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NZ shop sells fake urine to beat tests

  1. Balzafire
    New Zealand retailers are selling synthetic urine to help people beat workplace drug tests for substances such as cannabis and ecstasy, it was reported on Wednesday.

    The phony pee has a similar chemical composition to real urine and allows workers to pass doping tests imposed by employers, the New Zealand Herald newspaper reported.

    Chris Fowlie, the owner of an Auckland shop called Hempstore that offers the product, said it gave workers back their privacy.

    "Random drug testing goes against the Bill of Rights and the Privacy Act and violates the natural justice of presumption of innocence," Fowlie told the newspaper.

    Hempstore's website offers a product called "Quick Fix", a pre-mixed synthetic urine that it claims has a 100 per cent pass rate in New Zealand drug tests.

    It comes complete with a heating pad to bring it up to body temperature and a pouring spout that users can use to mimic relieving themselves if anyone is watching as they take the test.

    "With a bit of practice the pouring spout makes it look very realistic," the website says.

    Scientist Paul Fitzmaurice, from the government's Environmental Science and Research department, said the fake urine was difficult to distinguish from the real thing, although it did not smell like the natural substance.

    "It looks like normal urine and it has similar chemicals to normal urine," he told the Herald.

    New Zealand allows workplace drug tests but they are generally limited to cases where substance abuse would result in a safety issue, according to the labour department.

    Police said they were unable to comment on whether or not selling the fake urine broke any laws.

    September 15, 2010


  1. Phenoxide
    Well then, it's actually very easily distinguished from the genuine article. When in doubt, use the smell test!
  2. RaoulDuke32
    swim used this. and the lady told him it smelled like piss. but it didnt. he was a little worried, but he got the job! so he can testify that this shit works!

    maybe not for probation though they pretty much stare at your cock while you do what you do.
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