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Officer’s son being robbed during pot deal outsmarts armed robber

  1. the elusive eye
    ROCKVILLE, Md. (ABC7) — When a Montgomery County Police officer's son was being robbed during a marijuana deal, the armed robber ended up being outsmarted by his victim.

    It was a midday marijuana deal near Whetstone Elementary School in Montgomery Village.

    The buyer, 22-year-old Eric Allie Jr. allegedly pulled out a gun, demanding cash and pot.

    The seller turned victim suggested they drive to his parents' Germantown home to get an ATM card.

    Allie casually waited in the driveway, while the seller went inside, secretly telling his father, an off-duty police officer what was happening.

    The cop, a 30-year veteran, sprinted after Allie, his gun and police radio in hand.

    As he ran, Allie left his cell phone in the victim's car.

    Allie has been charged with armed robbery and kidnapping and faces more than 50 years in prison.

    No charges were filed on the cop's son because he was a victim.

    Original Source

    Written by: Kevin Lewis, Feb 5, 2018, WJLA Washington, D.C.


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