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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Oglesby man faces Class X felony

    An Oglesby man would face up to 30 years in prison if convicted of possessing more than 100 Ecstasy pills.

    Casey J. Nagle, 25, of 351 E. Walnut St., Apt. 2 (also listed as a resident of rural Ottawa) was charged Tuesday with three felony drug counts after the Tri-County Drug Enforcement Narcotics Team (TRI-DENT) seized purported Ecstasy and cannabis as well as a semi-automatic pistol, TRI-DENT said in a press release.

    TRI-DENT said agents, assisted by Oglesby police, conducted a compliance check of Nagle’s residence and recovered 106 pills, 31 grams of cannabis and a Jennings .22-caliber pistol.

    Nagle is charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance (Ecstasy) with intent to deliver, a Class X felony carrying 6-30 years in prison with no possibility of probation. He also is charged with unlawful possession of cannabis with intent to deliver and unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, both Class 3 felonies carrying 2-5 years, but with the possibility of probation.

    Court dates are pending.

    By NT Staff
    Thursday, January 07, 2010



    COMMENT: 30 years for 106 pills is just insane :thumbsdown:
    Did get a chuckle out of the irony of it being a "class X" felony though.


  1. podge
    Ya agreed, 30 years for 106 pills is madness.
  2. RealGanjaMan
    It has always seemed to SWIM that at least in the USA, ecstasy has carried terribly terribly terribly unjustified punishments. SWIM has seen many people receive harsher sentences for possessing/selling ecstasy than the equivalent amount of meth, cocaine, even heroin. SWIM thinks it may have something to do with the mass popularity of ecstasy and ecstasy culture, especially with the youth.

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