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By chillinwill · Jan 30, 2009 · Updated Jan 30, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    AUSTRALIAN drug takers are using online social networks to compare prices for heroin, ice, cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana.

    This lets them "shop around" as if they were buying legal consumer goods.

    The secretive online forums are run according to strict guidelines and come with a warning to users not to incriminate themselves by admitting to possessing or selling drugs.
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    The discussions provide an underground snapshot of the local drugs markets - and how they compare to those overseas - with recent threads revealing:

    . AUSTRALIA is one of the most expensive markets for illegal drugs in the world

    . BRISBANE is the most expensive city in the country for speed, ice, cocaine and LSD

    . ADELAIDE users pay less than those in other capital cities for cannabis, cocaine and ice

    . SYDNEY appears to be the cheapest market for ecstasy and speed.

    As well as forensic discussions of pricing, one thread offers a critique of the pills produced by Underbelly's Carl Williams and another Melbourne identity and recalls private anecdotes from the times.

    "They made the STTEST pills in Melbourne," one user said. "The pills Carl made were ( methamphetamine ) and ketamine. ( The associate's ) were often pink or red foxes, Carl's varied."

    These self-described "harm minimisation" forums have been discussing price variations with their international counterparts for several years.

    How it works

    The rules at the start of the price thread state:

    "1 ) PRICES ONLY - No comments about how "you're paying too much for that" or "damn, where you get that hookup?"

    "2 ) NO DK-SIZING- You might have a really good hookup, or you might not, so post about how you get ecstasy pills for $2 each - you're not impressing anyone, and NO ONE will even reply to you - why? See rule #1

    "3 ) BE REALISTIC - don't post "I get 75,000 pills for about $3 each" - - the price may be right but no one who is doing that kind of volume needs to inquire about prices here.


    "5 ) USE ACCURATE LANGUAGE - Post in terms we ALL KNOW - it's not a "jar" or a "sack" or a "quarter" or a "lick" or a "wrap" - if you use such terms, then GIVE THE AMOUNT WITHIN."

    What You Pay

    In the first weeks of 2009, users from Australia, America, Britain, Canada, Finland, Germany and Argentina have already started updating drug prices from previous years.

    The first local on this year's price thread - a user identified only as "drug mentor" - has posted: "Yeah, first Aussie to get in on 2009 :p! I'm in Melbourne Australia.

    "Weed ( $ )15-20=Gram, 40-50=3 Gram, 70-90=Quarter, 130-150=Half bag, 200-250 g. "Speed 50=2.5 Points, 100=Half gram, 180-200=Gram, 500-550 8Ball.

    "Ice 100=2.5 Points, 200=Half gram, 400= Gram. "Heroin 50="Street cap" I assume around a point, not sure though. "Ecstasy 20-25 a pill, 100-120=5 pills, 160-180 pills, 900-10000 pills. "GHB 3.50-5 a mil.

    "I know prices for other st but that's all I have been quoted on in 2009, I post more detailed prices in 2008 thread and for the most part they haven't changed."

    High Prices

    A Belgian user said he was shocked to see how relatively costly buying illegal drugs in Australia was.

    "Wow . those Aus prices keep shocking me," the man posted.

    "Does it really cost that much to import those drugs across the water, or are there only a few big players that dominate the market and set the prices? Maybe because of harsh penalties?"

    A drug user in Melbourne responded that Australia's border security is much tighter than other countries: "I'd say it has something to do with us being an island and having extremely tight customs and border control.

    "I've heard we have some of the most tightest in the world, so obviously the distributors on the higher end of the chain, or the people that are responsible for 'transporting' the drugs to over here, are going to charge a pretty hefty surcharge for the hassle.

    "Also, the fact that our country isn't anywhere near as heavily populated as United Kingdom, or The United States means that the demand isn't as great, therefore not being as much bulk as say, what there would be in America, etc..."

    The Australian forum member went on to detail the prices for illegal drugs in their suburb.


    Nationally, users report increases in the price of a 3.5g bag of cannabis in recent years, while the amount paid for a "point" - or 0.1g - of ice has fallen.

    The cost of ecstasy pills in Adelaide and Melbourne fell by $5 in the first half of 2008, while prices increased slightly in Sydney and stayed stagnant in Brisbane.

    But not all prices in every capital city have been updated on a constant basis.

    In Perth, users have reported paying a similar amount for cannabis in 2008 that buyers in other cities have. But only limited information on other drugs has been uploaded by West Australians in recent years.

    Despite the unusual subject matter the forums seem to have the same logistical concerns as other moderators of user comments:

    "This is 'the format'. I encourage you to follow this and you may add comments as long as they are relevant.

    "Don't tell us how much you pay for seven pounds of raw Asian Heroin, keep it on the average level for this board.",,24971204-662,00.html

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  1. lulz
    I feel sorry for pill munchers in Australia then, pills cost about 7 times as much in Sydney as they do in Western Europe.
  2. Joel90
    Well, that story was nice and relevant.

    SWIM was shocked when he read "Tweak," [don't bother] and read about the guy buying a gram of methamphetamine for what to SWIM is a very small amount of money. If SWIM could by coke at the prices most international SWIMmers do, he'd probably have done coke by now.

    Although it really isn't that bad, drugs costing that much. It's kind of what drug prohibition is suppose to do... still totally not worth the hassel, but it does somewhat inhibit your ability to access drugs.
  3. Sven99
    Prohibition might well reduce the amount of drugs getting through - but if it does then it means the ones that do get through have higher values - so the sellers win either way.
  4. Alfa
    Prohibition does not reduce the amount of drugs getting trough, it only ups the amount of drugs that producers send. The demand is there and therefore the supply also is.
  5. doggy_hat
    Also, keep in mind that these are Australian dollars, as of now, 1 Australian dollar is only worth 0.65 US dollars. But even then these prices are ridiculous. SWIM probably wouldn't even do drugs if he lived in Australia because he'd have to blow an entire 2 week paycheck just for a weekend's worth of drugs.
  6. papel
    Well it is time for Ebay to launch a new website called Drugbay? hey the ideia is mine if they do i want a cut heheheheh

    illegal drugs kille less then legal drugs like Alcohol and cigarets!!! as someone said in the forum, the americans pay tax to support the goverment to kil people in this war.... they kill more then the drug dealers....
  7. yolbit
    Well man, international currency is all relative isnt it? If SWIY earns 40k USD in the US and SWIM earns 40k AUD in australia and we both do the same job, does that mean you earn more than me? Maybe if SWIM went around paying for everything is USD it would. Maybe next time SWIM goes to his dealer he'll pay with USD so it will be cheaper :laugh:

    But SWIY are right, drugs are way overpriced here. These prices are ridiculous. But it is what the average SWIM pays for it. This is for a couple of reasons.

    First being that Australian customs and border patrol is VERY tight. Known to be one of the tightest in the world. Even though we have a huge amount of coastline the majority of our Royal Navy is dedicated to patroling the west, north and eastern coasts for illegal fishing vessels, illegal immigrants, people and drug smugglers. We dont have large scale drug producers like Mexico and Canada top and tailing us, therefor drugs have to be shipped, flown, or produced here - and with the crazy laws we have against fucking everything (you wouldnt believe the legislation here till you live it) drugs end up costing a lot more.

    Recently there have been massive spikes in drug prices in Aus. When SWIM started out, about 8 years ago, a gram of speed would cost half of what that article says. The second reason and probably the reason for the spike in drug prices is that there has been collaboration between gangs, mostly bikers, of price fixing of mass sales of drugs. They all agree on a standard price and all make more money, rather than shooting each other and making less lol (which we would all prefer).
  8. crankedup
    Swim would be very interested in an up to date price list for Class A quality Meth in crystal form in Brisbane, Australia. Do the locals have their own labs?? And if they do what is the quality???Is Meth sold primarily as a powder form or as a crystal for smoking. Which is the popular method of consumption??
    Do the Rebels or any other group have control of the market. Are newcomers welcome or are they treated as vermin spreading disease rather than high quality ice.
  9. trixion
    Morale of the story?

    Swim will like to say, "Price is a sensitive topic, it is better to keep it off the board before it start to attact too much attention. Keeping it at a higher rack helps to keep away kiddies."
  10. ihatemice
    To malay guy,
    Labs are all over the place, generally ok quality, but the majority is synthd via psudoephedrine, and not via Grinard synth, in recent years there have been a few moves to take ephedrine related products off shelves but it hasn't been strategically done and has proved to be, so far, fairly ineffective to stop production.
    In most cases it's fairly pure, but most Aust chemists don't bother seperating the final products leaving it anything from 30-50% pure.
    So far as I know it's mainly heroin and coke that get's imported.
    There is a large Asain community here and so long as you speak either Chinese or English Asians do ok, but I'm no authority on why prices are so high here, I guess most Australians are just used to paying what they're paying.
    Ice is most expensive in the Eastern states, where as in South A it's fairly cheap depending on who you know and talk to.
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