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  1. talltom
    Drug tests of middle school students, already up and running in 9 states, are demeaning to young people. Drug tests on high school, college and professional athletes have become normalized and ingrained in American culture. But revelations that middle school students are being asked to undergo drug tests to participate in athletics and other extracurricular activities are turning some heads and sparking lawsuits.

    That middle school students have been asked to pee in cups to participate in sports was the subject of an eye-opening New York Times article published September 22. The states of “Florida, Alabama, Missouri, West Virginia, Arkansas, Ohio, New Jersey and Texas” conduct drug testing on middle school students, the New York Times reported.

    Proponents of drug testing middle school students argue that it serves as a deterrent to drug abuse by young people. But “there are no known instances of a middle school student testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs,” the Times notes, and critics call the tests multi-billion dollar industry with dubious results that violate the civil liberties of young people.

    Typically, here’s how the test goes: “Students are generally given little, if any, advance notice and are pulled away from class and asked to urinate in a cup — unsupervised, to comply with privacy laws,” the Times reports.

    The federal government is also in on the business. According to the Times report, “in 2003, the Department of Education started a program that offered federal money for drug testing in grades 6 through 12.”

    The New York Times story zeroes in on one family who is fighting the drug testing of middle school students. The Kiederer family is mired in a lawsuit filed against the Delaware Valley School District in Pennsylvania. One of the Kiederer daughters was asked to undergo a drug test because she wanted to play sports. The family says that the practice is unnecessary and violates privacy rights.

    For now, the family has won an injunction “preventing the district from enforcing its policy and allowing their daughters to participate in extracurricular activities.”

    “They’re losing their rights every day and you ask yourself, what are we teaching the kids?” asked Glenn Kiederer.

    September 24, 2012



  1. Vico-man
    this is bullshit. kids go to school to learn. 6th graders arent smoking crack and stuff and even if they where its the parents responsibility... not the schools. they should keep out of the students personal life.
  2. PillMan
    Agreed. I will be mad as hell if they pull my little brother out of class for something as idiotic as this.
  3. usually0
    These are essentially an infringement on rights. Drug testing is bull to begin with, but sixth graders? I mean come on, get real here. I don't even see any advantages that would come from this, how many sixth graders are even using drugs? Why are they even testing for drugs in schools? Are we going to see sixth graders using coke or RCs to avoid tests? It's kind of ridiculous if you ask me, plus I can think back to when I was that old, I think I'd be concerned, I was vaguely aware that people even used drugs, the whole process of being tested for drugs would make me feel like I'm a prisoner being forced to do stupid things like peeing in a cup.
  4. nigh
    Yep, as a Missouri resident, I can definitely confirm this. I was tested once in 6th grade and once in 8th grade. There's absolutely no advance notice - teachers are randomly called and asked to send students up to the office, where the selected students are then immediately tested.
  5. usually0
    Wow, I feel sorry for you bro. I've only had to pee in a cup twice, once for my councillor at the time and my psychatrist. It's very humiliating. Since I was a minor, my mom drove me to be tested, and just the fact that she knew mad it all very weird. In fact, both those times I was tested, I was very open with my drug and blantely told them I smoke marijuana, but they demanded I take a drug test or they would have stopped offering me their services, ie. ritalin and counselling.
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