One Sliced Tomato

  1. Cattle-n-HorseRancher
    Bad storm is brewing up. I saw it in the leaves of the trees and then the birds on the roof of the barn. Those old timey signs can really tell the tale. Been busy all evening gathering up all the plants and seedling trays and putting them on the porch. Rugs. Don't forget the rugs. I've lost so many outdoor patio rugs due to those high winds, seen them just blow right by the window one time, gone down the mountain, Lord only knows where they landed.
    Worked hard all day training an ex barrel racing horse to trail ride. Had to use o bit rings and was sore all the way through from 8 hours of that and getting in the collard green rows to hoe. Made a big fat ham and tomato sandwich and went to run a tub of water and Shiloh stole my sandwich and left the tomato in the hallway and I stepped on it and hit the floor and slid all the way down the hallway on my hind end. Shiloh starts licking my face while I'm laying there. I was really glad I took a loratab about half hour before. It was funny though. LOL
    About 98% of what we eat comes from what we raise and grow here and sometimes I think I'm getting way to old for this, then I remember its really a blessing because we are able to give meat and food boxes out once a month to several families in the area so there is a purpose to the whole thing. I read somewhere only about 2 percent of farms are self sufficient now and thats not a good thing, considering how bad things have gotten in the economy for so many. If I lived in the suburbs I would be planting the whole back yard and putting in berry and fruit trees.
    I have a big root cellar and I can and preserve everything from veggies and fruits. Last year I canned over 250 quarts of green beans. I use big washtubs and water bath them over a fire outside. I've worked hard and done it all taking Norcos three times a day. I've heard tell of folks eating handfuls of them but I am not judging just saying I couldn't do it because I couldn't get any work done and would be a zombie.
    Well I best scat off here its lightening and thundering something awful and I got to get the kindling box off the back porch. Its bread making day today. Got to have plenty of it to keep temp right on the wood stove. Have a wonderful day and smile and laugh and love!
    Smiles and Hugs, Maw on the mountain

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  1. somewhereovertherainbow
    I love your style of writing, and hearing about the life you lead. It is completely different to mine, and sounds so idylic.

    I can hear your sadness, you are in pain :( I hope things get better soon, dont feel bad about needing drugs. You sound like a lovely lady.

    I have added you as a friend and will be following you x
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