By Alfa · Jan 2, 2005 ·
  1. Alfa

    Hammondville Police Chief Michael Putman said he may now have a solid lead on those responsible for some of the drug-related activity in the Hammondville area.

    Putman said the remains of what appear to be six outdoor meth labs were discovered in a wooded area alongside DeKalb County Road 757 on Christmas Eve morning.

    Putman said a hunter first stumbled onto the remnants of the labs and contacted the Hammondville Police Department. This marks the second time in recent weeks that such a discovery has been made in the Hammondville area -- the remains of what appeared to be eight freestanding outdoor meth labs were also discovered in a wooded area adjacent to DeKalb County Road 752.

    Putman said evidence from the more recent discovery points to individuals recently arrested by another law-enforcement agency and charged with alleged meth production.

    Putman said the remnants of the six labs found on Christmas Eve have been removed. He said no dangerous chemicals were found, but dated papers discovered in the area suggest the labs had been used to "cook"

    meth at least within a day of their discovery.

    Additionally, Putman said he was in the same area on Dec. 23, cleaning up the remnants of another meth lab he believes was abandoned at least a month prior. He said the other labs weren't present at that time.

    "It looks as if they were put there overnight," he said. "They came and went in one night."

    He said the remnants of the six fresh meth labs were found within about 50 yards of one another. Items removed from the area included copper tubing and empty chemical containers, he said.

    Putman said his department has not yet made an arrest in connection with the labs, but will continue to investigate.

    Local law enforcement officers have found labs set up in rental homes, apartments, garages, storage sheds, outbuildings and even vehicles.

    Darrell Collins, commander of the DeKalb County Drug Task Force recently said freestanding outdoor labs such as those that have been found in the Hammondville area are becoming more common.

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