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Oregon’s 7-year-old medical marijuana patient stirs controversy

  1. Rob Cypher
    Mykayla Comstock, a seven-year-old girl who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia, has a medical marijuana license in Oregon and consumes strong capsules of the drug twice daily, reported The Oregonian.

    She is one of 2,201 cancer patients and one of 52 children allowed to use medical marijuana in the state. Her age, however, has stirred controversy and left some wondering whether — and where — to draw the line on a drug that can ease the side effects of illnesses and cancer treatment.

    One recent international study found that marijuana use among youth whose brains are still developing can damage memory and intellect. Some doctors say that children can be treated with better, less controversial medications .

    While Mykayla’s mother administers the capsules and occasional cannabis-laced confections, her father, who lives in North Dakota, opposes the treatment, claiming that during one visit she was “stoned out of her mind.”

    Mykayla says the drug helps her “eat and sleep” and makes her feel “funny, happy.”

    She is currently in remission, and her mother still administers medical marijuana to her.



  1. N0rthrnCa707
    Cancer is the most sensitive subject. Liberal, in the box thinking shouldn't apply to cancer patients. Terminal illness should be approached in the most variety of ways, and as for controversy, let the folks who have something negative to say try having cancer.
  2. Ghetto_Chem
    The part that grabs my friend is that she is still taking it even with her cancer in remission. Not sure exactly sure what that means but if it means that she's not taking other nasty meds or doing chemo or any of that bullshit anymore, then she should stop taking this "medicine". Her mother continuing to give her it shows that maybe she has some motive for keeping her on other than to help her with the cancer, such as she may think her daughter is jsut better overall with it. There are alot of cannabis fanatics that think everybody should be high 24/7 and thats just not the case. Certain people maybe, but not everybody and certainly not a 7 year old.

    By looking at the way she's dressed he gets the impression that her mother is one of those cannabis pushers. Bud is my friends life but he does think that a kid should grow up high all the time. Even the girls father thinks she is too stoned, that has to say at least a little something.

    Medical cannabis is probably ok for children, but should not be used liberally as it sounds like what may be happening here. It should be discontinued immediately when necessary.

  3. N0rthrnCa707
    In this day & age, we don't have to roll joints or smoke bongs to get the relief from cannabis. I, for example, take CBD liquid to help with my nerve pain. It works very well. Marinol, which is prescribed to cancer patients is a pill form of tch type property without providing the harsh "stoned" feeling. These are just a couple examples.
    I also agree nobody needs to stay high unless they want to. And it could be possible the doctor INSiSTS she stay on whatever shitty medications she may not need anymore. It's not silly thinking that the govt is trying to keep as many ppl on medication for as long as they can. It is going on right now with no slowing down. I would rather have my child be stoned than deal with chemo and whatever other cancer medication that warpes their cells worse than the cancer itself. That's only my opinion. Just because cancer is in remission, doesn't mean it is not there causing damage.
  4. Ghetto_Chem
    Exactly, thats kinda of what my friend was wondering, what does remission mean exactly? If it means that she's off all the horrible meds, no more chemo, and is basically getting back to normal life than she should probably cut back. If she still is, then he'd say by all means keep her on.

    You also bring up a good point, they should probably ween her down to some CBD high alternative, that way she can still get benefits while keeping the psychoactive effect minimal. And eventually take her off completely, because she shouldn't be on unless absolutely necessary.

    My friend was talking with his girl about this last night actually, came to the conclusion that cannabis is an awesome medicine in so many ways yet it still can be a powerful psychoactive as well, this kind of presents a problem.

    In the end no one but them really know her true condition and what she needs so lets just hope that her parents are doing whats best.

  5. N0rthrnCa707
    It's just a shame narural remedies (such as cannabis) are being ruled out in our society and replaced with pharmaceuticals. Fortunately, cannabis is becoming more on the up and up. Who knows if it will stay that way, Colorado, Oregon and Washington will set the bar, I think.
  6. Not my Drug
    My friend finds this fascinating, sickening, and enlightening all at the sametime. He believes research should be done, but knows everytime a research group arises the govt. shuts it down. How is this effecting the childs future and will she continue to be given cannabis once the cancer is fully diminished?

    There have been no recent studies or even studies at all that cannabis effects children negatively, so how can anyone be able to make an assumption without having a base argument, it's all hearsay. Cannabis is still relatively new to the medical world and my friend doesn't see how people can still be close minded about a relatively new medicine. There will be many different stories on successes, such as cancer, kidney stones, hell even just a sore body. Just wait to be amazed by the 'miracles' this medicine will have.
  7. usually0
    You still take medications while you're in remission. My uncle has cancer that's in remission, and basically he's still using drugs to help his white blood cells, etc, and he still can't drink or anything. Being in remission is like still having cancer, you just don't have to go through chemotherapy or any serious medical interventions.
  8. Magilla
    Are we going to see the smoking of marijuana become a thing of the past, in the medical field at least? It says she is taking a potent capsule of marijuana, and snacking on edibles. So assuming the capsule contains THC and a few active Cannabinoids and how it eliminates the need to combust plant matter and create smoke which contains said plant matter and leaves resin/tar behind are we going to see with the legalization of medical marijuana now in more states than ever a switch in how this medicinal wonder plant is being consumed? Furthemore how far are we from seeing a marijuana pill, that unlike Marinol actually contains a specific amount of THC and CBDs and gets one high as well as treating whatever illness and the entire grow op setup is turned over to big pharma and they begin profiting in the billions off the one thing they have been trying to prevent? What a shame that would be but something tells me that is a huge reason the federal government continue to keep it illegal, because of funding from the pharmaceutical industry to do so, so what happens when they begin losing money with more states legalizing it and simply can't deal with the loss of profit anymore and turn to the federal government to step in and do something about it, meaning legalize it under specific conditions turning over power of the marijuana industry to greedy big pharma and the FDA?
  9. Phaeton
    An anecdote on MJ and cancer. Correlation is not cause, just stating I am aware of that.

    Liver cancer, not fixable. Several methods exist to kill the cancer but none of them add life.

    Chemotherapy was declined and discomfort managed with ever increasing doses of MJ extracts.

    The cancer went into remission and I gained back 15 of the 100 pounds I lost. Just under six months later the cancer traveled to my right lung.
    This one could be removed, but the cancer is deemed 'recurring', if any cells break loose they start a new colony, that is how it got to the lung. Treatment declined, extract use is up once more. Again it stopped before death.

    Gained back 10 pounds this time before the cancer hit the upper colon. This time the morphine got increased as well as the extract.
    Not gaining weight this time and it feels really odd around the prostate and anus. Such is life.

    Quality of life is what this post is about.
    6 months of this versus 12 months of chemo?
    That is so easy it cannot even be classified as a real question.

    Taking drugs during remission is mandatory, cancer does not 'die', it just takes naps now and then. When it wakes up it is good to be a little ahead of the game rather than play catch up.

    My not very humble opinion is it would be criminal to discontinue the meds.
    The one person survey says chemo and MJ function equally as well against select cancers. Only MJ doesn't hurt.
  10. Magilla
    You go girl!
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