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Official: 284 mln drug addicts spend $320 bln on drugs annually

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    There are over 284 million drug addicts worldwide who spend about $320 billion a year to buy illegal narcotics, the head of Mexico's federal police said.

    Speaking at an international conference on drug control in Cancun on Wednesday, Mexican Secretary of Public Security Genaro Garcia Luna said marijuana was the most widely consumed illicit drug, with 119 mln regular users around the world.

    About 53 mln people regularly use amphetamines, 22 mln are addicted to opium and its derivatives, and 19 mln – to cocaine, the official said.
    Garcia Luna reiterated that drug-trafficking and drug-related crime posed a serious threat to Mexico, which has become a major "drugs transit center" in Latin America.

    Mexican President Felipe Calderon declared the fight against drug crimes his topmost priority after taking power in 2006. The high profitability of the drugs trade has, however, hampered government efforts.

    MEXICO, April 7 (RIA Novosti)



  1. Alfa
    While 320 billion is already a massive amount, I do not think this is correct. It must be more. The world economy, political conflict, war, intrinsic government corruption are all affected by the drug trade to such an extend that it has to be bigger.
  2. Valseedian
    I beleive these figures are only for regular users spending money on their habit... atleast I think that number fits better.

    320billion to the top 1% is still enough to pad the required pockets..
  3. Dickon
    The numbers above don't stack up. I presume the author is equating "regular user" with addict. Someone who had a joint every Saturday would be a regular cannabis user, but would hardly qualify as an addict.
  4. Terrapinzflyer
    I wonder if this is based on the 2005 UN report, based on numbers from 2003 - reported in the boston globe here: UN report puts world's illicit drug trade at estimated $321b
  5. Guttz
    Well, after reading about the money laundering case against Wachovia I have to say that I agree with you. This is a wild guess by myself, but I believe that the number is somewhere closer to 900 - 1100 billion dollars a year in total.
  6. Theall
    :(So many words in the English language are misused. Like anybody that admits to useing anything illegal is automatically called a addict. The words drug abuse get me going. Ninety nine percent of the people I know. use RC's or illegal drugs in a medical way for many problems. Even if used everyday in a measured amount such as just enough for relief of whatever problem they have are not addicts or drug abuser's.

    Until this negative terminalogy is changed people will continue to have negative thoughts from such articles.

    Its much cheaper to read, dose and use a drug for self improvement or balance than paying thousands for doctors and pharmaceuticals.
  7. Pain Hurts
    we don't even know the half. ..,. these figures are great but if a precise audit could be taken Globally we would all be in shock.
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