Outrage after Pete Doherty photographed injecting female fan

By BlueMystic · Apr 28, 2006 · ·
  1. BlueMystic

    Pete injects female fan

    Showbiz Reporter

    DRUG fiend Pete Doherty stoops to a shocking new low in pictures showing him injecting heroin into an unconscious fan.

    The junkie Babyshambles singer, who has won the heart of supermodel Kate Moss, was snapped jabbing the pretty youngster as she lay in his squalid kitchen.

    Other pictures seen by The Sun show the rocker — who faces drugs charges — injecting himself and being helped to take drugs by a girl using her hands to form a makeshift tourniquet.

    Yet another sees Doherty, 27, smoke a “crack bowl”, his tattooed and blood-stained arms betraying his addiction.

    The disturbing scenes were captured by a pal at Doherty’s pad in Hackney, East London, within the last five weeks.

    Scotland Yard today announced detectives are to quiz the rock star over the shocking photographs.

    Kate, 32 — who has been secretly seeing the singer despite claims they had split — was NOT present when the drug photographs were taken.

    The comatose girl is from a middle-class background and idolises Doherty, often visiting him at his flat. She was left on the floor while he and his pals prepared more class A drugs for themselves.

    A source said: “Doherty will self-destruct. He has no regard for his or anyone else’s safety.

    “It’s one thing killing himself, but to inject a young girl as she lies on the floor is a disgrace. He should be in jail.

    “Kate and Pete never split up. And the longer she sees him the greater the danger of her exposure to drugs.”

    Mum-of-one Kate, seen in a separate shot printed in today's Sun newspaper looking dazed and dishevelled in bed, entered rehab to escape cocaine. She claimed she finished with Doherty due to his addiction.

    But pals fear she is mixing with a drug-fuelled world of depravity that could ruin her chances of staying clean.

    The shot of the bleary-eyed beauty in bed is recent — and thought to have been taken by Doherty at a secret location.

    Our exclusive shots will infuriate anti-drugs campaigners who wanted Doherty jailed for his open drug abuse.

    The rocker is on two years’ probation after admitting seven counts of possession.

    He was put on an 18-month rehabilitation order and given a six-month driving ban.

    But hours after a hearing last week he was arrested on suspicion of possessing a class A drug with intent to supply and bailed pending inquiries.

    Doherty is tested for drugs every month under his rehab order — but has failed twice.

    At his grotty home, he has pushed used needles into his dartboard and drawn graffiti on the walls using his own BLOOD.

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  1. radiometer
    I wish this guy would cut to the chase and OD. I'm sick of seeing his latest hijinx in the paper every week.
  2. Sklander

    Just OD already.
  3. Forthesevenlakes
    swim hadnt even heard of this guy til two nights ago, now suddenly he's shooting up everyone. seriously, let the guy either OD or take him out of the music industry and put him to work for swim's usual dentist, swim will want some anesthesia when he gets fitted for the permanent gold fronts (that not even overzealous cops will be able to remove, ha!)
  4. grecian
    i saw this picture and i thought it was inconclusive to say the least. he could just have easily have been removing the needle from the unconscious girls arm and not injecting her. this picture has shock value and thats why the tabloid press loved it so much. im no fan of pete doherty but i think its fair to say there is a press campaign against him (in the UK)
  5. sands of time
    He's an embarrassment to the human race... OD!
  6. Urban
    i used to have respect for Pete... i liked him in the libertines... but he is just a joke now!

    he should be locked up or od (so we dont have to pay for him!)

  7. klaatu

    Rocker Doherty Nabbed for Drug Photos

    The Associated Press
    Saturday, April 29, 2006

    LONDON --
    Troubled rocker Pete Doherty was arrested Saturday as part of a police investigation into tabloid newspaper photos allegedly showing him injecting himself and a woman with drugs, police said.

    Doherty, 27, was detained about 8 a.m. on suspicion of administering a noxious substance recklessly, a police official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to identify the suspect.

    Metropolitan Police said publicly only that the suspect was a 27-year-old man.

    The Sun newspaper ran a photograph Friday that appeared to show Doherty holding a syringe to the arm of a woman lying on the floor. Another showed him with a needle to his arm.

    The newspaper said the pictures were taken at Doherty's London home within the past five weeks.

    Police said when the pictures appeared that officers from the Specialist Crime Directorate were investigating the newspaper's allegations.

    Doherty's spokesman Tony Linkin could not be reached for comment.

    Doherty has a well-documented history of drug use. He was most recently arrested for suspected drug possession on April 20, hours after a judge placed him on probation over separate drug charges.

    Police found marijuana, heroin and crack cocaine in Doherty's car and clothing when he was arrested Dec. 18, one of a long line of run-ins with the law.

    The former Libertines singer's drug problems gained international attention last year after a newspaper published pictures of then-girlfriend Kate Moss allegedly taking cocaine at a music studio where Doherty and his band, Babyshambles, were recording.

  8. GDxCAT
    I never heard of this guy.
    still its pretty cruel of all of you to wish an OD on him.

    Dont all of us here use drugs? Again, like i said, i dont know who this person is, but i think he should be left alone to enjoy his carck.
  9. Alicia
    This prick is an insult to other users a like, mainly due his stupidity, the fact he likes to broadcast what he does, giving the wrong image. kurt cobain did heroin but he did'nt inflict it on the world. forget about OD the guy needs a punch, I have no time for him or his shity music
  10. Pinkavvy
    Hasn't this guy od's or been shot yet?
  11. Bladerunner
    PD is turning into a right jerk! Here is a talented singer/songwriter who if he wasn't off his face on drugs could have the world at his feet. Anyone who saw him do a duet with Elton John at Live8 last July will know that his addictions have clearly affected his performances. If he'd clean up I'm sure he wouldn't cut so much of a sad figure.......

  12. Alicia
    Fuck him, You cant blame drugs for that behavior, Yeah heroins addictive but theres still the difference between right and wrong. Drugs can ruin some people but for others it can in rich lives, create a better understanding of ourselves and others around us. Make us more happy. Education is key people. Not like that wailing sickening prick.
  13. D.U.M.B
    I think it's cruel to say he should OD but I don't like him either. He's pretty much on a one man mission to make heroin seem cool or something. He should just shut up and lock himself in a house ON HIS OWN and take whatever the hell he wants. People like him give drugs of any kind a bad name. I'm sure he'll be broke as hell in a few years and be begging on the street, dying for a fix
  14. Liam...
    Its people like you who say you are sick of him and post about him, if everyone would just ignore that paper and not reply to this shit it wont bother you ffs
  15. Bladerunner
    You don't need drugs to be happy. If you do then you have something missing in your life.
  16. Alicia
    Lol clap clap.. never mind I cant be assed to express what I was going to say. specially with that sort of ignorance, swim was'nt talking about drugs like heroin and things like that more on the psychedelic front. Shows how much people really know ...

    persides not everyone has an addictive personality, swim says glugging down her beer, snorting two lines of coke, and sucking back on a joint before opening another beer.. Swim does'nt know anyone that has an addictive personality ;)
  17. klaatu
    Come on people - if Mr P Doherty ODs then there will be HUGE additional negative media coverage in this country about "The Harm Drugs Do" and a call from the media that "Something Must Be Done".

    Personally I can live without that.

  18. Alicia
    Awww klaatu, we all know media can do things like, that can happen its just one of things :(
  19. klaatu
    Yes, but I don't see the point in members here wishing PD would OD. That's like wishing for yet more cr*p being dumped on us all from a great height.

    And in any case - wishing an OD on someone is a pretty awful thing. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

    Personally I hope he figures out that if he wants to keep doing the drugs then it would be better if he was a little more discreet about it. Getting caught dealing on the same day you were in front of a Judge and then being photographed possibly injecting someone isn't very smart behaviour and it simply gives the press more ammunition to fire.....

  20. IHrtHalucingens
    He recenlty put out a statement saying he wasnt injecting her with anything at all, they were playing around and he was drawing a little blood with which they paint with. Sounds logical to me LOL. Painting with unconcious girls blood- the great british pass time.
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