.


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