Oranges that get you high - tomacco X 100

By lulz · Jan 31, 2008 · ·
  1. lulz

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  1. Shampoo
    Its too bad something with so much promise and eager excitement published 10 years ago has made little to no impact today. Not only are we not getting high off of oranges, but legislation has not re-addressed chemical outlaws an absurd impingement on natural endoproduction.
  2. SuprSonik
    Did anything ever come of this? It happened nearly 10 years ago. It's pretty fascinating...SWIM has never heard of it before.
  3. fnord
    Can anyone give the species name? patents etc?
  4. AntiAimer
    Smurf wants a Mirange!!!!

    No wonder there's the myth of smoking orange peels to get high.
  5. sterling77
    There was never a Nanofsky at florida state. This article is a hoax-type of deal. If only..
  6. Shampoo
    John Chapman is the real name for Johnny Appleseed. A hoax indeed.
  7. julian
    i dunno it's on i would think they would check their sources.
  8. Digemlo
    I can't tell if that's sarcasm or not...

    This article sounded promising, but can anyone out there confirm the given "steps" to transfer THC-producing enzymes?
  9. Bajeda
  10. Alfa
    I liked the hoax article about ecstasy tomatoes better.
  11. psyche
    ^^ There is such a thing? This article remainded me right away about the simpsons episode, where the simpsons accidentally grow addicting tomatoes that have, uhm, tobacco if I remember correctly inside them. Everybody is getting crazy about them and homer is offered a senseless deal of money, but guess what, he's not gonna get the money.
  12. Paracelsus
    The idea of nicotine tomatoes would actually be much more viable than THC oranges, since the tomato plant and tobacco are related (both are nighshades).
  13. Shampoo
    Good point. Perhaps hackberry plants or even hops would be more realistic. Any other notable Cannabaceae?
  14. Paracelsus
    Humulus lupulus AKA hops. There is some literature on the topic of grafting hop vines to cannabis roots to produce THC-bearing hops.
  15. redway420
    The THC Oranges story is a well crafted hoax recently rediscovered and posted on High Times as news. From there it went to dozens of forums.

    I can be done, I'd imagine, as Japanese scientists have created a strain of yeast which produces THC.

  16. Bajeda
    I was looking for a clip of the Simpsons episode where they grow tomacco (the animal attack sequence is great), but found some nifty articles instead. Real tomacco anyone?

    Too bad he isn't from Springfield, Oregon. That would be too perfect! <----- News clip on tomacco.

    And on a mostly unrelated side note, the title's Simpson's reference notwithstanding, here is a page with clips of Simpson episodes related to drug use.
  17. cosmicruler
    Not this again...!!!

    SWIM thought that the fig tree was closely related to cannabis and would like to try grafting onto a branch to see if it is viable or not....
  18. julian
    no sarcasm intended. swim found the article on (on the left side of the homepage where they have recent news stories regarding marijuana). as soon as he saw the article he rushed here to post about it, although somebody had already posted. the article was removed from the site though.
  19. redway420
  20. redway420
    Here's the link to the paper on the discovery of the THC gene, and the creation of a yeast strain that produces THC.


    Oranges are next!

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