Online initiative to fight drugs

By Lunar Loops · Jun 1, 2006 ·
  1. Lunar Loops
    This really does bring a whole new meaning to shopping on the net. From the BBC news website ( yesterday:

    Online initiative to fight drugs

    _41705934_phoenixweb203.jpg Drug-related crime can be reported to police through the new website

    People wishing to report drug-related crime to police anonymously can now do so on the internet.
    Hampshire Police have launched a new website as part of its ongoing Operation Phoenix initiative.
    The aim of the site is to keep people up to date with the fight against drugs in Southampton and encourage people to come forward with information. It includes an online form which people who want to report anything suspicious can fill out and submit. Supt Terry Stevens said: "Often people want to remain anonymous so by filling out the online form and submitting it to us they can tell us information without letting us know who they are unless they wish to."

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