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  1. seeingred
    Hm, I am enjoying these Marilyn Manson videos. I am sort of really craving being f-cked up right now. I was thinking about things, the Holographic Universe, and all.
    I don't know, I don't feel real right now.
    I just mixed up all my songs on pandora and listening to Tori Amos, which has now changed to Imperative Reaction...ahah!
    I am craving diphenhydramine, is that strange? That stuff is magical, and I know, if you wanted to acheive a gnosis of reality you'd need to lose your contact with the natural similations that you've programed yourself to believe in. I love this song.

    I can't wait to be fucked up. No, I don't know what I mean. But, I want to dive into some psychic realm of consciousness. I have been thinking, escape is imperative. I was messaged by a schizo-affective awihle ago saying he wanted to marry me and then he called me and said he wanted to marry me but then i blocked him and got freaked out and he hasn't talked to me since. How bad do I feel? Horrible. But better too, because I just published a book of poems, 500 about poems on wordclay, anyone who's reading this and wants a book of truly fucked up poems go search for Ashes to Ashes on wordclay dot com, they have a bookstore. I am really craving coffee.
    It's not expensive. I dont feel horrible. I am so bored, wow. I feel great!!

    I am getting sick of this mundanity, is that a word? I am getting tired of my mom, she's so angry- she got her license suspended over the holidays and she's really upset about it. May the force be with you!!:laugh:


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