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Oregon police sergeant's 'kleptokitty' steals neighborhood trash, including marijuana

By Rob Cypher, Sep 20, 2015 | |
  1. Rob Cypher
    tigger14n-5-web.jpg?enlarged Look what the cat dragged in.

    For Dave Kempas, an Oregon police sergeant and "Kleptokitty's" owner, his cat takes home a bunch of weird things at night: Batman action figures, underwear and a bag of marijuana.

    Kempas, 59, told the Daily News he started noticing pieces of trash on his driveway and his back porch, but couldn't figure out which one of his many cats was littering at his home near Portland. To find the suspect, he bought a trail cam and caught Tigger in the act.

    Since then, he's been uploading photos of his cat burglar's hauls to his Facebook page, "Happy Kleptokitty," which has over 5,600 fans currently.

    Tigger, who is about 4 years old, has been bringing home the neighborhood's trash and treasures since he was 1, Kempas said. He said Tigger does it all year round, and daily during the summer. "He's part of my daily routine now," Kempas said. "I get up, get my cup of coffee and see what the cat left in the driveway for me."

    Through the years, Tigger's left some pretty odd things, Kempas said. Because the house is right next to a high school, a majority of it is trash and food waste. On one occasion, it looked like Tigger had a case of the munchies. "It was just a little bud, but it was definitely weed. I'm sure he got that from over here by the high school," Kempas, a West Linn police sergeant told the News. "I told him, 'you can't be bringing this stuff home!' "

    Other times, Tigger brings home clothes that always turn into a pile by the end of the season. Kempas said he sorts the clothes out, and donates Tigger's collection to Goodwill. He's kept the toys that "kleptokitty" has brought home, including a "My Little Pony doll," Minnie Mouse and a Batman mask.

    Kempas said his other cats bring home "normal cat things," like dead animals. But it seemed Tigger didn't want to be a copycat. "He seems to substitute birds, mice and snakes, with socks, candy wrappers and weed," Kempas said.

    In May, another cat burglar near Portland was caught, with a feline sneaking around raiding homes and taking toys and shoes. It is unclear if the two are partners-in-kitty-crime.

    Alfred Ng
    New York Daily News
    September 13, 2015



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