Over 1300 doses of Avatar acid seized

By torachi · Apr 20, 2011 · ·
  1. torachi
    15526.jpg Narcocriminalistics seized 306 doses of LSD (lysergic acid), 70 ecstasy tablets and a VW Bora, in a drug operation in which three people were arrested. Interestingly, LSD was on paper plates with pictures of one of the characters in the film Avatar. The drug was to be sold in various clubs in Great Mendoza.

    In May last year began an investigation began in Buenos Aires where it was assumed that an individual in Mendoza had this type of drug.

    14 were arrested last April. Ignacio Bustos Alejandro Salinas (26) in the Mendoza bus terminal. The man wanted to enter the province 100 doses of LSD and 32 tablets of ecstasy. This began a series of raids. The first was on the streets of Monte Coman to 3300 Godoy Cruz, where they arrested Enrique Carrizo David Zapata (29).

    "This person would receive the drug to market it in clubs. He hijacked a car," he explained from Research.

    The next day, under instructions from the Federal Court Criminal Registry No 1 "A" there was another raid on Pinzón the Barrio 600 Carrodilla July 21, Luján. There he found documentation regarding the investigation, 120 doses of LSD, 20 grams of marijuana in pieces, and 1,200 pesos cash sen. You stopped Javier Astorga Matias Villafañe (38).

    The operation ended with a raid on Barnett to 1500 of Recoleta, in Buenos Aires. There were abducted documentation, 86 doses of LSD and 36 tablets of ecstasy.


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  1. kailey_elise
    Re: 300 doses of Avatar acid seized

    Do we know what the ruler measurements are, cm or inches?

    It's been a looooong time...would .5cm squared be considered a "big tab"?

    Just curious.

  2. Terrapinzflyer
    Re: 300 doses of Avatar acid seized

    it looks like the demarcations on the ruler are in "10's" so by that and the location would indeed guess metric.

    .5cm = .2 inches - .25 inches is the "standard" square perf size for LSD blotter...
  3. Samadhi
    Re: 300 doses of Avatar acid seized

    These are rather large blotters, about 1.5-2x the size of swims american blotters. Also swim bets if they ran and NMR they would not show up as the sample of real LSD, but will consider it so because of its lysergic properties. Just because its on a blotter doesn't make it LSD, yeesh.
  4. torachi
    Re: 300 doses of Avatar acid seized

    Yeah, all four Avatar pics are one sheet of 100 doses...

    One full 100 dose sheet of likely LSD is about the same as 25 doses of those blotters, maybe a bit bigger. Probably something less potent than LSD, but more so than 2c-x blotters.
  5. kailey_elise
    Re: 300 doses of Avatar acid seized

    Really? I swear that 1/4" square blotters were the common sizes back in my day...

    That's 2x the size of a "typical" blotter these days? Like, blotters are 1/8" square? How does one even cut/perforate something so small accurately?

    ~Kailey the Bewildered...
  6. torachi
    Re: 300 doses of Avatar acid seized

    Yeah quarter inch is average. Not 1/8th. These blotters look about .8cm, or 8cm squared for 100 doses.

    Maybe my eyes are going, but they appear to be larger blotters by about .3cm than average American blotters.
  7. torachi
    Re: 300 doses of Avatar acid seized

    This post seems to defy me. He claims quarter inch size and that it has been tested in the netherlands.
  8. kailey_elise
    Re: 300 doses of Avatar acid seized

    Yeah; I just mean by looking at the ruler provided in the photo with the OP, they appear to be about .5cm, which is about 1/4". *shrug*

  9. Samadhi
    Re: 300 doses of Avatar acid seized

    Most blotters don't have their artwork placed at every 25 hits, these blotters are big. same size as swims others he has had. like these : http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/showpost.php?p=962166&postcount=273 Compared to: http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=15171&d=1276891622

    swim had a pack of those malice in wonderland print above that were 1280 per page, so his blotters were quite a bit smaller, but yes, 1/4" is normal, swim just sees much smaller blotters. 1.5x bigger or a little less is probably more correct, my apologies. These blotters are way different looking than most the domestic ones swim sees and generally, swim would have the person who is eating these blotters note the taste and smell of them indicative of a chemical that is not LSD.

    Weird to see these prints make it so far, swim knows they are available for purchase online as blank blotters... but he has the feeling that has been confirmed by others knowledge that a lot of the big squares come from one source putting wonky things on them, unrelated, but just repeating a little birds song.
  10. squeezix
    Re: 300 doses of Avatar acid seized

    Those avatars are very popular right now and the sellers are advertising them as 180ug, FWIW.
  11. Jatelka
    Re: 300 doses of Avatar acid seized


    "As soon as people start talking about 'silver', 'fluff', or how many micrograms are on their blotters, my brain immediately shuts down."

  12. EscapeDummy
    Re: 300 doses of Avatar acid seized

    "Dude you take those Avatar tabs? Everything becomes 4D and shit!"

    On a more serious note, all of the blotters swim has had have been smaller than 1/4". Smaller than 3/16" even. He would say in his experience blotters are about .4cm (5/32" if that helps). He has never seen blotters as small as 1/8" although they have been close. These are US West Coast blotters, btw. Swim doesn't believe they were tested but they had the traditional LSD profile (9-12 hours depending on dose, 90min come up for swim but he's a bit slower than most) Those avatar tabs appear to be easily > .5cm and to swim look very large.
  13. Phenoxide
    Re: 300 doses of Avatar acid seized

    It's hard to tell with the ruler positioned at an angle from the blotter but I'd say that the tabs are approximately 6 or 7mm across. While it's on the larger size for blotter demarcations it doesn't seem particularly suspicious to me unless the tabs are also unusually thick. As TF says 0.25 inch perforations for legit LSD aren't exactly unheard of.
  14. torachi
    Re: 300 doses of Avatar acid seized

    [imgl=white]http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/picture.php?albumid=1583&pictureid=13363[/imgl]It was in the town of Pergamino, where police investigators also seized cocaine, marijuana and arrested three people as suspects, distributed in the area of ​​drug transported from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

    13/05/2011: 16:51 : More than one thousand doses of the synthetic narcotic LSD on "Avatar" blotters were seized as part of an investigation by the Delegation Illicit Drug Pergamino who managed to disrupt a network of drug distribution and marketing, confirmed Police sources at Online-911 .

    Dealers that were also arrested were three natives of Buenos Aires and Gran Buenos Aires after two raids in the town of Pergamino.

    After the procedures the researchers, led by Commissioner Oscar supervisation Cañete, seized 1016 doses of LSD, provided in the figure of the movie "Avatar", 385 grams of cocaine delivered in the form of chalk, 210 grams of marijuana, cash, five mobile phones and two vehicles, a high-end, which used to transport drugs.

    We also identified four people who had come to the homes to acquire these substances.

    The micro-doses of LSD seized in the market represent an approximate value of 80,000 pesos, concluding that these people usually went to the town of Pergamino where they contacted a local pointer that was responsible for conducting retail operations, maneuver to be conducted at least once a week.

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