Officer’s son being robbed during pot deal outsmarts armed robber

By the elusive eye · Feb 8, 2018 · ·
  1. the elusive eye
    ROCKVILLE, Md. (ABC7) — When a Montgomery County Police officer's son was being robbed during a marijuana deal, the armed robber ended up being outsmarted by his victim.

    It was a midday marijuana deal near Whetstone Elementary School in Montgomery Village.

    The buyer, 22-year-old Eric Allie Jr. allegedly pulled out a gun, demanding cash and pot.

    The seller turned victim suggested they drive to his parents' Germantown home to get an ATM card.

    Allie casually waited in the driveway, while the seller went inside, secretly telling his father, an off-duty police officer what was happening.

    The cop, a 30-year veteran, sprinted after Allie, his gun and police radio in hand.

    As he ran, Allie left his cell phone in the victim's car.

    Allie has been charged with armed robbery and kidnapping and faces more than 50 years in prison.

    No charges were filed on the cop's son because he was a victim.

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    Written by: Kevin Lewis, Feb 5, 2018, WJLA Washington, D.C.

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  1. ladywolf2012
    "Great, Funny Article"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Mar 13, 2018
    Very simply written, it tells the story of a potential robber and his very smart and well-connected victim. I just love the idea of the robber driving the victim to the home of his cop father, so the victim could go in and tell his dad exactly what as going on...

    Not a complex article, but it gets the news across. I agree that a 50-year sentence, though, for the robber seems pretty out of line.


  1. Kenikey371969
    Love it! Lol! 50 years, wow, so harsh though! Right?
  2. the elusive eye
    re: the 50 years bit... remember, the robber is being charged with both robbery AND kidnapping; yeah, it was the victim's idea to drive home "to get money," but the robber agreed - and since the robber had a gun, the victim wasn't exactly free to leave as he wished but was being controlled through force or fear of force. it's a legal definition that bears a HUGE impact. if the robber hadn't had a weapon, there's a decent chance the kidnapping charge wouldn't stick and he'd just be looking at something more like 15-25 years, 10-15, 7-15, somewhere in there depending on his existing record, any enhancements for the original location being near a school, etc.
  3. rollerz70
    Let that have happened to a person that wasn't a kid of a cop and they still would have been charged though. I can guarantee you this. Once gain goes to show that if you know or are related to the right people your above the law.

    Hell I bet if they would have just got caught doing the deal and the guy never tried to rob the dealer the dealer, cops son, still would have gotten off with nothing.

    Its pretty pathetic that the USA is the Home of the Free but we have more laws made and more freedoms taken away seems like daily. The worst part is is that our government has become so good at using scare tactics and falsifying things to gain whatever it is they want that the people of this great nation freely hand over their rights because of the War on Drugs or War on Terrorism, etc.

    All the millions of people who have gave their lives for us to be free from a tyrannical government seems to be in vein. It makes me sick to think about it too. And these government officials just want to stay in power and lie about everything and get away with it.

    Goes back to me saying that the kid, most likely a young adult, wouldve gotten off even if dude wouldn't have tries robbing him because of his father. Its bullshit.
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