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  1. ZenobiaSky
    17462.jpg Authorities say a 10-year-old Omaha boy found unresponsive in his home died of an overdose of prescription drugs. Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine says an autopsy shows Shykell Robinson died from an overdose of four drugs -- methadone, oxycodone, lorazepam and haloperidol.

    Kleine wants to know how the boy got the drugs.
    No arrests have been reported in Robinson's death.

    Emergency crews were called to his home on April 15 when his mother couldn't wake him. He was rushed to the hospital where he died.

    Investigators removed Robinson's siblings when they found "filthy and dangerous conditions," including mold and insects. Authorities say there were no beds and little food.

    Posted: Thu 6:43 PM, Jun 14, 2012A , 10/11 News Associated Press


    "It's really sad when something like this happens, even more so when it happens in your own backyard, like this one is for me." - Zen


  1. TheBigBadWolf
    When will there be something like a driver's license for parenting?

    I am sure that no child erraneously takes four different CNS depressant meds.

    No arrests were made?
    Can't believe this.

    Sorry when I am not able to write coherently, but this moves me very much. I am always very concerned when such things happen to kids. The above are only thoughts of mine.

  2. ZenobiaSky
    I know right, this story infuriated me when I read it, and it makes me even more mad when it happens 45 minutes away from me. I seriously think you should have a licence to procreate, people don't realize it's not a RIGHT to have children, it's a PRIVILEGE!!! I was never able to have children, so those that take advantage of it, really piss me off, cause they just don't get it!!!!

    I will let you know if I hear any more on this story, hopefully they nail the mother to the wall.
  3. mcmjennyc
    My dentist ( happens to live in Omaha) smokes Synthestic MJ for her Multiple Sclerosis BUT she would never leave it out for her children to see. Her children are now in thier teens and they do know she uses it like a meidcation. My Dentist makes sure the kids know the dangers of getting started on drugs and how it could Possibly ruin thier lives.

  4. BlueDog
    [FONT=verdana, arial]The following is a simple explanation of multiple sclerosis, a nervous system disorder. Insulation covering the nerve is called the myelin sheath. This myelin sheath is destroyed, or attacked, in MS people. Thus the nerve is bared and the messages do not get through properly. Another example of this is much like an electrical cord, covered by insulation. If you strip the insulation away, the electrical current goes astray. So it is with our nerves. Calcium EAP is an energy conductor. If used in high dosages, it temporarily coats the nerves and aids in the transmission of messages (impulses).

    Dr. Hans Neiper, Hannover, Germany (died early 1999) has a treatment that he has been using for over 25 years. My understanding is that this idea was discovered in the US, however, the FDA did not approve, so is not in use here. Dr. Koehler along with Dr. Neiper took the idea, expanded it and have used it with much success.

    The treatment consists of calcium EAP and magnesium in large doses, administered quickly via intravenous methods. Other natural items are taken orally. Each person is treated somewhat differently. By that I mean different amounts, different number of injections per week, etc. Since each of us has our own unique symptoms, the treatment is regulated to fit.

    I took this route sixty days after being diagnosed with ALS. The reason - a friend took me to meet his friend, a man who has MS and had been to Germany and was on that treatment. I went to meet him with an open mind, excited to hear anything that might give more hope than I was given by the doctors at Mayo Clinic who did the diagnosis.

    This man had been having much fatigue, headaches, muscle spasms and his ability to walk was down to three blocks, which took him over 45 minutes with a cane. After just two weeks of the treatments in Germany, he could walk without the aid of his cane, his fatigue and headaches were gone as were the muscle spasms. (It is now four years since his visit to Germany and he walks two miles every day, is back at his job -a steel mill- and his family life has improved tremendously.)

    I took his advice and went to Germany to visit Dr. Hans Neiper in Hannover. Depressed, fatigued, muscle spasms and a poor outlook on life is the way I went. I came back with a new outlook on life, no more fatigue, no more muscle spasms and a chance to improve and enjoy life.

    This worked effectively for two years, then for some unknown reason, lost it's effect on me. Others have been on for more than ten years with continuing good results. So, you see, each of us is truly different and unique. But I am grateful for the experience, the two years of better health, and the fact that I still do not have the fatigue or muscle spasms. My walking, however, is greatly impaired. I cannot go anywhere without the use of a cane or more. My balance is nil and my strength has disappeared. But. my outlook on life is generally terrific and I can smile most of the time.

    Sure, I have my "down" days. I swear when I fall. I get mad at this MS, and I all too often blame my behavior on MS, when it may indeed be that I am just upset with the circumstances of a certain situation.

    I have learned, though, that one can be as happy as one chooses to be.
    [FONT=verdana, arial] For more information about Dr. Neiper and his treatment of MS, (his practice has been taken over by Doctor Ledwoch who kept his staff, but moved to Langenhagen, Germany, just outside of Hannover) contact the following:
    A. Keith Brewer Foundation and International Science Library
    Admiral Ruge Archives of Bio-Physics & Future Science 325 North Central Avenue
    Richland Center, WI 53581, USA
    Phone # 608-647-6513
    Fax: 608-647-6797
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