One of those face slap moments.

By DocBrock · Aug 30, 2012 ·
  1. DocBrock
    Chuffing hypomania. Only meant to write the first para, then edit it. Ended up a forum post. Oopsie.

    Ah well, never mind. Will edit it a little. This is a cut and paste and represents how far my mind can wander and how far back it goes.

    Presses are very easy to improvise and build in metal or plastic so it can withstand a little pressure. My badger pushed me to make him one from aluminium, but I refused and made him one from a hexagonal bar of food grade plastic that can handle 200 Centigrade. It only did about 25g maximum but the threads were watertight and it was pretty much non-stick with an eject device too.


    You could forego the upper thread and just use a die in a small press or vice.


    ADD. I really had no idea what the FUCK I was thinking..... Either then, or now..

    It conveniently fell into a product design and prototype module I was giving and I chose an adjustable food grade press for confectionery manufacture at home. Serendipity rocks. Make your own adjustable presses range and manufacture the prototype whilst working and giving a superb demonstration of machining plastics. Brilliant ( seriously! ) for making sweets and casting polymorph into rods for making bushings, bearings and supports of a known weight and size.

    Twattus here only figured it's potential other use because.....

    Daft sod lent it to a mate of his who got busted. It was used as evidence of manufacture of cannabis by-products at his trial.

    D'Oh! I can be so fucking dumb at times I deserve both a face slap and a face palm.

    Again, serendipity. I've been deleting some old files and I found the first draft text. I've corrected some of the spelling. It was originally written in 1995!. Shit. I feel both old and a bit of a saddo having kept it so long, using it only for bloody candy making and casting in wax, polymorph or araldite.

    Body, base bolt with extended nose flush to 0.1mm when at 75 C. Allowed cavity volume adjustment from capable of handle 1 g to 25 g.

    Head bolt with short nose screwed flush with cavity top and nose extended in 1mm. Same nose tolerance.

    Held bolt centre drilled with smaller egress port into cavity.

    Centre bolt cut to smaller head diameter, extends 1cmm when inserted and fully home. Centre bolt purpose is to allow egress of air or stabilisation of resultant pressure differences after heating or freezing.

    The threads are cut to V profile on the cavity body, but the v is to be form a parallel top and bottom on the threads used on the bolts to allow pressure expansion to deform the threads into a pressure dependant seal.

    Note. The device is not intended for use with products or at temperatures where steam/expansive vapours or ice formation may occur.

    The material specified contains a small percentage of food grade PTFE. The percentage PTFE is below the minimum guideline declaration amount for CE approval for food use items not subjected to use as intended or directed or at temperatures exceeding 120 C or below -10 C.


    I've only just bloody realised that if I countersunk the lower, conveniently named bottom, bolt, I could make pessaries!. Not just layered sweets, or sweets with little inclusions like popping candy rocks or bubble gum rocks, but pessaries!.
    If that didn't work, I suppose it'd make a good suppository too.


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