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  1. nEone
    to burning Kratom at work is that you want to tell someone about how great it is...but somehow, while having a beer at lunch is totally ok, SWIM feels pretty confident that this would be viewed as distinctly NOT ok.

    Yeah...SWIM opted to burn a small dose today. He got some "Super Malaysian" delivered today and half of his office...shit, half of his industry...is gone today and for the rest of the week at a big convention. So with quiet hallways, he figured...this would be a good time to try it out.

    So far? V. impressed.

    He's been wanting to put together a comparison chart of various kratoms and their qualitative effects...and SWIM realizes that this chart will need to also take dosage into consideration.

    Half a plastic spoon of Super Malaysian (nice methodology, eh?) feels similar to 8g of Ultra-Premium Bali - SWIM's proverbial sweet-spot. Since neither powder is technically "enhanced" (though the names Super and Ultra-Premium imply that they're more-than the regular 1:1 leaf that they actually are. Booo to the hype-machine!) SWIM is surprised that he's getting such a strong burn from a relatively low dose.

    Anyhow - point is - he feels like sharing his fun with someone - and this community is the only group of people he can actually let in on his secret.


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