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  1. bananaskin
    Phil Saxby, President of NORML NZ, today greeted warmly the New Zealand Medical Association's standpoint on cannabis for medicinal usage and called upon the Government to take on the same levelheaded position.

    The NZMA has said that it supports a Law Commission suggestion, which lets patients to use cannabis under medical supervision. NORML has given support that for medicinal use for a long time the cannabis should be utilized.

    Mr. Saxby made a note that that the Law Commission has, as well proposed that cultivators of medical cannabis ought to be licensed in the similar way, as other rightful makers of controlled drugs.

    Sadly, for the many thousands of New Zealanders, who at present find help from pain and other conditions by making use of cannabis, the Justice Minister seems to be satisfied to have them identified as criminals!

    Cannabis is already used lawfully for medicinal reasons in Canada, Spain, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, and in 13 states in the US.

    In California, medicinal cannabis has been legalized at the state level for a lot of years. This November, Californians will give their votes whether or not to be given the legal right and tax cannabis for entertainment purposes, as well.

    Submitted by Prakash Sharma on Tue, 06/15/2010



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