Over-the-counter drug use concern

By Zaprenz · Jan 24, 2008 · ·
  1. Zaprenz
    BBC NEWS: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/6619749.stm

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  1. Zaprenz
    It's quite sad really.

    To think if these people had become dependant on just the opiate part, psychologically they may need some support (they may even have to go through serious withdrawal) and there would still be the occasional problem or fatality [no system is perfect]. Still compared to the incidence of serious and simply unnecessary permanent GI bleeding and related fatalities SWIM would predict a better outcome from the selling the opiate on it's own. [?It is unlikely this hypothesis will ever be tested]
  2. Itzy-Bitzy
    My GP doesn't give a toss that I'm on these things on a daily basis. I used to be on a strong opiate which was originally needed for severe pain problems but which ended up in addiction and I did abuse them to help with all the extra shit in life. Psychologically I was more dependant on them and the buzz was no longer physically there but that didn't matter to me, as I still saw it as my major tool of functioning and reason to cope.I was on a relatively daily small dose of opiate, but the tendency to abuse had left as I knew I was getting them every day anyhow, and that was the case for many years. I overcome the health issues thanks to a second opinion gynaecologist agreeing to a hysterectomy, despite being in my twenties. But I now needed this drug to function. Which I did and seemed to improve my life. My children went on to take what they wanted from life and I helped them through all the schooling, education and social development that was needed to make them respectable young adults. I loved my children dearly, still do, but if I'm honest, if it wasn't for the fact that I knew I had my opiates, I probably wouldn't have got out of bed. Maybe I have an addictive nature. Who knows. My doctor doesn't seem to ask himself that.Around two years ago his surgery took on new doctors, and all of a sudden my 'drug problem' was brought to the forefront and despite telling him that I didn't want a reduction, that I wasn't willling or ready to come off my stability, he still started to reduce them. Just little bits at a time. But nervous that I had no choice, to make up for my loss I tried to equivilate it by Nurofen Plus. I'm not great at judgement but I tried to make up for the amount of opiate being denied me. This gradually mounted. Twice I went to my doctor with empty packets of the stuff, telling him I didn't think the reduction was fair and that I was scared of losing my opiate altogether.He quite frankly told me that the effect would be little or not at all that my intolerence wouldn't bring on a buzz, so there was no point to taking them anymore. Despite telling him that psychological dependancy was my 'hook', I was just disregarded. Other doctors in the surgery were a bit more supportive but still went by GP's ruling. It was his surgery after all. His name that was being marred. His shame in me as a patient, no doubt. Just my life that was being distrupted.So now I'm on a co-codamol 30mg 8 times a day. I hate it, rarely take it as I prefer Nurofen Plus. Yet, it's not so strong but I'm reckoning the paracetamol will kill me if I take too much whereas the ibuprofen is a bit safer. My opiates ended was just after Xmas 2007. I cried as I took the last ever tablet. Despite this I tried my best to adapt but my safety net has gone forever. Without my opiate I can't travel, go out for the night, meet new people, start a new job ect. My husband tries his best to understand but if he's feeling edgy it's simple for him to buy a pint.So, the way I see it is this. My doctor would rather I risk abusing drugs again, not really caring that I am on 32 Nurofen Plus a day, as it makes him look triumphant in bringing me off these 'naughty' drugs after 16 years. In truth I see no future for myself. I've lost my pride, my happiness and life is seeming to throw constant little challenges and struggles at me. If it wasn't for my youngest son I'd think about seeking illegal drugs somewhere, but I'd die if that brought him shame. People are too keen to ever judge illegal drug use so as I hid my opiates from my kids, I'm hiding my Nurofen habit too. Trouble is, I'm scared for what the future holds. I can't see a drug free life for myself. Not now. Why can't people just let people be when they are settled, happy and coping?

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    Sorry for my previous post not having paragraphs - it did before I posted it!
  3. tch2296
    All you need to do is perform a simple cold-water extraction to get the pure codeine phosphate..PM me if you need help I have WAY too much experience.
  4. ShawnD
    I hope "they" don't do something stupid like make more OTC drugs require a prescription.

    I remember Dr Phil (TV psych in USA) saying that he was going to crusade to make cough medicine require a prescription due to all of the DXM abuse. So now poor families without health insurance will need to pay over $100 for a bottle of Buckley's? That's a fantastic idea. I'm sure poor people will love that initiative.
  5. Itzy-Bitzy
    D'you wanna know the saddest thing? I take around this amount every day and know all the dangers. When you're this hooked with no assured GP help you do risk it. My doctor/s know the score but if I went back to him and protested and virtually begged to be put on my opiate again - not a huge dose either - he'd just send me packing. Once you're an addict you're considered scum. I've a daughter who's an R.D.N., a son who's on his way to university next year studying music, and my youngest is the most confident little guy I know. Not bad for a 'opiate addicted mum' is it? These past 7 months without my opiate but on Nurofen Plus have been the worst for years. Depression, moodiness and anxiety. When I crave I self-harm as a distraction. On my daily opiate I was fine. Getting on with life. But if I was denied NP, God knows what I'd do. I'm maybe on my way to death right now. But I feel nobody cares. How do you tell your kids that? My only chance now is through an upcoming appointment with a mental health team. But if GP's don't give a shit why should they? I've tried being drug free and I just can't do it.

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    I hope your ban wasn't because of your answer to me. Wierd thing is it would probably have advice I could have used. I'm lost, simply lost.
  6. MotherSuperior
    It's all on the here mate, I believe it's actually a sticky(on cold water extraction) or at least how it's theorictally done. SWIM is lucky enough to have a GP that DOES give a shit but knows what you mean, it took SWIM a while before SWIM found such a doctor... BTW SWIM is an RN(and if you read some of my post's about SWIM's drug life...) and is wondering what a R'D'N is(assuming that it wasnt a typo)... not being funny just wondering as SWIM would want to know;)
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