Over 5.000 kilos of drugs seized by border guards in November

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    Over 5.000 kilos of drugs seized by border guards in November

    National border guards have seized over 5.000 kilos of drugs and had 104 people arrested in multiple raids they conducted in November in various locations across the country, official sources said.

    Justice Minister Julio Alak detailed in a press release that "3938,9 kilos of coca leaves had been seized, as well as 748,48 kilos of cannabis and 320,23 kilos of cocaine."

    "Border guards also found 300 cannabis plants and seeds, and 11.997 pills of synthetic drugs such as LSD and ecstasy," Alak said in the press release.

    In total 201 persons have been caught and "104 are detained while 97 remain free pending trial," the communiqué added.

    "This is all in the mark of the reinforcement of the fight against transnational organized crime," Alak said.

    "The incorporation of radar, planes, helicopters and road vehicles as well as 300 more men, allow the border guards to be more efficient in their task of controlling the northern frontiers of the country," Alak concluded.


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