Occasional pot dangerous - UN

By BlueMystic · Jul 10, 2005 · ·
  1. BlueMystic

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    <TD>Occasional pot dangerous - UN
    June 27, 2005

    The United Nations drug agency has warned on world anti-drugs day that even occasional use of marijuana is a link in a long and dangerous cycle of crime, degradation and terrorism.

    "The links between organised crime, drug trafficking, drug consumption, drug money, arms trafficking and terrorism become clearer every day," said Antonio Maria Costa, executive director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

    "We know that even the occasional marijuana smoker is a link in a much longer and more dangerous chain."

    In a message to mark an international anti-drug day, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan warned that drugs were "little more than tickets to a dead end".

    Governments marked the day with drug bonfires, and, in the case of China, by executing convicted drug traffickers.

    In Afghanistan, where the UN has warned that narcotics trafficking is undermining the country's fragile security, officials put almost 60 tons of opium, heroin and hashish to the torch, according to General Mohammad Daud, the deputy minister for counter-narcotics said.

    Afghanistan is the world's largest drug producer and supplies almost 90 per cent of the opium used to make heroin.

    In Burma, the world's second largest drug producer, the military regime used the occasion of the anti-drugs day, as it does every year, to burn a huge stash of opium, heroin, marijuana and methamphetamines at a ceremony attended by diplomats and foreign journalists.

    In China, still conditioned by the awareness that opium ravaged previous generations and opened the door to foreign imperialists, the Government marked anti-drug day by executing dozens of traffickers.

    In the southern city of Guizhou, 24 people were convicted of trafficking over the weekend, and five were immediately executed with a bullet in the neck, according to official media.

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  1. BlueMystic
    What a friggin' joke! [​IMG]
  2. PenguinPhreak
    Do people actually buy this bullshit?
  3. BlueMystic
    Unfortunately, some do.
  4. Atime

    In my opinion any money that terrorist get from drug sales is
    completely the US governments fault for creating the black market in
    the first place. If they did not make it illegal for adults to decide
    what they do or do not want put into their own bodies; the terrorists
    would not have a highly profitable source of income.

    Legalize, this will cause......

    -A increase in revenue for the country.

    -A increase in jobs created by a new market.

    -A decrease in wasted money on the painfully sad, and obviously failing "War on Drugs"

    -A decrease in the cost of drugs. Which leads to......

    -A decrease in violent crime created by the high cost of drugs from the Black Market.

    -Terrorists take a hit from losing one of their sources of income.

    -People would have drugs made by companies who are actually held
    responsible for their products (ie. no more bad batches). Saving many

    And I could go on. Complete Stupidity
  5. Alfa
    I do not believe terrorists their main income is drug production. I even doubt if they have a major interest in that. Opium, hashish I can imagine, but other than that, I seriously doubt. I think it's propaganda to stretch the war on terrorism to the war on drugs.
  6. moracca

    Let's all look at Kofi Annan for our lessons in morality. [​IMG] Can anyone say corrupt?
  7. polloloco001
    If, for example, you make apples illegal for no goddamn reason, even
    their occasional use will result in crime, degredation, and terrorism.
    but it is not apple use, it is the fact that they are illegal for no
    reason whatsoever. what pisses me off is that marijuana does in fact
    cause law abiding people to become affiliated with criminals. but it
    isnt reefer madness or the evil addictive properties of cannabis that
    cause this, it is uninformed governments making stupid laws which
    ban simple pleasures just because they are simple pleasures. WHY
    IS MARIJUANA ILLEGAL? Well, of course, there are the health risks, it
    causes cancer. ban artificial sugar which causes cancer and ban
    cigarettes if that is your reasoning. I once saw an anti drug display
    which said one of the reaosns that marijuana is so bad is that it is so
    much more potent than it was in the 60s, in fact there is as much as 10
    times as much THC as there was in the 60s. that is not a reason at all.
    weed is better now, thus it is worse. every reason they give is half
    assed bullshit, they have to understand that. if marijuana were
    legalized there would be a large boom of use just because it would be a
    novelty. within 10 years only a small minority of dedicated pot heads
    would still care enough to buy it. within 20 years it would be like
    caffeine or ginseng, cannabis is not an issue unless you make it one
    with completely irresponsible reasoning.[​IMG]
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