Owen Wilson using crystal meth and oxycodone

By KBLSD · Aug 29, 2007 · ·
  1. KBLSD
    Actor Owen Wilson's suicide bid followed a three-day drugs binge on crystal meth and deadly pills dubbed hillbilly heroin, it was revealed last night.
    And the troubled star, who overdosed and cut his wrists, had a history of slashing himself, it also emerged.

    The news came as police phone records confirmed they rushed to his home after a frantic call about an "attempted suicide".
    Owen, 38, is believed to have rounded off his narcotics bender by downing a bottle of powerful Oxycodone painkillers.​


    817-grey.gif [​IMG]
    They are nicknamed hillbilly heroin because they are cheap, highly addictive and have killed hundreds of US addicts. The Wedding Crashers heart-throb had also been using crystal meth, an equally addictive drug that is often smoked or snorted and produces a rapid high similar to crack.

    Medics had to inject him with two powerful anti-narcotics drugs to save him. Owen is feared to have tried to kill himself after seeing photos of ex-love Kate Hudson canoodling with a new man two months after their split.

    Kate, 28 - star of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - was distraught as she learned the grim news about Owen while shooting a film in Boston.
    The actress daughter of Goldie Hawn, seemed numb with shock and was rushed off the set. One insider revealed: "She looked upset and was on the phone, pacing back and forth.

    "Then her handlers came out and covered her with an umbrella, she was ushered into a white vehicle and then took off."
    However, US reports last night suggested Owen may have attempted suicide after a "vicious quarrel" with a mystery pal at home in Santa Monica, California.

    Neighbour Geoffrey White said he had seen two men enter the star's house the previous evening and added: "Someone was with him before this happened. He wasn't alone."

    Owen's friends claim he has been "depressed for months" and hinted his black moods may have sparked his break-up with Kate.
    One said: "He's such a wonderful person, such a great guy, so smart and nice. We're just hoping he gets better."
    Elder brother Andrew is thought to have found him on Sunday afternoon following the suicide scare.

    Andrew, actor brother Luke, 35, and dad Robert have all visited him at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles, where he was said to be in "good" condition last night.

    The drama has left shooting of Owen's two new films - Marley & Me, starring Jennifer Aniston, and Tropic Thunder with Jack Black - in chaos.

    Oxycodone - a powerful prescription-only painkiller used for terminally ill. Highly addictive. Is swallowed, snorted or injected

    Highly addictive form of amphetamine, or speed, gives rapid high similar to crack, lasts two to 12 hours. Is usually smoked​

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  1. coffeeorsomething
    I don't care what drugs he was on, all I want to know is whether he went down the road or crossed the street. Anyone care to speculate?
  2. KBLSD
    probably crossed the street
  3. lulz

    When I read this, I was going to make a wisecrack like "talk about a shitty comedown".

    But then I read this part:

    Now I just feel sad for him. :(

    The timing is funny, because I also broke up with a long term girlfriend two months ago, whom I was completely in love with. A few weeks after we split up, we chatted on MSN for the first time since our breakup... and her profile picture was of her with her new boyfriend. I played it off like it was no big deal, and just closed the profile pic... but it fucking tore me up inside...

    Poor Owen Wilson. I hate celebrity culture, but I feel sympathy for him now.

  4. eltimmy
    He's not a bad guy. He wrote (with Wes Anderson) Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums (his character in which always struck me as unusually fleshed out -- perhaps a basis in life?)

    Wilson's friend, Ben Stiller, is manic-depressive.
  5. KBLSD
    well hes rich enough ud figure he would be snorting some blow instead of meth
  6. vantranist

    meh doesn't feel good enogh.
  7. augentier
    I read he was addicted to cocaine and heroin..this is the first i've heard about meth though. hmm...
  8. KBLSD
    if swim was super rich hed probably have a bad drug problem luckily hes a broke ass chump and can only afford hes ganja and psychedelic addictions
  9. carousel
  10. RunRedFox
    We live in a sad culture... Man gets depressed and desperately trys to escape his pain... ::everyone points, laughs and jeers:: This is none of anyone but his business and if I were him I would be ten times more depressed when I saw my near lifeless body on the front of some paparazzi magazine as i heard middle aged womens shake their heads in disgust.
  11. carousel
    Hopefully it will be a wake up call and he can get his life back on track. You have to hit run bottom to get up... but if this isn't rock bottom, he's probably not gonna survive the next hit.
  12. RunRedFox
    Most people with serious addictions or drug problems move from their home town to escape both the temptation and the shame associated with that place. For this man it would be hard to escape his publicized problems.

    Best of Luck to him, he seems like a cool dude.
  13. lulz
    It's hard to say which is worse:

    That our culture is unashamedly obsessed with the trivial, and often publically humiliating, details about celebrities.

    Or that people are so obsessed with such issues that serious journalism falls by the wayside. I had to google this to make sure the details were sure, because this is a perfect example:

    On September 28 2006, two political events occurred.

    1) The US Senate passed a bill suspending the consitutional right of habeas corpus for anybody accused of being a terrorist. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/terrorism/july-dec06/detainees_09-28.html
    Given that the government now has the power to declare anyone they want a "terrorist" and arrest them, the suspension of habeas corpus should have caused riots in the street.

    2) The same day, the scandal broke that Congressman Mark Foley had been emailing sexually explicit emails to a 16 year old Congressional page.

    Guess which story got all of the news coverage?

    Even worse, how much of the population even knows or cares about what habeas corpus is in the first place?

    Stuff like this makes me want to IV prozac... =/
  14. MrG
    The "funny" thing is that his drug binge has, allegedly, been linked to UK comic Steve Coogan who got slagged off by Courtney Love of all people for his drug use!

    For those who don't know who Steve Coogan is, he is undeniably a very smart comic and has done a lot of good stuff in his career "The Day Today" and "Alan Partridge", but the odd thing is that he has always seemed to be a bit of a dork and one would never have believed that he would have ended up involved in the Hollywood party scene the way he has.

    "In 2007 someone nearly died, I could go on" - The Day Today fan's will appreciate that !
  15. lulz
    Appearances can be deceptive:


    Jon Lovitz man. JON LOVITZ!!!
  16. MrG

    Andy Dick man. ANDY DICK!!!
  17. Woodman

    Owen Wilson, Andy Dick, Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, & Will Ferrell could all perish in the blink of an eye, and I wouldn't miss ANY of them.
  18. Nagognog2
    If he had filled his garage with carbon monoxide, he wouldn't be a "Drug Casualty." He padded his death wish with drugs, so drugs tried to killed him? Dogshit. Life went kaflooey. He became suicidal. He used what was convenient and available.

    A sad death trip. Too bad he didn't talk with someone. But for the media to turn this into a "drug problem" is just too pathetic for words. Guess it sells papers to Republicans. If they are not too busy condemning gays and then getting busted in airport men's rooms...
  19. Nature Boy
    Despite the genius of Alan Partridge, one of my all-time favourite comedy characters, Steve Coogan has done very little else in his career of note and this stigma seems to have attached itself to him.

    A friend of mine actually saw him a summer or two ago at a street festival in the countryside. He and a group of his friends went up to say hello but he came across as an awful prick apparently with nothing more on his mind than trying to pull some of the local barely legal lasses who were about. He even went as far as telling one of them to "fuck off" when he was hastily rejected.

    As for Wilson, I kind of feel sorry for the guy but the media circus that surrounds an event like this helps no-one. Of course the drugs will be blamed, he'll probably find Jesus and his Hollywood career will be revived but it seems too many use that as the perfect excuse route to fixing their fucked up overindulgent lives.
  20. zera
    This almost seems like its out of the The Onion or something. Seriously Owen Wilsons so depressed about a single girl that he tries to kill himself?! This guy could pretty much get any girl in the entire world, hes rich, attractive and famous! Interesting though that in the Royal Tenenbaums theres a scene where his brother Luke tries to kill himself by slashing his wrist over some girl.

    Anyway great reporting when it comes to the fact about the drugs. I can just see some people in middle America reading this: They say he was taking Hillbilly Heroin, Susan! And furthermore he was also using this thing called crystal meth, thats equally addictive. My God.
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