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    A NOTORIOUS drug smuggler who once escaped Thailand’s Klong Prem prison is back behind bars after being arrested in Orpington. David McMillan, aged 56, of Bow Crescent, Orpington, was jailed for six years at Croydon Crown Court.

    He was convicted of trafficking Class A drugs into or out of the UK, and possessing heroin with intent to supply. A joint investigation by Bromley police and the Border Force led to McMillan’s arrest.

    In March 2012 Border Force officers seized a parcel in transit from Pakistan to Orpington.

    Bromley police then issued a search warrant and arrested McMillan after he took delivery of the item.
    Inside the parcel were two shirts, with a quantity of heroin (35g) sewn into the collars.

    Police sniffer dogs also found numerous small packets of heroin, electronic scales and cutting agents at McMillan's address.

    Detective Inspector Jerry Troon, of Bromley CID, said: “Bromley police is committed to tackling those people involved in the supply of illegal drugs and will continue to target offenders such as McMillan and proactively seek to disrupt their criminality.
    “If you deal drugs in Bromley, prepare to be arrested at any time."

    This is not the first time McMillan has been convicted of drugs offences.

    He gained notoriety in August 1996 after escaping Bangkok's Klong Prem prison while on remand for smuggling drugs into Thailand and Australia.

    After returning to the UK, the then fugitive released his best-selling memoirs in 2007 and claimed to be retired.

    McMillan said: "Such a life is not quite worth the suffering, most of my friends from those days are dead."

    By Alex Taylor, Monday 3rd September 2012, http://www.thisislocallondon.co.uk


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