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Ohio father found guilty of injecting son with heroin every day for a month

By Rob Cypher, Aug 1, 2015 | Updated: Aug 1, 2015 | | |
  1. Rob Cypher
    An Ohio man has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison for injecting his son with heroin.

    Derrick Buell of Columbus tried to withdraw a plea of guilty after a deal was struck with THE Franklin County Prosecutor's Office in June, but the judge denied that request.

    Five of the six charges were dropped against him in that plea agreement.

    Buell, whom police said was a well-known drug addict, was convicted for injecting his then 14-year-old son with heroin every day for a month last summer.

    The boy's mother spoke with WSYX about the day she got her son back.

    "He was almost unconscious," she said. "He had foam coming out of his mouth and his eyes were rolling in his head."

    The teen, she said, was supposed to be staying with his grandmother, not his heroin-addicted father.

    "He doesn't want to lose that love that a father and son are supposed to have," she said.

    Her son has been in rehab and counseling since last year.

    "I have my fingers crossed there is a bright future for him, but we can only take it one day at a time," she said. "And right now it's a struggle."

    WSYX-TV (Fox 11 Ohio)
    July 31, 2015



  1. WeAre138
    That's sick!
  2. babalooj
    The headline made me thinking that the son was likely to be much younger, not a young teenager
    While i still do realize that a father should not be supplying his child with drugs of any kind, and shit, especially not dope. And i also realize that it is also illegal to supply drugs, to supply drugs to a minor is considered even worse, to endanger the welfare of one's own (or anyone's) child, et cetera.
    When i first thought of this i figured the son wanted to use heroin anyway, and so got his dad to shoot him up, and for some reason i didn't think there was anything so bad about that

    But if you think about it, we don't know the kid's side of the story, how he feels and felt about the situation, i imagine that he wanted and encouraged it. I mean, what, did this guy force his son to take a shot from him, like hold him down and boot him up against his will?
    If so, that is pretty horrible, though i doubt it; i think 2.5 years is little much. Though i imagine the mother is glad for her child
    Shit, so many possible point of views
  3. Ghetto_Chem
    Ah it's really hard to know... How many 14 yr olds do you know, lining up to get a needle stuck in their arm? Sounds like he had little exposure to his father and wasn't even supposed to be seeing him anyways, they also make it sound like he was gone for longer than he should have been.. Your right there are so many possibilities.

    When I read the article above, and look at the father, I get the impression that he did it to get back at his ex more than anything. "Here's your son back, addicted to heroin now."

    I think it all depends, like you said baba, on how this all went down. Thinking more about it, I'm assuming the child wasn't forced as the prosecutors probably would have gone for more of the original charges, as well as given him more time. 2 1/2 years would be a joke of a sentence for someone who'd been forcing their child to be shot up with heroin daily, that'd probably be considered torture by some. So I think we it's safe to assume the kid wanted to get high.

  4. Rob Cypher
    Yes, we're rationalizing about a 14-year-old getting high through IV opiates with his daddy. I guess if his daddy didn't try to stop him he'd just go somewhere else and be influenced to do it. By the zillions of other 14 year olds doing it anyway. Nothing to do with the fact his father was doing it in front of his face in the first place, evidently. Some interesting logic going on here. I would like people to elaborate on their ideas about just what might have happened to cause this scenario in the first place. :)
  5. mrs.badger
    So in order to keep "that love that a father and son are supposed to have," he shoots his son up with smack? Goddamn!
  6. Name goes here
    Negative. There is no other side I can see from my parental instincts. My goal as a father is to keep my kids safe. Anyone who is shooting dope knows someone who has overdosed. There is no way the father could have shot the kid up without that risk of a hot spot or just a little to much.

    If daddy was chasing the dragon or snoring the shit with his son, I could at least go with the usual better at home then with his friends excuse.

    I can't ever see me giving an opiate to any of my kids. I've seen overdoses that killed. I've used to much and damn near ended up 6 feet under. I wouldn't be able to live with myself having killed one of my kids.
  7. PhillipDChillum
    Like to run into him in jail.
  8. bobes
    Ok for those of you living in the land of innocent until proven guilty...

    I want you to just think about this for a second...hypothetical scenario A:

    boy's mother is enraged vindictive and recently bitterly divorced

    let's say the 14 year old who perhaps is turning 15 next week had been using IV heroin at his high school and was turned on to it by friends in grade 9.
    Father happens to be a heroin user as well
    Boy arrives home, father sees an abscess on the child's arm and learns about all number of risky IV procedures that are likely to cause additional health problems like AIDS.

    Father tells son to stop using
    Son tells father to go to hell...
    Father tells son he'll call the police
    Sons says go to hell
    it becomes clear to the father that son is never going to stop using or change route of administration so father shows him
    how to use heroin IV in the safest way and in this instance was actually giving a harm reduction educational lesson passed on from father to son.
    Obviously the kicker would be that the son was going to use anyway and the father couldn't stop him
    So the father was just trying to help the child minimize the damage.
    Mother grossly exaggerates situation (frequency, foam etc.)
    Clearly, father is breaking the law, clearly father should be penalized, clearly father is a bad parent but in this light while all those things may be true, he may in fact be acting in a loving fashion with the best interests of his son in mind.

    I'm not suggesting that I'll change anyone's mind on this issue but like all news stories we don't know the facts and while these comments do not condone what's being told to us in the paper I'm just encouraging us as readers to always keep an open mind

    a society is in bad shape when its druggy community has a closed mind...lol

    peace out
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