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One shot from my Trojan Cup and...

By silentghost · Jan 22, 2008 ·
  1. silentghost
    ...within 45 minutes SWIM is tranferred through time and space to alien worlds.

    Earlier SWIM had decided to buy some Zicam Cough Spray Max, punch a hole in it, and chug chug chug. Add in a vodka chaser and its robotrippin time.

    SWIM was content to party with his friends, but when he started feeling a little bouncy he had to hurry home to get ready.

    Wearing all black clothes (gloves, hat, pants, and long sleeves!) SWIM equipped his iPod and began his trip. It was already about midnight, and there was so much to do...

    When the true euphoria had set in, SWIM was already to the beach, with the bright moon over the ocean and the long white sandy beach surround him in all directions. Time had slowed down, leaving SWIM to spend an eternity walking up the coast. After a couple of miles SWIM headed back towards town and got some donuts and gatorade around 4 AM, before he started home...

    SWIM isn't very good at describing it, but it was a very very spiritual experience to be alone in the darkness, with just the music and euphoria...


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