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  1. psychedelia
    Obama Signs Synthetic Drug Ban Bill

    President Barack Obama Monday signed into law a bill banning the synthetic drugs known popularly as "bath salts" and "fake weed." The language barring the substances was inserted into the Food and Drug Administration safety bill passed last month by the Congress.

    The bill targets 31 specific synthetic stimulant, cannabinoid, and hallucinogenic compounds. Marketed under brand names like K2 and Spice for synthetic cannabinoids and under names like Ivory Wave, among others, for synthetic stimulants, the drugs have become increasingly popular in recent years.

    With their rising popularity came rising reports of emergency room visits and poison control center calls attributed to the drugs. Synthetic cannabinoids have been linked to symptoms similar to those suffered by people who sought medical help after smoking marijuana, while the adverse reactions reported by "bath salts" users have been more serious.

    More than half the states and numerous localities have moved to ban some of these new synthetics, and the DEA placed both groups of substances under an emergency ban until Congress acted.

    Congressional advocates of the prohibitionist approach to new synthetics were pleased.

    "President Obama’s swift approval of this federal ban is the final nail in the coffin for the legal sale of bath salts in smoke shops and convenient stores in New York State and throughout the rest of the country," said Schumer in a press release (which also includes a complete list of the 31 banned substances). "This law will close loopholes that have allowed manufacturers to circumvent local and state bans and ensure that you cannot simply cross state lines to find these deadly bath salts, and I’m pleased that after a great deal of effort, it has become law. We have seen bath salts catalyze some of the most heinous crimes in recent months across Upstate New York, and the President’s signature ensures that the federal government can fight this scourge with a united front, across state lines and at our borders."

    Schumer used the occasion to take a jab at Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who had placed a senatorial hold on the bill, blocking it for months over his concerns about mandatory minimum sentences before removing the hold after the bill's sentencing structure was modified. Schumer gloated that Congress passed the bill "over the strenuous objections" of Paul.

    While Schumer and his colleagues claimed the bill will suppress the new synthetics, others were not so certain.

    New York state anti-synthetic activist Deirdre Canaday, whose 26-year-old son Aaron Stinson died last year after smoking a form of fake weed called Mr. Nice Guy, told a local TV news station the ban addressed only a handful of potential new synthetic drugs.

    "I think if the American public isn't careful, they'll think this issue has been addressed when this is really just the tip of the iceberg," she said. "By specifically labeling chemical compounds, they are creating an open door for these basement and garage chemists to create analogs, which is branching out from the original compound, and differing just slightly, and it still has the same effect," said Canaday.

    Well, Congress can always pass another prohibitionist bill. That is what it does in the face of new drugs.

    Washington, DC
    United States




    I am outraged at these prohibitionist politics, when will people wake up? There are a million logical reasons not to ban drugs and very few reasons to actually make them illegal. I'm sick of a few deaths leading to politicians banning chemicals that they don't even know about. Why not ban cake while you're at it, if this is supposedly for health risks? Ugh.

    The second source has the list of banned drugs:

    Of course, they're all being placed as Schedule I despite not knowing anything about them. I'm sad to see many of these drugs go; I hope illicit chemists can still manufacture most of these behind the DEA's back. :p


  1. stryder09
    This does absolutely nothing regarding cathinone containing products. MDPV and Mephedrone aren't even regularly used any longer in legal high products available for sale. Many other derivatives are prevalent. It definitely affects synthetic cannabinoids though.
  2. psychedelia
    It also doesn't touch DOx compounds, some of which are still legal, or NBOME, or many others. Nevertheless, I like my 2C-x chemicals and they're mostly gone now.
  3. kenny fn powers
    f**kn government sux let em do what they want with all those b.s drugs as long as the real things still get into the us im cool
  4. Tripped Out O.o
    "2ci" made swims chest hurt to this day (5mon). However it is possible it wasn't actually 2ci, probably some weird obscure RC sold as 2ci but still this is a wise decision by the government cuz half the time w/e u think ur ingesting is either cut or something completely different and more dangerous.
  5. profesor
    There have been several articles in UK press, and even academic journals, about how mephedrone is more popular now than before the ban.
    Public safety? I don't think so. Although it is technically possible for scientists to research Schedule 1 substances, it creates serious roadblocks.
  6. Rockyrock
    All drugs are bad! but this "bath salts" epidemic is ridiculous. If people want drugs bad enough they will get them... But its these KIDS going into stores... assuming they are safe because they are legal. I SAY MAKE THEM ALL ILLEGAL. That way these young young kids wont be able to get them as much. From being illegal it might scare them into not doing it... OR they dont know any dealers to get it from. When its so easily available they will do it for the hell of it. Ive read/heard so many storys of these kids killing themselves from bath salts... obviously its NOT COOL if kids are commiting suicide from it. Its one thing if you overdose.. but killing yourself.. not cool at all. over dosing not cool either obviously but thats usually by accident. purposly killing yourself from a drug. HUGE problem.... ESPECIALLY when its young kids. Okay sorry... done venting!
  7. profesor
    Do you know what's in your toothpaste? Maybe antifreeze? How confident are you that artificial sweeteners don't cause cancer? How much mercury is in high-fructose corn syrup and why has obesity in America has followed the increased use of HFCS? (hint: try googling any/all of this) You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to realize public safety is not the aim of these lawmakers or this bill in particular.
    If they were interested in safety and healthy or even purity, they would regulate and tax these substances like alcohol or even Schedule II or III drugs. If anything, this law will make such drugs less pure, putting them further underground, less tested, less open. For the children, too. :rolleyes: I remember in school illegal drugs were easier to get than booze. How will making them schedule 1 help?
    Aaaahrg! I could rant about this a long time, but people really need to research this for themselves. Be Safe!
  8. Grimace
    Right... because prohibition policies already have a great track-record of reducing the "social burdens" of all those drugs from way back when like heroin, crystal meth, and cocaine. [/sarcasm] ;)

    The reasoning behind continued (and new!) prohibition has got to be the most deranged, short-sighted, counter-productive logic in a "public policy" issue ever promulgated with a straight face. At least it will benefit the industries in "law enforcement" and "correctional institutions." And it gives organized crime gets a new exclusive stream of revenue. It's hard to imagine such a system will ever correct itself.

    American psychologist Abraham Maslow made the observation that when all you have is a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail.
  9. Wanderer
    So, does anyone know when the legislation take effect? Is it immediately or is there a period in which any items may be destroyed?

    Also, distinctly missing are some items like bk-MDMA, which is emergency scheduled. Wonder what happens to that as well?

    Be well...
  10. Routemaster Flash
    Obama's a smart guy, I'm sure he's just as aware of this as you are. But no president can afford to look 'soft on drugs', especially not a Democrat that a huge swathe of Republican voters are convinced is basically the Antichrist. And especially not when he's already treading on pretty thin ice, in terms of voter support, on medicinal marijuana.
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