One in five intravenous drug users may have HIV

By Figaro · Sep 27, 2008 · ·
  1. Figaro
    If you guy do not think this is not our fight. Look again, and look at every person you have ever shot dope with. THIS JUST CAME OUT A FEW DAYS AGO.

    One in five intravenous drug users may have HIV

    September 24, 2008

    Paris - Around 16 million people around the world inject illegal drugs, and nearly one in five of them may have the Aids virus, according to an estimate published online Wednesday by The Lancet.

    The global tally of intravenous drug users (IDUs) is put at 15.9 million, around three million of whom could have the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), it says.

    China has largest number of IDUs, with a mid-range estimate of 2.35 million people. The HIV infection rate among them is calculated at 12.3 percent.

    The United States has the second highest total, with around 1.85 million IDUs and an estimated infection rate among them of between 15.6 percent.

    The report also warned of high HIV numbers among IDUs in Ukraine and Russia, which could be 42 percent and 37 percent respectively.

    The assessment is led by Bradley Mathers of the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

    It is based on official national figures and estimates published in peer-reviewed journals.

    The review covers 148 countries, but admits that many blanks remain where the data are sketchy or absent and the range estimates are broad.

    "Areas of particular concern are countries in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America, where the prevalence of HIV among some sub-populations of people who inject drugs has been reported to be over 40 percent," the paper says.

    Injecting drug use is one of the major drivers for the global Aids pandemic.

    HIV is spread by infected IDUs who share syringes or turn to prostitution, which thus helps the virus to enter the main population.

    Aids campaigners say the problem has to be tackled by a panoply of methods, including programmes to exchange used needles for sterile ones and the use of methadone, an opiate substitute, to wean IDUs off heroin. - AFP

    Figaro added 1 Minutes and 33 Seconds later...

    I can not believe you wasted my time, by not allowing me to put a link that would show where the information come from. You call that spam, I call your rule something that I will not write here, because I do not want to insult you. But it should.

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  1. Expat98
    Re: One in five intravenous drug users may have HIV according to a study by The Lance

    There is nothing wrong with linking to the site where a news article comes from. In fact, you should do so. Not sure why it didn't allow you to add the link...maybe newbies cannot post links? Anyway, thanks for the article, and here is a link to it:

    EDIT: Figaro, I found the text that you tried to post. Here it is:

  2. cuddlesthefox
    Swim thanks his lucky stars regularly as this could easily have directly effected him.
    Even though swim was well aware of the practices that carried risks, he would always lose perspective "in the heat of the moment".
    It is a very scary and sobering read.
  3. old hippie 56
    Texas had a needle program, but it got swept under the carpet due to conflict with the paraphernalia laws of the state.

    Here is a link to the article below:

    A pilot needle exchange program in Bexar County, Texas, has not been able to operate since last year because of legal advisories issued by local and state prosecutors, and a case against three individuals who formerly distributed needles to addicts in San Antonio is not expected to be resolved until next year, the Associated Press reported July 22.

    State legislators last year authorized Bexar County to launch the pilot needle exchange program, but District Attorney Susan Reed said last August that anyone possessing a needle could be prosecuted under the law. State Attorney General Greg Abbott has upheld Reed's view, saying the law does not specifically exempt addicts participating in needle exchange from prosecution.

    These opinions have placed in question the Legislature's plan to consider a statewide needle exchange program in the 2009 session, said State Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon of San Antonio.

    The dispute reflects longstanding policy differences over needle exchange programs, even among federal agencies. While the acting director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's HIV/AIDS prevention division says research has shown that the programs decrease HIV transmission without increasing illegal drug use, the chief scientist at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy said recent research does not demonstrate a productive effect on addicts' behavior.

    Separately from the authorized pilot program in San Antonio, 73-year-old Bill Day and two associates had been distributing clean syringes to opiate addicts in the city. Yet that activity ceased after Day, who has AIDS, was cited by police in January. The cases against Day and the associates have been placed on hold until the Legislature convenes next year, Reed confirmed.
  4. Figaro
    Well here is one to follow up with.

    The US congress is planing to Lift the Ban on Federal Money to be used in Syringe Exchange. The problem is that we can get federal and local money for Syringe Exchange, but until the Local Governments choose to Drop the Drug Paraphanelia Laws, many of the 50 states and 3 Territories will not be able to start Needles Exchange programs.

    I would appreciate if every one from the United States contact their Congress persona and urge them to vote for the lifting on the ban on federal money. Then we have to work on local governments. We should ask your congress person. Specially if they are Black or HIspanics because this are the two populations with the most HIV infestation. OF course if they are white, I do not want to discriminate. I just think that we will have a better chance. I have to deal with Ileana Ruz Lehtinen and the Diaz Balard brother who are ultra conservative congress persons. They are going to be tought. I am just hoping that they see the humanity in it. And that they need to stop acting so crueling with this population.

    On Federal Funding Syringe Programs
    You can go to the harm reduction coaltion site
    or this other site. this act will allow Federal Money to be use in Syringe programs
    This website will sent a letter to your Federal Congress Representative, but also if you know others who may be interested helping you can send them the information so they can help too. Please help use win and stop the spread of HIV and Hepatitis.

    Please put it in other Forums that you think this information can help. We need to beging to start being treated with dignity

    The estimates from the study by Lancet estimate that more than 3 million people may have constracted HIV from sharing Syringes. China and the United States are in the forth front of this disease. That is killing our friends if not us. Most of the addicts in the streets do not even know that they have HIV. 90% of us already have one of the Hepatitis. I surely do not want to see 90% of us having HIV/AIDS too. Now can you see why I am so angry? not at you guys, I know that you are going to do something about it. I am angry at the lack of information and at the attitude that we have toward people that for the most part do not do any thing to the general population. I do not use the word Fasism, but in this case I can not help but feel that this no more than Fasistic behavior from the general population that are giving a pad in the back to the War on Drugs.

    Figaro added 771 Minutes and 14 Seconds later...

    It is unbelievable to me that this information is not like front page news. The conflict of the war on drugs vs. peoples health and War Hawks that know that they have a loosing battle on their hands.

    The war on drugs has run out of political arguments and thurs resort to fear and missinformation and censorship to continue to fight a loosing battele. They rather be "right" than be concern about peoples health and their well being. I consider this to be not only cruel, but right down anti human race. They prefer we continue to have people live misserable lives in disease or prisons ratgher than having a peace oriented world where Public Health takes priority over drug enforcement.

    We are doing the unthinkable, and being tiranos about it. We rather have a fascistic dictatorship that tell everyone how to behave than allow peoople to take care of their own lives and health.

    They know that this war on drugs is not only racist based, but the science is against the war on drugs. Like I said they have not political argument.
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