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Oops! Supermarket got drugs instead of bananas

  1. SmokeTwibz

    Drug traffickers back in Colombia must be going bananas over how their shipment ended up at Danish supermarkets and not on the streets.

    Police say employees at the supermarket chain Coop got a big surprise when they opened banana boxes from the South American country and found about 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of what police believe is cocaine.

    The powder was discovered last week in Aarhus, western Denmark, when employees noticed that some of the boxes were heavier than others.

    Coop spokesman Jens Juul says more bags with white powder were found Wednesday in a separate shipment from Colombia at a central dispatch facility in suburban Copenhagen.

    Juul told the Danish news agency Ritzau the company has contacted their Colombian supplier.

    Police are investigating, but haven't made any arrests.

    June 12, 2013
    Reuters | NBC News

    Author Bio

    My name is Jason Jones. I'm from Rochester, MN and I'm 35 years old. I scrap metal and work as grounds keeper at a local trailer park. In the winter, I shovel a bunch of driveways and sidewalks to make some extra money and to stay busy. In my free time, I try to find interesting articles about the war on drugs that I can post on Drugs-Forum, so that the information can reach a wider audience.


  1. Nanashi
    Somebody, somewhere, is reading this article saying "Shit, my boss is gonna kill me" *facepalm*

    I bet it was mostly pure too.

    ....to complain about all the free kilos of cocaine they've been sending.

    Boy, I would love to hear that conversation^ hahah
  2. SmokeTwibz
    The supermarket should have just kept the cocaine. I'm going out on a limb here, but I think the cocaine is just a bit more valuable than the bananas.
  3. Cash.Nexus
    My first thought.^ You know, you're getting minimum wage as a shelf-stacker, you find way over a $million worth of stuff; Oh we gotta tell everybody!

    Then I thought of "No Country For Old Men"...
  4. Basoodler
    The way bananas are handled in denmark must differ greatly to how they are shipped to the USA.

    When bananas are shipped here they are green as grass until they reach the supermarket's warehouse or supply house. Once there they are gassed in a special chamber until they start to go yellow..then are shipped to stores

    220 lbs of bananas is around six cases.. or a layer of a pallet. Id assume that the smugglers would have to make sure each box of drugs weighed around 40 lbs to pass weight inspections. Since bannanas are packed in two layers , i'd assume that you would have the top layer of bannanas on top of 20lbs of coke in 12 boxes.

    How do customs inspections in multiple countries miss a half pallet of drugs?
  5. FrankenChrist
    This has happened in other European countries as well.

    The cartels are interested in stories about finds. Then they know that the stuff wasn't stolen by another party. (Or not successfully, at least. Someone couldn't have mixed up information deliberately in an attempt to obtain the load for himself.)
  6. Moving Pictures
    When I worked at Kroger, I was unloading a truck one day and breaking down the pallets and I found two boxes marked "pharmacy". Some Kroger's have pharmacies but ours didn't, I thought we must have gotten a pharmacy shipment by mistake. Needless to say my heart started pounding when I saw the box. I grabbed the box, walked off camera, and cut it open. Then my heart was broken when it was just some regular stock repackaged in a pharmacy box. :(
  7. Basoodler
    Pharmacutical supply houses hand deliver all narcotics to kroger stores.. even the ones that kroger pre-fills are handled that way. If narcotics were loaded on kroger trucks crossdocked at the warehouse, half of that shit would never make it to the stores hehe. The other half would be taken by the unsupervised college kid who unloads the trucks at the store.

    Hell its hard enough to get to the dock fast enough to get the smokes off the truck before they are pilfered. Hehe
  8. anfr0ni
    Having used to work in a supermarket, in particular the fruit and vegetable department this would have been the best find. Don't think I would of informed anyone else of the find until I'd got my fair share first haha.
    I'm just curious to know how on earth that much cocaine could've got mixed up with a big ass batch of banana's of all things!
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