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By Mick Mouse · Jan 22, 2017 · ·
  1. Mick Mouse
    Open that new calendar, turn the page, and begin your new year. Just as in opening the pages of a book, who really knows what the contents will contain?

    Just what does "open" really mean for us? What do we open? What does it include? Familiar phrases or words such as "eyes wide open", "keep an open mind", "stay open to new ideas" all qualify as good examples of the concept.

    When your eyes are wide open, you see more, possibly have a different insight into an old problem or situation. More light enters, perhaps improving your eyesight. When eyes open in the morning, decisions deliberated on difficult situations during the night may become clearer with the light of day. We may see more clearly now.

    Keeping an open mind might require giving up a previously held position or accepting another's point of view. Through more experience, reading and learning views can change. A new understanding may emerge. Staying open to new ideas might provide opportunities for growth. Staying open to new possibilities may bring action, a change of course, a refocus and more.

    Allowing a heart to open has the potential for pleasure as well as pain. With an open heart, vulnerability can enter. How much do we care for others or allow them to care for us? How risky is it to open our hearts to others? Will this be nourishing. How much do we trust with an open heart? Once open, do we stay so? Remaining open to opportunities may enable us to face challenges. It may contain the potential for healing broken bodies, relationships, and even addressing our own emotional pain.

    Just as that calendar or that book, when opened, contain certain elements, we wonder what they might be-surprise, intrigue, challenge.In looking at this coming year, anticipation and uncertainty might be included in the mix. How will you all live in this new year? Will you be open to everything it may hold?

    With eyes, mind, and heart wide open, enjoy it all!

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  1. detoxin momma
    i will start the new calendar same as i do every year, whatever happens, happens.
    I will stay positive, and keep my heart, eyes, and mind open to what goes on around me, same as i always have.

    this year, i am even more confident in my beliefs than i have ever been. I am grateful that i have been giving the oppotunities that i have, grateful for the chances to learn, what i believe to be, the secrets of the universe, some anyways.

    I plan to get outside even more than i already do, feel the waves of unison that nature provides, if you are perseptive enough to feel them.

    I will keep my eyes open, so that my heart and mind can receive, everything. everything is in unison, everything.

    somewhere in this 2017 calendar, i plan to make another visit to the polar bears, they are said to be the wisest teachers of all, and i believe that.

    I would like to see if we can still read each others minds, while im sober, not under the influence of drugs. I was 18 years old when i discovered the telepathic abilities of the bears, may sound crazy, in fact, i know it does, but hey, i believe in it.

    "are you really reading my mind mr. bear? can i really hear you? how can all these people just walk by, gaze at you, and walk away, taking nothing from your presence!? "....

    i want to do this again in 2017 ;)

    thats about as opened up as i can get.
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