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  1. torachi
    14693.jpg Almost £13 million worth of the dance drug ecstasy has been uncovered inside a van after its driver was stopped for a random breath test.

    Seven boxes of chemical glassware used to make drugs when the van was stopped outside the town of Quirindi in New South Wales, Australia.

    Two men, both 27 and from Sydney, were charged with possessing drug manufacturing apparatus and were granted bail after appearing in court on Wednesday.

    Haul: The ecstasy tablets had a street value of $19.7million and were found hidden inside the van

    But a forensic search of the van, which was travelling on the Kamilaroi Highway when it was stopped at around 2pm on Wednesday, today uncovered 43lbs of MDMA, the drug used to make ecstasy tablets.

    The two men were tracked down again and re-arrested on charges of manufacturing and supplying a prohibited drug.

    One was at Tamworth airport, awaiting a flight to Sydney. He has been charged with manufacturing a commercial quantity of MDMA and supplying a prohibited drug.

    He was refused bail and will reappear in court on February 14.

    The second man turned himself in at Cronulla police station on Friday.

    He has also been charged with manufacturing a commercial quantity of MDMA and supplying a prohibited drug, refused bail and will appear on the same date.

    Last updated at 12:48 PM on 20th December 2010



  1. torachi
    No bail for two men over a $20m drugs haul at Tamworth

    [imgl=white]http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/picture.php?albumid=1484&pictureid=11786[/imgl]The two Sydney men charged over a $20 million amphetamines bust at Tamworth late last week will remain in custody until February.

    Michael Haynes and Andrew Moss, both aged 27 from Cronulla, face numerous charges including manufacturing a large commercial quantity of a prohibited drug.

    Police said the amount of MDMA powder found could have been pressed into around three quarters of a million amphetamine pills.

    The accused men appeared in separate courts on Friday and Saturday and have been refused bail to appear in Tamworth Court on February the 14th.

    Tamworth Police say they are continuing investigations into what they believe is an organised illegal drugs network.

  2. EscapeDummy
    Holy shit. $20 million worth of ecstasy! These men are likely to never see the light of day again. A tragedy if it was actual, quality MDMA. Wonder why the second man turned himself in? Manhunt for him or he just felt guilty?
  3. godztear
    MDMA is by far safer then the other crap they've allowed to be sold as party pills. 43 lbs of raw MDMA, these guys must have had one hell of a lab set-up and determination.
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