Obama-09 Heroin Stamp Bags Bust

By chillinwill · Oct 4, 2008 · ·
  1. chillinwill
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    They were selling bags of heroin with the name "Obama-09" stamped on them. Much of their sales were done in wide open public places. Investigators learned about the operation when they set up shop near the home of the police chief.

    This is the heroin being sold on the streets of Luzerne County. You are reading right, "Obama 09" is stamped on the bags. Five people are under arrest. Christoper Allan and Derek Reich were the ring leaders, so say police. They and three women based their operation at this home at 9 Ross Street in Kingston. It is not far from the home of Police Chief Keith Keiper.

    Undercover buys took place in broad daylight at public places like the parking lot behind Taco Bell on Wyoming Avenue. Investigators say these dealers were cocky and thought they were untouchable, selling some $10,000 worth of Obama bags of heroin each week. These alleged dealers shared the wealth. Their product was called “Obama 09”, but on their front porch they had a McCain sign.

    This investigation is continuing. Eyewitness News is told more arrests are expected. Investigators say drug dealers have to market their product so they try to give it a catchy name. In this case they used "Obama-09".

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  1. Figaro
    I was not able to find in what state did this occured. Yei, Obama. The concervatives have very little political arguments, so they try to pull out the FEAR the Buggyman in the Dark that Obama is a communist or that he is going to work with the muslums to destroy the United State.
    The man is a Blackman and a very bright and knowleadgeable persons. I remember heard in when McCain ran against Bush in the primaries that McCain was accuse of communist ideas, as he was brainwash and was force to see how the valient people of North Viet nam fought against the imperialist pigs like the United States. The brain was was like in a quite cell just waiting for McCAin to become President before he will come out with the communist ideology he has hidden in his brain. Long as explanation, but they now blame it on Obama.

    I am surprise if they do not take this information about a heroin bag name after Obama 08, and beging to say that Obama was a closet Junkie.

    So in what state did this happened?
  2. chillinwill
  3. FlakeyPink
    right by wilkesbarre/scranton area. northeast pennsylvania . this stamp is halarious
  4. Figaro
    Well the fish is going to go swiming in the Pen, and see what can be swalloed.

    I am guessing that one of those bags would be a collectors item if the Big Obama wins.
  5. chronicpain247
    sounds about right! LOL!

    chronicpain247 added 0 Minutes and 49 Seconds later...

    so? where the bags any good? I gotta know.
  6. Figaro
    And how much?
  7. Heretic.Ape.
    Probably a ploy to discredit Obama by making people think he's popular among such vermin as junkies and other undesirables; thus it was set up by the police chief's place.
    Obviously is Obama wins our country will be overrun by dangerous criminals!
  8. Felix Guattari
    Its heroin. How much marketing need be done?

    I can see marketing being necessary when the product often contains a variety of actives (i.e., 'ecstasy'), but brand-name heroin? Is this common?
  9. Panthers007
    Probably being printed up in Ollie North's old office in the basement of the White House.
  10. Figaro

    It is common in places like Puerto Rico, in Miami it is know by the description of the bag.

    Clear bag, Dice, Scorpion, red or organge strips
  11. old hippie 56
    Swim seen them in Texas also.
  12. Figaro
    Maybe it is the baggy that it comes in that is popular, might not be the same product.
  13. chronicpain247
    HA! right? like you not gonna buy if u there is nothing else around cause you dont like the stamp. "no Im sorry but that marketing concept just does not appeal to my target group. It doesnt speak to my "inner junkie"" LOL! :crazy

    We have some great shit here in philly but as far as the stamp goes...even if you stick with the same one the product changes all the time and purity goes up and down. the bags may stay the same but is all bout whats in it.

    my friend just grabbed 16 bags of "Diamond" brand and that shit is nice. You have one area of about a 5 block radius with "moet, Knock down, Diamond and the logo from Johnny Walker called "Blue Label"" and they all pretty much come from the same source you just have to try to figure out which crew cut the source less this week. Plus then you have a couple other crews out there too like "Drop Star, Viper, Bentley and some other shit , but those are from a different source and not as good as the "Moet" and the others. All in all you got about 10 different brands out there in about 5 or 6 blocks squared. Its a great place to go cause there is always something out there, Problem it so are the cops.:( it is the hottest area in the city and I dont mean the weather!

    fuckin pigs suck. they wont even let you stand around on the block if your waiting for a re-up to come out. IF they tell you to move and keep walking and you don't they will search you just to fuck with you. Good thing is the whole area is run by Latinos and I can pass for Puerto Rican most times depending on how I'm dressed.

    One day I made the mistake of goin after work with a button down and a tie on. I stuck out like a sick thumb or a sore junkie, one or the other.

    chronicpain247 added 2 Minutes and 31 Seconds later...

    well Yeah! Duh! We all know he "palls around with terrorists" and you know buying drugs "directly" supports terrorism! so that makes perfect sense.

    Hey I just found out you can rate peoples posts. If you like my silly banter hook a brotha UP! thanks.
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