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Operation Raw Deal Proves China to be Fully Cooperative with DEA in Chemical Exports

By Nacumen, Sep 24, 2007 | Updated: Sep 24, 2007 | | |
  1. Nacumen
    U.S. Arrests 124 in Raids on Global Steroid Ring

    Published: September 24, 2007
    The Drug Enforcement Administration said today that 124 people had been arrested across the country over the past four days in connection with a performance-enhancing drug trafficking ring.

    Officials said the investigation, named Operation Raw Deal, started with more than 30 Chinese companies, which were shipping raw materials needed to make steroids and human growth hormone to manufacturers and labs in the United States and nine other countries.

    Since Thursday, the federal government has raided 56 sites in the United States and seized 242 kilograms of steroid and 1.4 million steroid dosage units.
    The facilities in which the drugs were manufactured ranged from the basements of homes, to garages, bathrooms and medical laboratories, authorities said.
    No names of athletes have been linked to the investigation yet, Rusty Payne, a spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration, said in a telephone interview, but thousands of e-mails connecting users to the manufacturers were seized by the federal government. “If we come across names, are we going to provide them to the leagues? That is going to be the decision of the Department of Justice and the United States attorney’s offices that have those aspects of the case,” Payne said.

    Although the government has not gone through the trove of information connecting users to the steroid ring, Payne said: “We have the ability to identify individual customers, and that should send chills down the spines of athletes and high school and college students who were buying from these manufacturers. We can find you, based on our data base.” Payne said Chinese authorities were cooperating with the investigation.
    “Rather than publicly name and indict these companies in China, we thought it would be more effective to work with Chinese law enforcement partners and provide them with information so they could go after the companies, which includes as many as 37, that were shipping raw materials,” he said. “They have agreed to move forward with their investigation in China.
    “There are a lot of sensitive things that go into dealing with a nation like China. We are pleased so far they have done everything we have asked them to, they have agreed to accept the reports and move forward and that is unprecedented.”

    The drug case came at a time when the quality of imports from China have become an issue in the two countries. Tens of thousands of toys made in China have been recalled in recent weeks on suspicion of having unacceptably high level of lead in paint and other hazards for small children. Some Chinese-made toothpaste was found to contain a chemical usually used in automotive antidreeze and not intended for human consumption.

    Payne said the World Anti-Doping Agency and the United States Anti-Doping Agency had been partners in the investigation, which has spanned 18-months.
    Operation Raw Deal followed on the heals of an investigation in 2005 that targeted eight Mexican steroid manufacturers. After those manufacturers, which authorities said provided four out of every five steroid pills in the world, were shut down, a void was created in the market for performance-enhancing drugs that Chinese companies filled.

    “Operation Raw Deal uncovered a clandestine web of international drug dealers who lurk on the Internet for young adults craving the artificial advantage of anabolic steroids,” Karen P. Tandy, the administrator for the Drug Enforcement Administration, said in press release. “Today we reveal the truth behind the underground steroid market: dangerous drugs cooked up all too often in filthy conditions with no regard to safety, giving Americans who purchase them the ultimate raw deal.”

    The Drug Enforcement Administration said that many of the labs it raided “were extremely unsanitary, further illustrating the danger in buying these products illegally. For example, recent lab seizures uncovered huge amounts of raw materials being mixed in bathtubs and bathroom sinks.”

    The other countries cooperating with the investigation include: Mexico, Canada, China, Belgium, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Thailand.

    The investigation, authorities said, was focused on many United States-based Web sites that sold “conversion kits,” which could be used to convert raw steroid powders into a finished product. Investigators also targeted Internet discussion boards where users learned “how to illicitly use, locate and discreetly purchase performance enhancing drugs, including anabolic steroids. Many of the underground steroids labs targeted in this case advertise and are endorsed on these message boards.”

    News conferences are to be held today in New York, San Diego, Kansas City, and Providence. All are scheduled for 1 p.m. E.S.T.


    To SWIM, this precipitates a global Web Tryp 2.0 more than anything else. SWIM strongly advises any SWIM still looking into buying illegal chems from China not to do so. Even gray area chems at this point may be totally not worth it, but SWIM realizes this will not stop some anyway, as some still buy from within the US even after WebTryp. The internet RC market is very intertwined with the internet steroid market; the reach of the DEA's influence into China is now undeniable. Remember the "we hope your use is legal" crackdown rumor? This operation has long been underway. Don't think its RC cousin wont surface soon. Everything's already in place.

    If SWIY's acquired a package from China within the past year, SWIM strongly advises to him to reconsider his situation. Clean the house. Wipe all info and saved communications. Ditch the illegal chems. Make sure SWIY has a verifiable legitimate use for his RCs.

    Don't let SWIY become the next example of the DEA's worldwide influence.


  1. allyourbase
    Re: Operation Raw Deal Proves China to be Fully Cooperative with DEA in Chemical Expo

    ha ha and who is to say this isnt webtryp 2.0??? they may not be going after the "regular" research chemicals, but those theyve targeted do seem to have a rather specific user profile, no? I say fuck the bullshit, and thats just what this is, these chinese companies are just becoming more careful, their us counterparts more wary, its a complete cat and dog chase centered on nothing and nowhere.
  2. stoneinfocus
    Re: Operation Raw Deal Proves China to be Fully Cooperative with DEA in Chemical Expo

    I hate these wada pigs.
    More pain and suffering for aids patients, severly hindred and those seeking better health through medications, they could not afford or wouldn´t be prescribed by ignorant, lazy, greedy or just opportunistic docs, who just don´t care, but for convenience in selling and earning without complications.

    Around here they just don´t prescribe opiates because they´re too lazy to order the special forms.Nearly 80% of the medical docs don´t have these forms, for the burden to store these registrations for 3 years and longer and not being attached by the attitude of being a dope pusher, as such, loosing their old paying retired fascist patients.
    But non-special form requiring opiates go very easy from hand to hand.

    Despite of mds being too dumb and afraid to cure an asthma in a 20year time-period, these sources helped to provide good alternatives and additions, like melanotan as an anti-IGE drug and steroids to fight the asthma, keeping corticosteroid doses low and as well fighting the destructive sides of the corticosteroids treatment, plus a better treatment-side by preventing degranulation and escalating intercellular responding at the basophils and mastcells due to cytokines and toxic enzymes.

    Swim had it perfect, just when all his stuff was confiscicated.

    Did you know, that methandrostenolone boosts body´s own cortisol levels by 250% and fights all sides considering bone-density and protein catabolism caused by corticosteroid treatment?

    When swim tried to treat his asthma to the wada rules, he had to use 20 times the amount double as often as with 25mg dianabol/day (!) and fetl much worde with worse astham control and puss in his nose.

    Unfortunately, this dose was so high, that body´s own production ceased for more than a year, which made him feel like a zombie, but with dianabol it came back after a few weeks and blew away his fatigue along with some very low dose epo (erythropoietin).

    What a loss, if you can fifght fatigue with 20.000IU of epo in 12 days, instead of a 30K$ cure with psychologist in 1-3 years. *lol*

    In fact I´ve never met someone, worse to be called a medical doc in my whole life.
    Exept maybe surgery in ICU, but only there an dmethinks if swim was a doc or surgoen, he would have great pharmacological approach to a better outcomes, that wouldn´t even need a script.
    Another draw-back, is that all these cannabis morons, err on doing something "natural", something that´s no chemistry, like biopharmaceuticals or PEAs, so as I see it, only the power of money will farther freedome and liberate private autonomy and liberate rights, not any pro drug movements, if they are that hedonistic and @ least as narrowminded as their oppponents.

    I smell bad reps comin´:D

    Until these treatment options will be considered and prescribed, hell is going to freeze, today, even not if rocks might melt and the sea will burn.

    In fact, I think it will never happen, as the medical docs are getting more and more ignorant and unfortunately mostly the wrong humans(opportunistic ones) plan studying the wrong professions, like all the asslickers will get the jobs over the "sick" creative and innovative ones, working up the material, beside the material that was given to them.
  3. rxbandit
    Re: Operation Raw Deal Proves China to be Fully Cooperative with DEA in Chemical Expo

    It should be recognized that many asian companies advertise steroid chemicals and just illegally ship them to the US. Many asian research chemical vendors now adays do not list their RC's for public viewing but will offer them more discretely. I think this may make it more difficult for the DEA to go after covert RC operations that arent entirely registered with the Chinese authorities. The steroid market seems to be much more out in the open then the RC manufactures, although this article does pose a troubling insight into the capabilities and direction that the drug enforcement seems to be moving towards.

    Does the DEA only get funded if they find victims to pay their salaries? whats their motivation other then douchebagerie...?
  4. enquirewithin
    Re: Operation Raw Deal Proves China to be Fully Cooperative with DEA in Chemical Expo

    The steroid market is much larger than the RC one. Hopefully, the market is so obscure it won't attract too much attention.
  5. Alfa
    Re: Operation Raw Deal Proves China to be Fully Cooperative with DEA in Chemical Expo

    To platinum member: please see the article in the platinum section concerning steroid busts, etc...
  6. Felonious Skunk
    Re: Operation Raw Deal Proves China to be Fully Cooperative with DEA in Chemical Expo

    Please remember that the DEA is an extremely ineffective agency. They are able to stop only an estimated 1% of illegal drug imports into the USA anually. Their main function is to instill hysterical fear in would-be drug users and traffickers.

    "There are a lot of sensitive things that go into dealing with a nation like China." What this means is that on a typical day, China tells the DEA to kiss its ass. So much Western money is pouring into China from steroids, RC's, and Nike sneaker bootlegs, that the only thing that could interrupt these covertly-government-sanctioned goldmines would be--you guessed it--a bigger goldmine called the 2008 Olympic Games.

    And what a co-incidence that China is cooperating in steroid "busts." After all, the host of the 2008 Olympic Games can't appear to the world as if it's soft on doping!

    The DEA doesn't have much influence in the USA, let alone the world. They are simply taking advantage of China's decision to temporarily prioritize the tourist dollars it will bring in next year over a few tons of steroids it could have sold this year.

    The DEA has issued press releases making it seem like they are now calling the shots in China when nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that they are being used by the Chinese government in a transient symbiotic relationship that will terminate when the games are over.

    nacumen: that said, your advice to keep a clean house and secure records is always sound. But anonymous payments and Hushmail communications render the DEA's threats as laughable. The ones they catch are the idiots buying with credit cards on the MSN network. Good for them.

    stoneinfocus: no bad reps for you on this issue, mate (or any others, really). Your points regarding a person's right to treat his/her conditions as he/she sees fit are right on point.
  7. sg43
    Re: Operation Raw Deal Proves China to be Fully Cooperative with DEA in Chemical Expo

    I would not be too concerned if one was just ordering small amounts of RC's, however if you are buying RC's that are scheduled in your country then I think now would be a time to stop and clean house.
  8. Triple7
    Re: Operation Raw Deal Proves China to be Fully Cooperative with DEA in Chemical Expo

    I wonder if this operation also has to do with organized clubs, since during this month, there has been lot of simultaneous raids in Sweden... and I see that Sweden was among the countries cooperating with DEA in steroid busts.
  9. enquirewithin
    Re: Operation Raw Deal Proves China to be Fully Cooperative with DEA in Chemical Expo

    D.E.A. Exposes a Steroid Web With China Tie


    New York Times Published: September 25, 2007

    Federal authorities said yesterday that they had exposed a sprawling underground distribution network for steroids, human growth hormone and other illicit bodybuilding drugs supplied by 37 companies in China.

    The operation revealed a much wider, more diffuse commerce in performance-enhancing drugs than previously known, with a latticework of bathroom and basement manufacturers and distributors. That contrasted with the more centralized drug network from past years that tapped into established pharmaceutical pipelines.

    A network of Internet-based chemical wholesalers, anonymous e-mail services and password-protected chat rooms fueled the trade, federal and state officials said.
    “There is no kingpin here,” said Steve Robertson, a spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration in Washington. “We’re going after individual distribution cells. There’s no godfather of steroids.”

    The D.E.A. estimates that 99 percent of the illegal steroids originate with chemicals from China. Most of the 124 who were arrested in the operation — including 50 over the past week — were charged with distributing chemicals bought in bulk from China, which as host of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing has been under pressure to deliver a drug-free Games. They are accused of setting up labs in their homes, notably on Long Island, to press them into pills or cook them into injectable liquids, the D.E.A. said.

    Sales of the products, which are illegal to buy without a prescription and illegal to sell without a license from the D.E.A., were conducted with presumed anonymity on the Internet.
    D.E.A. agents are compiling a computerized database of thousands of buyers. No users of the drugs were identified yesterday, although the D.E.A. said it was trying to establish their identities and might share that information with professional sports leagues and antidoping officials if their athletes are involved.

    “They may not all be prosecuted, but we will be identifying them,” said John P. Gilbride, a special agent in charge of the D.E.A. office in New York. “We have names. We have addresses. We have thousands of names, but I cannot give you an exact number."

    The F.B.I., the Internal Revenue Service, the National Drug Intelligence Center and United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement also worked on the two-year investigation, called Operation Raw Deal. In addition to the United States and China, eight other countries were involved in the investigation.

    Authorities seized $6.5 million cash, 25 vehicles, 3 boats, 27 pill presses and 71 weapons while executing 143 search warrants at 56 makeshift steroid labs and other locations, the D.E.A. said. Two distribution rings on Long Island alone accounted for more than $13.5 million in steroids, Mr. Gilbride said. One of the suspects, a 36-year-old Melville man arrested Sept. 12 with his mother and wife, committed suicide last week. The family’s lawyer did not return telephone messages.
    The investigation grew out of a similar investigation into Mexican steroid manufacturers that targeted eight companies in 2005. At the time, the D.E.A. said Mexico provided 82 percent of illicit steroids seized in the United States, often in veterinary form. The void created the opportunity for American producers and distributors.

    Although most of the Chinese companies involved remain unidentified, one of them, GeneScience Pharmaceutical Company, and its chief executive officer, Lei Jin, were indicted last week by a federal grand jury in Rhode Island. GeneScience says it supplies three-fourths of the Chinese human growth hormone market.

    Mr. Gilbride, the D.E.A. agent in New York, said Chinese officials were cooperating as the investigation continued around the world.

    The drug case comes at a time when the quality of imports to the United States from China has become an issue between the two countries. Tens of thousands of toys made in China have been recalled in recent weeks on suspicion of having unacceptably high level of lead in paint and other hazards for small children. Some Chinese-made toothpaste was found to contain a chemical usually used in automotive antifreeze and not intended for human consumption.

    “Today, we reveal the truth behind the underground steroid market: dangerous drugs cooked all too often in filthy conditions with no regard to safety, giving Americans who purchase them the ultimate raw deal,” the D.E.A. administrator Karen P. Tandy said in a statement.
    In related actions, the police in Denmark raided 26 locations, and German authorities closed down five illicit labs. Australia, Belgium, Sweden and Thailand also conducted enforcement actions, the D.E.A. said.

    Officials at Major League Baseball and the National Football League said yesterday that they would seek information from the investigation that connected any of their players to performance-enhancing drugs.

    Rusty Payne, a D.E.A. spokesman in Washington, said: “If we come across names, are we going to provide them to the leagues? That is going to be the decision of the Department of Justice and the United States attorney’s offices that have those aspects of the case."

    Antidoping authorities in sports praised the actions. “This investigation has shown that the use of performance-enhancing drugs is an international problem and not just a sports issue but touches all levels of society," Travis Tygart, the chief executive of the United States Anti-Doping Agency, said in a telephone interview.

    David Howman, the director general of the World Anti-Doping Agency, which oversees testing for the Olympics, said he was optimistic that any athletes connected to the investigation could be disciplined before next summer’s Olympics.

    D.E.A. officials said the steroid trade in America centered around bodybuilding. Products, prices and doses for underground laboratory steroids are discussed on Internet forums.

    “Bodybuilder discussion boards talked about how you make and use the anabolic steroids and most of all how not to get caught,” Mr. Gilbride said. “I think we put an end to that theory.”

    In addition to the masses of steroids seized in the case, federal agents also tracked millions of dollars, much of it in Western Union wire transfers. In cases in San Diego, I.R.S. agents were able to track more than $1.8 million in payments to Chinese manufacturers, according to Tami Stine, the acting assistant special agent in charge of criminal investigations in the I.R.S. office there.
    Benedict S. Gullo Jr., the lawyer for Carlos Cuevas, 36, of Hempstead, N.Y., who was charged with two counts of selling steroids, said yesterday that his client was pleading not guilty. “I can tell you to the best of my knowledge there are no superstar athletes on any lists,” Mr. Gullo said.

    Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said the D.E.A. contacted her in the spring asking if she wanted her office to cooperate in a major national investigation. She assigned two investigators.
    “We seized drugs with a street-value equivalent to about $13 million,” Ms. Rice said. A Melville location alone had about $7 million of contraband drugs.

    “There were rooms filled with drugs,” she said, and the locations were used for some processing as well as for packing and shipping.

    “You open up the newspaper and hear about this professional athlete or that one, but the problem is here, in our high schools and gyms,” Ms. Rice said. “This hopefully will serve as a wake-up call to parents, students and coaches of the dangers.”

    Steve Green, who lives across the street from the Melville house where a man, his wife and his mother were arrested, said, “All I saw were a lot of D.E.A. agents and a lot of Suffolk County police, and I saw an ambulance come and go.”
  10. Euphoric
    Bust: Four in 'Raw Deal' admit guilt


    One of these days there's going to be an article about a rapist getting arrested and possessing ketamine, G, E, LSD and all those other awful date-rape drugs...
  11. catchdog
    Re: Bust: Four in 'Raw Deal' admit guilt

    Has there ever been a case of ketamine used as a date rape drug? I'm not saying that there hasn't, but wouldn't you need a dose of a couple hundred milligrams at least and wouldn't that taste really really bad if added to a drink? This seems to be a good trick by the anti-drug people. Who's going to defend a "date rape drug?" As usual, reality is given short shrift.
  12. BigBumps
    Re: Bust: Four in 'Raw Deal' admit guilt

    im one of the four that plead guilty in this fuckin case and they blew it up to make us sound like we were using it as a date rape drug NO ONE ever uses k as a daterape drug i never even heard of it untill the papers started makijn us look bad..my names all over the place makin me look much worse than what i was really doing...Ks not even bad....fuckin feds...
  13. Alfa
    Re: Bust: Four in 'Raw Deal' admit guilt

    For a substance that is schedule3 ???
  14. Euphoric
    Re: Bust: Four in 'Raw Deal' admit guilt

    Maybe that has more to do with the clear intentions to use it to rape people more than it does the drug or its place in the schedule.
  15. fnord
    Re: Bust: Four in 'Raw Deal' admit guilt

    if you feel comfortable discussing personal matters could you give more details about this?like how you got busted mistakes etc,what happened at the trial anything that would help others.
  16. BigBumps
    Re: Bust: Four in 'Raw Deal' admit guilt

    I dont mind talking about it....just be very careful if your involved with anything like this even if it is schedule 3....i thought i was safe as could be and wouldnt look at too much time even if i did get caught. In my case it was way out of my hands...i got ratted out and the feds knocked down my door....now im lookin at 5 yrs and 250,000 fine b/c theyre now considering this a daterape drug which is bullshit......that's like them labeling weed a daterape drug...fuckin idiots...do your research before you make other people look 1000x worse than they are...
  17. rxbandit
    Re: Bust: Four in 'Raw Deal' admit guilt

    In court dont they have to prove a precedent... theres no precedent of Ketamine ever being used as a date rape drug... considering ketamine has no detrimental effects on ones memory, I find it hard to believe that ketamine could be a date rape drug. You should sue the press and pay for your fine... that would be more then appropriate.
  18. Alfa
    Re: Operation Raw Deal Proves China to be Fully Cooperative with DEA in Chemical Expo

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