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NYPD Police Officer Indicted for Armed Robbery Conspiracy and Narcotics Trafficking

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    NYPD Police Officer Indicted for Armed Robbery Conspiracy and
    Narcotics Trafficking

    Robbery Crew Netted More Than 250 Kilograms of Cocaine and $1 Million in Drug Proceeds in Over One Hundred Robberies

    A superseding indictment was unsealed this morning in federal court in Brooklyn addinga new defendant, Emmanuel Tavarez, to an indictment previously obtained against an allegedviolent robbery crew responsible for more than one hundred armed robberies of narcoticstraffickers in the New York City metropolitan area that netted more than 250 kilograms ofcocaine and $1 million in drug proceeds. Tavarez is an eight-year veteran of the New York CityPolice Department currently assigned to the NYPD’s Housing Bureau Viper Unit in Queens.Tavarez will be arraigned later today before United States Magistrate Judge Ramon E. Reyes, Jr.,at the U.S. Courthouse, 225 Cadman Plaza East, Brooklyn, New York.

    The charges were announced by Loretta E. Lynch, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, John P. Gilbride, Special Agent-in-Charge, Drug Enforcement Administration, New York, James T. Hayes, Jr., Special Agent-in-Charge, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Office of Investigations, NewYork (ICE), Raymond W. Kelly, Commissioner, New York City Police Department, and John P. Melville, Acting Superintendent, New York State Police.

    As alleged in the indictments and a detention letter filed by the government, beginning in 2001, robbery crew members posing as police officers staged arrests of drug traffickers, using fake arrest and search warrants, and then forcibly took drugs and money from the traffickers. The investigation further revealed that, as necessary, members of the crew restrained the traffickers or bystanders with handcuffs, rope, and duct tape. In addition, crew members often brandished firearms or physically assaulted their victims.

    Tavarez allegedly used his status as a police officer to obtain NYPD raid jackets and other NYPD paraphernalia and equipment for the crew so that they would appear to be authentic police officers. According to the government’s filings, Tavarez personally participated in robberies which netted thousands of dollars in cash and hundreds of kilograms of cocaine with a wholesale value estimated at more than $1,000,000.

    Investigators recovered some of the tools of the trade from members of the crew, including firearms, handcuffs, counterfeit law enforcement badges and Miranda warning cards, pepper spray, police-style radios, plastic tie-wrap handcuffs, gloves, duct tape, and a wooden club.

    DEA Special Agent-in-Charge Gilbride stated, “Law enforcement officers worldwide take an oath to work for the public good. The crimes alleged to have been committed by Emmanuel Tavarez are a slap in the face to the vast majority of law enforcement officers in New York City who are dedicated to upholding the law. Those who commit such crimes are not worthy to stand among the ranks of the good men and women who wear their badges with pride in order to protect the citizens of New York City.”

    “The defendant is alleged to have committed serious crimes and compounded that by violating the very law he was sworn to uphold,” stated United States Attorney Lynch. “The charged conduct unfairly tarnishes the proud reputation of the thousands of law enforcement officers in New York who put their lives on the line every day to protect our residents and their communities.” Ms. Lynch thanked the Philadelphia Police Department for its assistance in the investigation.

    ICE Special Agent-in-Charge Hayes stated, “This investigation has shown the unfortunate reality that people in all professional positions can become involved in criminal activity. People who commit such crimes will be held accountable.”

    If convicted, the defendants each face a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. The government’s case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Stephen Meyer, Sylvia Shweder, and Alexander Solomon.

    The New Defendant:
    Emmanuel Tavarez
    Age: 30

    may 06 2010

    no link as this is from the DEA's website- to read the full story go to the USDOJ/DEA site and click on "press releases"


  1. buseman
    NYPD Cop Arrested for Helping Drug Dealers

    NYPD cop may have been just days away from scoring a tax-free disability pension when he was busted.

    NYPD Officer Tavarez sold out badge to crime crew that posed as cops, feds charge.

    When NYPD cop Emmanuel Tavarez was busted for helping drug dealers last week, he may have been just days away from scoring a tax-free disability pension.

    The eight-year veteran had been approved for the pension by a panel of doctors for a line-of-duty knee injury, sources said.

    The case was on the board's calendar for this morning, but Tavarez won't be there - he's in solitary confinement at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.

    Federal drug agents arrested him last week on charges of outfitting robbery crew members with NYPD raid jackets and other police paraphernalia so they looked like real cops.

    He allegedly took part in stickups of drug dealers. His defense lawyer Lisa Scolari said in court yesterday that Tavarez was originally injured chasing a perp on a bicycle but decided not to retire.

    He later reinjured his knee, Scolari said - without telling the judge he was seeking a tax-free pension.

    Scolari said the cop had been a "phenomenal athlete" and was scouted by professional baseball teams.

    Magistrate Robert Levy approved a $1.8 million bail package but federal prosecutors are appealing the decision.

    Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen Meyer argued Tavarez may flee to the Dominican Republic because he faces 30 years to life in prison if convicted of the robbery conspiracy charges.

    The New York Daily News
    John Marzulli
    May 12, 2010
  2. Terrapinzflyer
    Re: NYPD Police Officer Indicted for Armed Robbery Conspiracy and Narcotics Traffick

    Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Robbing Drug Dealers

    A New York City police officer pleaded guilty on Monday to charges that he participated in a plot to rob drug dealers, an operation that officials say netted more than 250 kilograms of cocaine and $1 million in drug proceeds.

    The case against the officer, Emmanuel Tavarez, 31, was scheduled to go to trial in Federal District Court in Brooklyn before Judge Sandra L. Townes, with jury selection set for Monday.

    Mr. Tavarez, who joined the force in July 2002, spent most of his career with the Transit Bureau. Prosecutors said he used his badge and fake search warrants to stage raids on the drug dealers. He and his co-conspirators then kept the drugs and money those raids yielded.

    Prosecutors said Mr. Tavarez helped the robbery crew appear legitimate by outfitting its members with N.Y.P.D. raid jackets and other equipment and paraphernalia. During one robbery, they said, Mr. Tavarez restrained a victim with handcuffs.

    After suspicions arose, he was placed on modified assignment in August 2009. Stripped of his gun and badge, he was assigned to monitor feeds from surveillance cameras at a public housing complex in Queens.

    Mr. Tavarez pleaded not guilty after his arrest in May 2010; at the time of his arrest he was suspended without pay. On Monday, he pleaded guilty to three charges: robbery conspiracy; conspiracy to distribute heroin and cocaine; and the use of a firearm in the course of those crimes.

    His lawyer, Raymond L. Colon, said, “The quantity of evidence was a bit overwhelming.” But Mr. Colon described the situation as “tragic,” adding that Mr. Tavarez’s “significant other” gave birth to his child several months ago. The baby was conceived shortly before Mr. Tavarez’s arrest, Mr. Colon said.

    “For all intents and purposes he was a fine officer,” Mr. Colon said. “This was really an aberration, I think.”

    Mr. Colon said he did not want to say anything that might jeopardize Mr. Tavarez’s standing during his sentencing, which is scheduled for July 29; Mr. Tavarez faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.

    The New York Police Department did not immediately respond to a request seeking comment.

    April 25, 2011
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