Over 2 tons of narcotic drugs seized throughout Iran last week

By Abrad · May 28, 2006 ·
  1. Abrad
    Anti-drug police squads seized 2.585 tons of various illicit drugs throughout the country in the past week (May 17-23), it was announced here Sunday.

    Police 110 Commander Eskandar Mo'meni told IRNA the haul included 2.5 tons of opium, 40kg of hashish and 45kg of heroin.

    The police last week also rounded up 573 drug smugglers and 549 addicts who were handed over to judicial officials, Mo'meni said.

    Iran, despite its unceasing anti-drug efforts, remains a key route for southwest Asian drugs on their way to lucrative markets in Europe and Persian Gulf countries.

    Domestic narcotics consumption continues to be a persistent problem with at least two million drug addicts in the country.

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