Opium Poppy Heads Seized

By chillinwill · Aug 20, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Edmonton police have seized what they believe to be a record-setting number of opium poppy heads from a southside business.

    “We think this is the largest opium seizure in Alberta history,” said acting Insp. Greg Preston with the organized crime unit.

    Police were tipped off by the Peel Regional Police to a 12-box shipment of poppy heads. The long cardboard boxes, marked “dried flowers” on the side, were shipped last Wednesday and received Thursday in Edmonton.

    Undercover officers were able to conduct a “controlled delivery” to a business on 27th Avenue and 48th Street as a result of the tip and arrested Ravi Mohan Jolly, 52. A search warrant was then issued for the premises, which resulted in the seizure of more than 160 pounds of poppy heads and 13 ounces of a powdered form of the dried poppy head commonly called “doda.”

    In total, Preston said, the street value of the seized drugs is somewhere between $12,000 and $20,000.

    The drug is sold both as a whole poppy head, which retails for about $2, or as ground-up doda, which sells for between $10 and $25 per ounce. The ground-up poppy husks are usually put into tea, which when consumed has the same effect as any other opiate.

    Preston said there were poppy heads on the premises when police arrived, indicating the man had received at least one other shipment. However, police do not yet know how long the drug had been sold there.

    Police in Edmonton and Ontario are still figuring out where the drugs originated, though Preston said they were probably grown in Pakistan or Afghanistan. While Ontario police have been dealing with this for a while, it’s a new phenomenon for the Edmonton police.

    “This is the first bust of its kind,” Preston said.

    “This is new to the EPS. . . We’ve learned a lot from this.”

    There is no target demographic for the drug, but Preston said it appears to be used largely by drivers and truckers who use it to stay awake.

    “I think there’s a fallacy out there that because it’s a poppy there are no harmful effects,” Preston said.

    “This is an illegal substance and it has all the harmful effects of any opiate.”

    Jolly and his business, Neelkamal Indian Grocery & Movies Ltd., were jointly charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking.

    Preston said there were no other drugs at the store besides the seized opium poppies and doda.

    By Laura Drake
    August 18, 2009
    Edmonton Journal

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  1. bubbly nubs
    Oh my god.....is this serious!!! OPIATES TO STAY AWAKE?!?! This reporter clearly has no idea what she is talking about.
  2. Routemaster Flash
    Pssst, SWIM can NEVER sleep on poppy tea. 'Papaver sominiferum' is, as far as SWIM's concerned, a misnomer. And SWIM is not alone: "Is it always this hard to sleep on opiates?" and "too high to sleep".

    That said, SWIM would sure as hell not want to be in control of a lorry! while under the influence. :s

    The idea that opiates are inherently harmful is, if anything, even stupider than the idea of truckers using them.
  3. bubbly nubs
    SWIM is the same sometimes but when that happens he is highly sedated. In no way would he be able to drive. I guess maybe in low doses, but surely amphetamine would be better for that...
  4. chillinwill
    I think the reporter just doesn't know what the hell they are talking about instead of knowing how sometimes if one takes opiates, it makes them unable to sleep.
  5. Routemaster Flash
    Yes, this is far more likely. Let's hope none of those truckers had a 'bad trip', totally 'wigged out' and ended up on the streets as an 'LSD addict'.
  6. cra$h
    lmao, we don't need any more crazed pod addicts! But is it me or is there more and more of a push against pods?
  7. Routemaster Flash
    Ebay's tightening up on them, for sure. :( I'm pretty sure you won't be able to buy bread soon, in case someone tries to 'get high' from it.

    SWIM needs a house with a south-facing back garden that the neighbours can't see into, stat!
  8. Potter
    I don't know about Canada, but in the US truck drivers are tested on a regular basis, I can't imagine there's an opiate market in a group of people who are regularly tested for drugs.
  9. SullyGuy
    Only truckers doing trans-national shipments from Canada to the US are tested, unless the company specifies otherwise.
  10. ninjaned
    i know that others have commented on this but really? good god... and then they use amphetamine to help them sleep lol.
  11. cnajob
    thebaine will keep those truckers up...too efing bad. swim better stock up.
  12. ninjaned
    ah swim didn't think of that(he always forgets about that stimulant component of opium) still swim thinks the codiene and morphine would overpower the thebaine.
  13. synthop
    I can't look at that MF on this picture, he can't find real drugs so he is waving a few flowers in his hand, and if he doesn't find any more poppies, he will ban daisies and start parading with them.
  14. cnajob
    depends on the poppy...some have too much thebaine and not enough good shit. but hey, swim works much better on O b/c of the thebaine, keeps swim from noddin' out on the job.
  15. thebige
    Swim always wondered why people were always driving in circles........
  16. beizebopp
    LOL! Next week: Mysterious crop circles caused by sleepy truck drivers tweeking with opium. xD

    Crazy reporters.
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