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NYC Mayor Bloomberg Bans E-Cigarettes As Last Act Before Leaving Office

  1. 5-HT2A
    Smokers, barred from lighting up in public places under Mayor Bloomberg, may be celebrating his exit from City Hall.

    “We love to be rid of him. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!” said activist Audrey Silk, founder of NYC Citizens Against Smoker Harassment.

    Hizzoner, who rammed through the Smoke Free Air Act, which bans smoking in public places, in 2003, will sign a measure into law on Monday, his next to last full day in office, that will ban the use of electronic cigarettes in public places such as bars and restaurants. In effect, it expands the Smoke Free Air Act to treat vapor from e-cigs (right) like tobacco smoke.

    Silk and other e-cig proponents plan to light up at the bill signing.

    Unlike tobacco smoking, the public prohibition of e-cigs has drawn some opposition in the medical community because there’s evidence that “vaping” nicotine e-cigs has helped wean people off of regular cigarettes.

    “With the addition of e-cigs to the Smoke Free Act, we have the most concrete proof that it’s never been about the smoke. It’s about hating someone else’s choice and the imposition of Dear Leader’s religion on everyone else,” said Silk, who will testify against the bill at City Hall.

    But city Health Commissioner Tom Farley said allowing electronic cigs in public places would make smoking socially acceptable again among youths and undermine gains in curbing tobacco use.

    He said they look like regular cigarettes, mimic the action of smoking, and are popular with youths.

    “Most of these devices contain nicotine, a highly addictive substance,” Farley said.

    By: Carl Campanile

    December 30, 2013



  1. higherthinking
    I cannot believe the degree of regulation enforced on United States citizens these days. My town has banned cigarette smoking, along with most of the county. Caught smoking a cigarette gets you a fine if cited by an officer. However, most officers just tell you to put out your cigarette, or do not even harass you, least at this time. The ones effected are usually the ones being disruptive in the first place, so cops just tack smoking infractions on.

    Still angers me because they will say
    "the city of ******* has voted against cigarette smoking in public places today" and myself being a resident of that city is shocked. I never heard of a vote being held on such issues, no lobbyists, cites to lobby, or anything on the issue. I have never even heard of voting on the people in city council who are the ones deciding all of this. Not to mention the fact I tried using google to find out who makes the laws and I was coincidentally engaged by countless strands of "red tape" . I found no statement at all leading me to the source so I could be on such committees to voice my opinions.

    As for the E-cigs that is entirely sour grapes about the whole situation, companies found a safer alternative around the efforts to stop smoking and people are upset about it, and they hide behind children seeing the actions of smoking as the reason. HOW ABSURD!

    Instead of banning this, and making people who do smoke miserable, why don't these people enforce better parenting away from said behaviors, or even ban nicotine all together? noone smokes for nicotine they smoke to smoke.

    if Nicotine exists I would love to see the government have these tobacco companies stop putting nicotine in their cigarettes without the public knowing. I would bet my life savings that it would not do a damn thing. For 2 reasons, either there is no such thing which I believe, or maybe because addiction is not a chemical related disease, but more or ALL AROUND A MIND STATE!

    Furthermore if there is chemicals in our cigarettes that keep us hooked, I wonder how many other products contain secret chemicals. Maybe our food with those preservatives, or our coffee/caffeine drinks have something else as well. Noone knows what is in there, they just listen to whats been told and quietly agree. I ponder it all, but feel its not my game to change, but my game to play, cheat, and bend rules if needed to come out on top. May the best man/woman/ or elected institution win
  2. idfma
    I have to be honest: I do agree with banning smoking in restaurants and the workplace (I think banning smoking in bars takes it too far--if you can drink, you can smoke). My parents and every other family member smoked, when I was growing up, and that shit will ruin a meal. I hated that. Somebody lighting up while I was trying to eat really pissed me off.

    Having said that, Bloomberg is an asshole who has way overstepped. He has decided how much soda people can drink, now they can't even indulge in tobacco products that don't effect other people. That is complete bullshit. The purpose of laws is to protect us from each other and intrusive assholes like Bloomberg, not ourselves. We should be able to make our own choices, whether he agrees with them or not.

    Who is he or anyone else to dictate what someone puts into their own body?
  3. higherthinking
    I do not even know who he is im on the West Coast, but that responsibility/dictation would go to the government. We are being over regulated, and more or less turned into a communistic country indirectly. We are told what to eat, drink, buy, and do but yet if we disagree we are smacked with litigation or misconstrued facts to support opposition.
    It is an unfair world nowadays, lawyers are ultimately the ones who profit most aside from the government factions, and friends of, that receive the tax funds. A lawyer is needed on both sides to fight or defend and even to pass such regulations. So all in all job security is at the level of security of "Fort Knoxx" damn near impossible to penetrate. Fuck it though no one can agree or disagree collectively, and that is the way they like it. What better way to sustain their power then to make the only way to take it away the most difficult type of litigation process to understand; in addition to blowing out of proportion minute issues politically just to create a separation of public i.e. party system to ensure a majority agreement can never be reached?
  4. whatstheproblem
    we got to do something then people cause its just gonna get worse. the govt puts all these laws into action because they know were gonna just take it and all were gonna do is bitch and moan and then go quietly back to our dog eat dog lives. they know this.

    just look at this one thing. cigerettes are completely legal everywhere right. but now they have laws that ban you from smoking OUTSIDE. that is just crazy. i too agree with no smoking in restaurants cause it does effect you. but my God outside you cant is beyond ridiculous. i dont like the smoke and i personally dont smoke but if im outside and someone is smoking, oh well, that is something i have to deal with cause the person should have that right.

    this govt saw too many people with these ecigs and felt it was too much freedom, period, so they have to put some kind of restriction on it. just like the DEA born law that outlaws any chemical substance that can have similar effects has an illegal one. are you serious here.

    the u.s. is far from a democracy and our rights that this country was built on are methodicly being taken from us. but they are doing it so well and it is almost unnoticable unless you look into it. and if you read quotes from the forefathers you will see they set those rights us to protect us from sub-standard way of life and most important, to protect us from a corrupt govt which is what we have today. many people probably dont know this but we as americans can fire people that are in office. look it up. check out the fact that we have power and rights too. the trick is that we have to come together as a group.

    We got to do something people and do it now. its only gonna get worse and we dont want to turn around one day and realize its too late.
  5. DiabolicScheme
    Unfortunately the citizens these days are too weak and selfish to stick up against the government.

    if this was two generations ago I would guarantee that they (the people) would not put up with this crap.

    So when do humidifiers get banned to? literally the same thing. how these morons think vaporizing and smoking are the same league I am not sure. I guess you only need a kindergarten education to work in office now.

    Democracy is dead. We the people never get a say on the stuff that affects us instead a group of crooks who don't live in the real world get to decide what to do with us like we're cattle. it is embarrassing to live in this Country right now.

    freedom of speech, religion, right to privacy and to bear arms are all being threatened by our illustrious government. We have a terrible lead who is a push over, who lies more than any other president of my time.
  6. whatstheproblem
    Exactly my thoughts as well. so true and so very scary. i cant look into things like this too much cause i get angry but i still do cause i want to know whats going on.

    to refer to the topic again, i have a buddy at work today who i was talking about e-cigs with. he uses one and he gave me a ride home after work. he was puffing on it the whole time while we chatted. i tell you if it wasnt for the gift of vision, i wouldnt have been able to tell he was using it at all. and this is someone who is literally only 6 inches away from me. i say to him, "man i cant even tell your using one of those things as i cant smell shit." he said it was vanilla or something. if i was blind, i wouldnt have even noticed it.

    really bullshit that ignorance plays such a big role in american laws. but the response from the american people is about as much of a response as the posts above have seen. nada.
  7. carter 1203
    I can see banning cigarettes from indoors public places, but why the e-cigarettes? As was pointed out before, you don't smell them. Surely they can't argue that it's second hand smoke contaminating the air people are breathing. But Bloomberg is banning this so people can't even have a healthier substitute because it still looks like people are smoking. I'm glad I don't live there, that's crazy.
  8. kumar420
    Yet another consequence of media and political scare tactics and douchebaggery. Its just in the last few years that smokers have become pariahs, as a result of carefully conducted campaigns. Here in ottawa, smoking has been banned within 10 metres of any doorway (restaurants, shops), on all federal and state owned properties (includes parks, parking lots, standing on the goddamn street less than 10 metres from a portal). You can't even have a cigarette at ottawa bluesfest without getting a ticket. Thank god quebec is at least somewhat civilized, if i want to be able to smoke in an outdoor bar patio i have to drive over the border. same goes for procuring alcohol before 9am or after 9pm during the week, or on sundays before noon or after 5pm.

    People are becoming so anal retentive and neurotic, it isn't even funny. I had some bitch chew me out the other day for smoking a cigarette standing FIFTEEN FEET AWAY FROM HER. If you are actually allergic to smoke, its a legitimate request. But if you're one of those elitist douchebags that thinks smokers are the devil, well, don't be surprised if you get a lungful of smoke right in the face.
  9. jazzyj9
    I agree with carter1203. I see no reason to ban e-cigs. I'd much rather share air with someone puffing on that than a real cig. I do think they should be banned in bars too. If people want to smoke, they can go outside and do it away from the air I breathe. I pay money to drink at the bar too. I will nevertheless smell the nastiness when the air comes back into the bar, but it won't be so overwhelming.

    E-cigs are great though because they don't smell and are probably less harmful (haven't seen the research on safety-but seems logical) but definitely would presume them less toxic to non-smokers. I don't understand why some tobacco smokers feel so upset and infringed upon when people don't want to smell their cigarettes. It does not smell good and it causes cancer, so is it so wrong to ask that they smoke in a private place or away from the general public? Especially kids, why should they have to smell it. I was subjected to tobacco smoke as a kid and it was awful.

    I do think banning e-cigs makes no sense at all. That seems just about control. To me it seems like e-cigs are the perfect solution to tobacco use, no foul smell and cancer causing bi-products.
  10. kumar420
    The 'it smells bad' argument can be applied to anything... Would you tell somebody with bad BO that they stink and should go home and shower? I doubt it (and some people's sweat, IMO smells infinitely worse than cig smoke-after a few days of drinking mine smells like vinegar, eww). As for the 2nd-hand smoke causing cancer, its a legitimate argument- I have nothing but contempt for parents pushing their kids around in a stroller whilst chain smoking- but there should be designated smoking areas on every street and in every park. So if you don't like the smell or are worried about the health effects, then you can just avoid the smokers, instead of banning it everywhere just because people might be concerned. And BTW, car exhaust contains many of the same cancer causing chemicals as cigarette smoke, yet I don't see many people walking around with filtered masks to protect their lungs against those fumes. A little hypocritical, no?

    Basically, smoking is a choice. If you don't like it, fine. But don't be putting all sorts of bullshit restrictions about not being able to smoke anywhere, because there is NO SUCH THING AS CLEAN AIR, and banning smoking in public just creates a whole bunch of seriously pissed off smokers suffering from nicotine withdrawal from when they leave the house until they get home.
  11. jazzyj9
    Kumar420, A lot of smokers don't really know how bad and strong of a smell it has until they quit. BO is different because it doesn't usually drift. Yes, car fumes stink and they cause cancer and I don't like smelling that either. Cars are bad for the environment too that is also bad. It's impossible to avoid all obnoxious smokers that feel they have the right to foul other people's air. Tobacco is right along with the pollution and general selfishness people have.

    And I do have a few friends that smoke and they are polite enough to do it to minimize the smell to others because they care about the feelings of others and they also recognize it is an addiction with little benefit to them or the people around them. There are a few of them who have started using e-cigs as an attempt to quit the cancer, heart disease, and premature aging habit. E-cigs are a great harm reduction tool and I see no reason to ban them.
  12. usually0
    I thought DF users would be different and more educated on how a non-smoker feels. A ex-smoker, I get it, it's frustrating that you have to walk from your seat to outside to have a cigarette. It's frustrating that people don't like you smoking around them and somehow you don't understand what the big deal is because you feel your smoking only effects you.

    After quitting smoking, it makes a lot more sense to me: in reality, no one likes to breathe in your smoke, if you want to smoke that's fine, but do it where no one else inhales your second hand smoke. Non-smokers also don't like the smell of cigarettes, if you can't remember, most likely neither did you before you started smoking. If you're not a smoker, you don't want to smell like cigarettes, nor inhale the smoke which is being blown in your face every time you exit a building or walk around downtown. So if smokers feel frustrated, non-smokers feel more frustrated. Smoking isn't a personal issue the second your puffing around non-smokers.

    But that's just how I feel, I'm sure some other non-smokers agree. Personally I would go as far as creating smoking areas in city so I don't have breathe in smoke every time I'm walking behind a smoker or outside of a building. It's frustrating having quit cigarettes, but i still have to inhale everyone else's second hand smoke.

    For those reasons, even if MJ were legalized in Canada, I think everyone would agree you can't just spark a J where ever you want.
  13. kumar420
    I get where you're coming from- I remember being disgusted as a kid by the way my mum or dad smelled when they came in from a smoke.

    But the laws here, in Ontario anyway, aren't just to protect non smokers. They actively target smokers, like we've been designated as a criminal gang or something. I can't even smoke standing six feet away from an empty bus shelter without risking being fined.

    Smokers can be real inconsiderate pricks, I know. But we aren't all polluters and litter-ers (?). For example if I'm standing on the street having a cig, I always stand downwind if there's people around. And if there's a garbage can around, my butts don't go on the ground.

    Shit, if a mum with her kids walk past me I flip my cig around so the smoke goes up my sleeve, and give the little ones a three foot berth just in case

    This is why I said a few designated areas on the street, in places where nobody is forced to walk directly past (areas with more than 20 feet of open space between the nearest building and the street) a group of people smoking.

    People can smoke without fear of exposing anyone to 2nd hand smoke, as well as being able to have a butt without being accosted by some hyperactive cow that shrieks at you for 'polluting my air'.
    Sorry, didn't see your name on it....
  14. ChaBOI
    I can't see the problem with E-cigs at all. I have seen more people in the past few months quit smoking cigarettes with these things, INCLUDING myself, than any other smoking cessation product on the market (Nicorette gum, patches, Chantix, etc.). Nicotine itself doesn't slowly take years away from your life like the thousand something chemicals/carcinogens that a cigarette has. Also, having the ability to taper down the e-cig juice % nicotine level is very nice. It eases the process of getting off nicotine all together. How is vaping anything like smoking?

    As for banning them in public places, well, I can see some people being turned off at the sight of anyone blowing smoke/vapor out of their mouths indoors (or in general). I vape, but I still think it’s trashy to go around blowing them openly into the air (for example) at a mall with many other people walking around (indoor public places). I might take a bathroom break and hit it a few times in there privately, get my fix, and move on. Outside is a completely different story. I’ll blow that shit freely and don’t care if someone is jogging in the park smoking a Cuban cigar or chain smoking a carton of cigarettes. It’s the fucking outdoors LOL. :laugh:

    Bottom line: YOLO. ;)
  15. AKA_freckles
    Actually, nicotine is not good for you. It is harmful to the oxygen levels in our blood.It still affects our cardiovascular systems negatively. I am not a doctor but I have had it explained to me by one.

    I think Bloombergs action is a little ridiculous. I have quit real cigarettes a few times with e cigarettes. but e cigarettes themselves are still not safe for the person smoking them.

    Edit to add - there is a lot of crap and chemicals in some of those nicotine juices, especially the flavored ones, so who knows what that stuff is doing to you.
  16. ChaBOI
    That's funny cause when I look at the ingredients in most of these "e-juices" they only contain 3 components: Nicotine, flavoring, and diluents. They generally only have 4-5 things in them.

    1.)Propylene Glycol (PG)-It is a colorless, nearly odourless, clear, viscous liquid with a faintly sweet taste. It is a common base solution used in a range of pharmaceutical products and a food additive often referred to as E1520.
    2.)Vegetable Glycerine (VG): Again Vegetable Glycerine, like Propylene Glycol, is a common food and pharmaceutical additive. It is used to provide similar functions of bulking, diluting and stabilising a range of common products. It is often referred to as E422.

    So you claim "there is a lot of crap and chemicals in some of those nicotine juices, especially the flavored ones". I'm sorry but where are all those "crap and chemicals" you are claiming are in them? This list of 4 things is much favorable to the thousands of carcinogens and chemicals in cigarettes...I would rather inhale this e-juice than cigarette smoke. That's the bottom line. There is no proof the ingredients in E-Juice I just posted are harmful to you. If there is please show me (just not the fallacies and propaganda, thanks). Only study I found was that use of an e-cig shows "signs of airway constriction ". That is laughable at best; sitting in a sauna for too long and feeling short of breath shows "signs of airway constriction" too.
  17. AKA_freckles
    'Flavorings' is about as vague of a term as vague gets. Read up on e cigs, then come back and we'll talk.

    Edited because I can't stand it - the problem is 'vasoconstriction'. Google that and nicotine. It's really not a joke.
  18. ChaBOI
    Ok I read about it. Still feels like a joke compared to what real cigarettes can do and probably will do to you. I'm addicted to nicotine and believe e-cigs are a safer alternative. That is all.
  19. AKA_freckles
    I have been reading about it too since I posted, and there are a lot of new articles out there on this subject. Probably because of this ban.

    It's important for everyone to look at this stuff from a few angles, and talk to their doctors about it. I agree cigarettes are awful, and these seem safer, but the evidence just isn't there yet.

    Also, I didn't realize e cigs are unregulated in any way until just now.
  20. ChaBOI

    I agree, and that is true.
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