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Ohio man arrested for trying to have sex with a van

By Basoodler, Aug 19, 2016 | Updated: Aug 19, 2016 | | |
  1. Basoodler
    View attachment 51786 DAYTON, Ohio -- A Dayton man was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly tried to have sexual intercourse with a van.

    Police responded to a report that a man with his pants down was swinging from a stop sign on Tuesday evening, WDTN-TV reported.

    When officers arrived, they found Michael Henson, who appeared to be intoxicated, walking around wearing only gym shorts and shoes.

    A woman who called police told officers she saw Henson standing near a parked van. She said Henson pulled his shorts down and placed his genitals in the front grill of the van, WDTN reports.

    (Not the actual van .. Added as a visual aid )

    The witness said Henson continued his actions with the van for a while before he passed out in a nearby yard.

    Henson is charged with public indecency, according to WDTN.




  1. monkeyspanker
    Interesting, there is a sub group of people that seem able to 'fall in love' with non living things instead of other people...to each their own I say. I had a car that I had a massive crush on. A 1977 Lincoln Town Car with a huge 460cid engine, 24 feet long, 6,033lbs. I did the 'Detroit Lean' in her... white leather arm rest down to support my right arm, the left arm casually on the steering wheel, tunes blasting while she sucked gallons of precious fossil fuel every few miles :D. Never had sex with her but, I had plenty of sex in the massive backseat and a few times in the front :-

    You had to climb into the trunk to get at the spare tire for cryin' out loud, since Arizona has more boats per capita of any other state in the US, I was extremely buzzed went to the local DMV to get her new tags and tried to register her as a boat/land yacht !! They were not amused...Dumb asses! I put the boat registration stickers on the front fenders and put a yacht flag on the rear antenna.

    Folks at stop lights said "Cool ride, dude ya ain't right" :cool:

    Thanks for reading my story, I really do miss her!

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