Ore. medical marijuana raid seizes 200 pounds

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    Ore. medical marijuana raid seizes 200 pounds

    WILDERVILLE, Ore. (AP) - More than 200 pounds of marijuana were seized in a raid on a growing operation in Southern Oregon that produced far more marijuana than allowed for the medical patients it supplied.

    The raid by the Rogue Area Drug Enforcement Team announced Thursday followed an Oct. 29 traffic stop of a Nevada couple on Interstate 5 near Ashland.

    Oregon State Police say about a pound of marijuana found in the couple's car was traced back to an address in Wilderville, near the California border.

    The Nevada couple did not hold medical marijuana cards and told police they bought the marijuana with cash and in exchange for labor to prune plants.

    Grants Pass police Detective Ray Myers said the 200 pounds seized in the raid was about 180 pounds more than allowed by law for the 13 medical marijuana patients who got their marijuana from the growing operation.

    Information from: Daily Courier
    Associated Press - November 7, 2009 3:05 PM ET


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