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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Oregon's failing medical marijuana program

    Oregon's Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) is languishing in corruption, confusion, unfeasible restrictions and abuse!
    Is this where California's program is headed? To read another article in the Examiner today, one would not think so.
    The first lines of the Sacramento Examiner’s article: “After years of effort on the part of Medical Marijuana advocates, California is now issuing state identification cards intended to help legitimate patients avoid unnecessary detainment and arrest.”
    Forgive my cynicism, but it’s easy to see that the author’s an advocate, but is California’s CMMP to be any more feasible than Oregon's? Not likely.
    Especially not if one goes by Oregon’s established, but failing rules. Oregon's Medical Marijuana Program is shrouded in secrecy and abuse!
    The three pronged intent of Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) was to
    protect the patientsand the doctors
    treat marijuana as another medicine.
    Change only the laws absolutely necessary to facilitate a working program.
    For the moment, foregoing the argument as to whether marijuana is medicinal, and looking at only the trappings of the program ...
    * There is no oversight.
    * There is extremely limited access to OMMP records – effectively tying the hands of law enforcement
    * There is significant abuse of the OMM Act –
    * Patients are being victimized
    * Limits are being exceeded, criminals are flooding to Oregon, and criminality is becoming rampant
    The failures are glaring!
    A Federal fugitive (on the run from Texas) was arrested in possession of 92 plants – exceeding the legal limit and he’d obtained an OMMA card, which … if he’d not exceeded the limit, he might not have been discovered.
    Utah State Police seized 13 pounds of pot from OMMA card-holder – sale was to be for $47,000.00
    Another caregiver for two “patients” was arrested with 15 pounds of marijuana; it was seized and he admitted having sold 80 – 90 pounds per year for $3200 to $4200 per pound.
    Another caregiver was arrested for arranging a sale of 50 pounds of marijuana for $125,000 – he ran a non-profit medical marijuana organization.
    Another OMMA caregiver with one card, had 69 plants (allowed 6) and 63 seedlings – he’d also obtained his card by giving a false name and false Oregon Identity Card – not caught by OMMA officials.
    Here’s a picture (face concealed) of another (above-un-mentioned) OMMA cardholders – he’s bragging about scoring the cash in his right hand … it was before he got busted!

    September 18, 6:52 AM Portland Drug Policy Examiner John English



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