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Ohio preteens take mom’s boyfriend’s gun & booze, go on two-day terror spree

  1. Rob Cypher
    Three young preteens in Toronto, Ohio spent two days on the run from their families and authorities after they stole a handgun and alcohol from one of their parents’ homes.

    Toronto Police Chief Randy Henry told WTOV9 that “a 10-year-old, an 11-year-old, and a 12-year-old got together, got some alcohol. The 12-year-old stole a handgun from his mom’s boyfriend, out of the house — and she took it.”

    “They were out shooting the gun, drinking alcohol,” Henry added.

    Witnesses said the three preteens were running around, pointing the loaded gun at children and threatening to pull the trigger.

    WTOV9 reported that the preteens were missing for approximately two days, and that friends and family posted on social media asking for help in locating them. One of the women whose Facebook timeline was featured on the WTOV9 report, however, disputed the station’s claims about the preteens’ odyssey.

    “Three quarters of this story is untrue. But I guess if you have no other news to report you make up more to make it more dramatic!” Candice Hitt wrote.

    All three of the preteens have been charged with possession of stolen property, theft of a firearm, and illegal consumption of alcohol.

    Scott Kaufman
    Raw Story
    June 30, 2014



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